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  1. I love how wolfgang has that expression of not giving a damn.I expected a text above his text saying "Remember when there used to be damn warluses here? Pepperidge Farm Remembers." Nice base.
  2. So I was trying to gather some gold for the stuff I needed for winter in my new sandbox world which is winter only, and this happened. If I could kill the pig king I'd have done so ages ago. good thing Is I managed to get the koaelaphant killed and make a warm nice jacket. Bad thing Is I died to the grue...I hate you pig much...
  3. Well, I started up my DS after 2 days of hard work and trial and I see next update in 13 days.Of course the forums spoiled it already for me so I knew what to expect.but then...oh boy...sandbox options~I started making worlds.I was on day 69 on my only winter world, and let me tell ya.... I love the winter... but it takes you get like 10 days until real winter starts...then you're getting the boot right in the chin wile you do a back-flip watching some guy called pewdipie (really?) wile trying to eat a mehlon. <- (reference)happy winter and happy ragequiting! P.S I hate the days when its summer in real life.
  4. If I wasen't married I'd ask you to marry me.and if you where a man...One can can dream...
  5. I actually love wolfgang for resembling me so much at this factor, laughin is good for your healtha nd sanity!
  6. I settle near a savana and transform the center to forest biome, then make a little rock camprire in the middle, and then add roads around teh forest to seperate it...then I make 4 famrs a crock pot and science machines beforehand (by machines I mean alchemy engine as well) and after that I explore the whole place, then I make a little pig village in my forest, after that...well I use the portal..
  7. I had the bees glitch...was auful...there were 2 hives and 90000 bees wich most were red and atacked me on sight..
  8. You don't want to be stuck in a room with me.