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  1. to save the world from the aporkalypse, wx-78 needs to combine with the iron hulk to become the saviour of hamlet.
  2. maybe, but the herald is oddly enough insectoid rather than the more abstract and transparent nightmare creatures.
  3. maybe the mant is the herald, like how the seal in the sealnado reveals itself once the boss is defeated.
  4. The manor is in the renovation tab. it's in the game and craftable.
  5. When playing in a HAM compatible RoG world I noticed that a puff of smoke(Hamlet cloud border effect) at the sea border. All the pre-generated items on the ground slowly made their way to one side of the map for some unexplained reason. I've never experienced this before in RoG, so I figured it was a bug. edit: both of the things above happen in the caves too. the puff of smoke comes from items crossing into the sea/void edit 2: Earthquakes in caves don't shot items falling, just shadows and the occasional mole.
  6. lol,so, all enemies will have names that start with an M? Mspiders Mtribepigs Mbees(sounds like (z)ombees) mchesspieces...
  7. hehe,thanks for feedback this is the first "dontstarve'ish" drawing i've made.i usually make drawings that look like this: (ignore the ****ty thing by the trigger...) or this : also make textures for minecraft mod and minecraft 3d models! oh, and btw, i also used to make posters in sourcefilmmaker:
  8. hello there,welcome to the thread of hazard's art! i will post all my drawings here in my thread,but most of them will be drawings of items not added to the game(aka concept art) the artstyle of dont starve is unique and i really want to learn more about it,the entire game looks like a drawing and thats why i was inspired. yesterday i came across a blunderbuss suggestion, the blunderbuss is one of my favourite flintlock weapons,so i made a drawing of a blunderbuss: Are you tired of gobblers? Then try this Blunderbuss! or maybe i should call it the wunderbuss since all characters have names that start with W
  9. ah,sorry my bad, anyway, even if its a 2,5D game, its still possible to make it like notch did it with minicaftminicraft was like dont starve,but it didnt have the starvation,sanity and nightmonster stuff, instead it was all about gathering some supplies and finding the boss,but you could explore caves(many layers of caves) and make some basic stuff like furnaces,a craftingbench and some lanterns.caves in dont starve shouldnt be hard,just use the current world design, change the ocean into a lavalake,add a lot of rocks, add some signs of mining activity(like birdcages and pickaxes),new enemies and a few more misc terrainfeatures.anyway,im not a dev,so i dont really know if its really hard to implement or not.
  10. hello again, this time i bring you "Caves of Darkness" ✂--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- READ THIS: people have probably suggested this many times before me,but this is my version,so there might be a few differences. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as we all know, stone is renewable,but it takes a long time for them to "regrow". if you've played noth's minicraft game you've probably seen the stairs leading down into caves and such,if not let me explain. caves can be found troughout the map,but they are sealed with planks as if somebody had mined there before you and closed the mine because of unknown reasons... the caves can be opened with the hammer, once you're inside you really want to bring up a torch or a mininghelm,if not you'll go insane and the nightmonster will kill you. the caves are filled with stone,some stones are different in appearance and contain a few goodies. be beware of the rock golems, they're like wood guardians,they will spawn when you've mined enough stoneblocks,but instead of popping out when you mine, they act like traps waiting for a player to activate them... but wait, theres more! the caves sometimes contain 1-2 birdcages alongside with random pickaxes(with low durability) and spidernests!
  11. Hello there,as you all know, a sanity meter was added in the newest patch,but the current way of regaining sanitypoints is kinda weird, i cant really see why picking flowers gives you sanity, so i give you guys this idea:Crock pot of sanity!cooking food is a normal part of our life, just like eating candy and wearing hats,so why not make the crock pot add a bit sanity every time you cook something? to balance this , you could make failed recipes reduce the amount of sanity.