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Don't starve origin story (Found By the great murph)

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Maybe he can't afford a stand?

if he can afford that fancy clock or all those other sciency things (beakers wielding helmet,etc) he can efford a stand or at the least build one(my dad is a doctor and even had a labratory so I can tell you stuff like those beakers and things he was using are not cheap) Edited by stormfront
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This video is full of secrets. For example, the sack with a chain, the skeleton (hints at Wilton).


What if I told you... that the krampus sack just a normal sack with a chain is?And that skeleton don't looks like wilston :/
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What, I can't say what I think about it?

You certainly can, and you do have the right. When you bump a thread, the "living" ones get pushed off, which is a problem. People dislike seeing old threads, they usually think that there is nothing more to discuss, so they naturally assume that the "bumpers" are nothing but trouble. Old threads should stay old.
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