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  1. to save the world from the aporkalypse, wx-78 needs to combine with the iron hulk to become the saviour of hamlet.
  2. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    well, it's up to klei to decide, but a greedy/patronizing stereotype is exactly the kind of person I'd imagine Maxwell or "them" would bring to the constant to poke fun at.
  3. maybe, but the herald is oddly enough insectoid rather than the more abstract and transparent nightmare creatures.
  4. maybe the mant is the herald, like how the seal in the sealnado reveals itself once the boss is defeated.
  5. Warbucks' Writing Dilemma

    Never liked the skin tone. It's too saturated compared to all the characters. He looks as contrasting as a traffic cone. Feels more like a fan created character that breaks the art style slightly.(like my own personal character I made once upon a time..) reducing the saturation while sticking to a sunburnt/dark tone would make it less distracting from an artstyle oriented standpoint. as for the rich British explorer stereotype, I think he'd benefit from it. they key is to bump it up until it's clear that it's a stereotype/parody while not directly referencing thing things like the east india company by name. Just like how the pigs are based on Victorian era British(and concurrent) stereotypes. in other words, ask yourself: "what would monty python do?" ;P
  6. The manor is in the renovation tab. it's in the game and craftable.
  7. When playing in a HAM compatible RoG world I noticed that a puff of smoke(Hamlet cloud border effect) at the sea border. All the pre-generated items on the ground slowly made their way to one side of the map for some unexplained reason. I've never experienced this before in RoG, so I figured it was a bug. edit: both of the things above happen in the caves too. the puff of smoke comes from items crossing into the sea/void edit 2: Earthquakes in caves don't shot items falling, just shadows and the occasional mole.
  8. *Spoilers* O_O

    now, heres a real question: Is it a he or she? and if its a he, what does the she look like?
  9. [Cave Spoilers] I'm scared

    just one question, how can we seethe exit hole(surface hole) when we cant see the ceiling of the cave?
  10. seems like a great idea, not only because of the cards, but because of the profilebackgrounds,discounts,emoticons and badges.its still in beta and i really hope more games get cards :Dsadly its gonna take a while before I/we get it, so if anybody wants to share, then feel free to add me on steam.http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198024202426/
  11. Mr skits just got added!

    lol,so, all enemies will have names that start with an M? Mspiders Mtribepigs Mbees(sounds like (z)ombees) mchesspieces...
  12. ugh, nevermind, stupid post bumpers
  13. I bet the tentacles will be visable during the rain, aka in attack position