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  1. Why did "Cave Work" disappear from my sondtrack folder?
  2. So, in menu said that sondtrack was updated, but when I opened folder where soundtrack is located, I didn't find anything new.
  3. Insanity in the first part realised wonderful. I liked your cartoon. P. S. His voice... is that a balalaika?
  4. So, I need DS theme for AIMP. Maybe I should make it by myself?
  5. I must thank all composers for awesome soundtrack! All compositions sound really better than ingame versions, I even used some of them as ringtones on my smartphone.
  6. If it'll be on Steam, I'll buy it. But will you add more music in future?
  7. This video is full of secrets. For example, the sack with a chain, the skeleton (hints at Wilton).
  8. Wow! Good work, pigman looks awesome as Wilson.
  9. So, the work isn't finished yet. Maybe in three days I'll finish it.
  10. Police! He stole my water! :pNice idea, looks interesting.