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  1. [DST] Woka the Arctic Hunter

    Adds Woka the Arctic Hunter to the list of playable characters.
    Woka is a character that I originally thought of for Don't Starve: Shipwrecked. I had planned to make this character before Don't Starve Together was even out, but I ran into some roadblocks at the time that prevented me from making her. Now, multiplayer is here, and I figured it would be a great time to make her. I really like how she turned out.
    Woka comes from an undisclosed tribe of people from somewhere in the northern hemisphere. She is always wearing her thick winter parka, and never takes it off (It was her late father's coat, and she refuses to let it go). She appears to be a cold and wisened hunter on the outside, but get her excited or angry, and you'll see that she's still really just a typical child. Side note: the word "Woka" is Inuit for "Brave".
    Woka's stats are as follows:
    Hunger: 150
    Health: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Here are Woka's perks:
    + Woka can never get cold. She is quite warm all the time.
    + Woka cannot be frozen by attacks that would normally freeze you solid, such as attacking Ice Hounds, getting struck by Deerclops, or being hit by an Ice Staff.
    + Woka is so warm, other players can sometimes JUST avoid taking damage from freezing by huddling VERY close to her.
    - Woka gets hot very easily, which can be a serious problem in the summer.
    - When Woka's temperature is above 60 degrees, she becomes exhausted from the heat, and moves 25% slower than normal. You will need to cool off to get your speed back.
    - Woka's coat is very warm, but the warmth is not good for food storage. Food will spoil much faster on her than any other character.
    Cool stuff in this mod:
    + A whole new character to play as (obviously).
    + TONS of custom dialogue lines written just for Woka!
    + High-Quality character art!
    + Custom minimap icons, select screen portraits, and save slot portraits!
    + Entirely new speech sounds!
    Using Woka in Don't Starve, Don't Starve:Reign of Giants, or Don't Starve:Shipwrecked:
    Woka was developed for use in Don't Starve Together, and that is the only form of the game she is 100% compatible with. She has not been tested for any of the single-player games. Therefore, I am only allowing her to be used in Don't Starve Together.
    Author's Comments:
    Thank you again for your support. I have been working non-stop on this mod for the past month now, and I have poured everything I have into this mod to make it look as much like an official character as possible.
    I would like to thank SuperDavid on the Klei Forums for helping with Woka's overheating mechanics. I couldn't have done this without his help. I would also like to thank The Tiddler (Mr. Tiddles), and Mighty_Zero for their support while I was working on this project.
    Thank you all, and have fun not starving!
    -Thunder Volts (AKA: Spookers the Spoo)
    Here is the Steam Workshop download:




  2. Cayline the Cactus

    Hi, this is a primary testing mod to see if certain alterations worked! If it works then fantastic!! If not then I'll pull this mod off to work on it some more.
    This is Cayline the Cactus! A character I made for my friend who absolutely loves cacti. If this mod works out well I'll begin to work on my other plant gals!!
    (please do not reupload the character or claim the character as your own.)




  3. Wilson 2.0

    Wilson 2.0 is a character for personal use. Feel free to use this character and give feedback.
    - More Health
    - More damage
    - Maxwell powers (Soon)
    - Nightvision




  4. Puppy princess Musha [DS+DST]

    Single LINK (DS)
    Together LINK (DST)
    - DST description -
    MUSHA - Basic information - Fighting and eating levels up, faster with better food and tougher enemies. Many special abilities and increased stats as level increases (RPG style). Four character states (Full, Normal, Valkyrie, Berserk) She studied royal-education at childhood.(craft book) She is soft born as a princess. Therefore, basic damage is 55% of the other characters. Her nose is very sensitive. So very hate spoiled food. If killing enemy and get the experience then, recovering little sanity.
    ----------------------------------------------------- Infomation key : Stat: (L) - Skill : (K) - Hold visual : (P) Order to Yamche : (Z, V, B) Active Skills
    : Lightning/Valkyrie (R), Hide/Backstab (G), Shield (C), Performance(X), Sleep/Wakeup(T) - Musha Information <= LINK - - 뮤샤 한글 정보 <= 링크- - 수면과 피로도 팁 <= 링크)- ---------------------------------------------------
    [DST] : Valkyrie and Lightning are combined Shortcuts 'R'.
    If the charging Lightning status when the Valkyrie,
    you can deactivated again by pressing the 'R' key.
    There are several combinations
    1. R + attack => continued Valkyrie
    2. R + R => deactived Valkyrie
    3. R + auto charging lightnig + R => deactived Valkyrie
    YAMCHE - Basic information Musha's unique Phoenix companion. Hatch his egg and grow him through 8 stages. Many special abilities and fuctions. [Follow or Stay] : hotkey (Z) [Battle Command] : hotkey (V) [Gathering stuff] : hotkey (B)
    Debug key : N key => clear container key
    - Yamche information<= LINK -
    - 얌체 정보 (한글)<= LINK - -----------------------------------------------------
    Arong - Basic information Musha's unique Beefalo companion. Hatch his egg and grow him. Many special abilities and fuctions. [Follow or Stay] : hotkey (F1)
    - Arong information<= LINK -
    - 아롱이 정보 (한글)<= LINK - -----------------------------------------------------
    ITEM - Basic information Items can be grown and repairing. Many special options. - Item Information <= LINK - - 아이템 정보(한글)<= LINK - -----------------------------------------------------
    [ How do you hatch the Phoenix egg? ] [Phoenix Egg] Takes about 2min to hatch. (Level8 egg 4min)
    Keep the egg at the right temperature:
    * Close to fire at night * Away from fire in day
    [My yamche died! ] Yamche does not completely disappear from death.
    if Yamche died, he go back to the previous step egg.
    [ How do I grow Yamche? ] Same way Musha. Yamche gets EXP from food or kills.
    Better food is more likely to give EXP.
    Kill EXP is only if Yamche gets the last hit.
    Mod crash?!! [ plz check your self ] : Conflicts between other mod
    => remove all other mod => active only musha => check your crash
    Take off the backpack before upgrade your Armor! * If you upgrade an armor with wear a bag then armor is gone. (Disappear)
    * This situation is the original game bugs. (This is same bug with when you create a pig bag.)
    -----if you find bug, tell me plz-----
    - Bug Report <= LINK - -----do you want to some change? tell me plz-----
    - About Balance <= LINK - -DS Description-----------------------------------
    My another mods - DS Together Musha <= LINK - - DS Mini Arong<= LINK -   [퍼피 프린세스 뮤샤] Version :   (Check your version ! )
    Art and Coding: sunnyyyyholic
    musha's dialogue: catface
    special thanks : kaysik , Luka, DoTuna, lild100
    Compatible with DLC : Reign Of Giants, Shipwrecked
      -Active Skill Guide <= LINK- -More Detailed Description-(<= LINK)- (currently this Description is old version. i will update Description in a future)
      Simple Description (you can change hotkey in mod configuration) [Information] Current Level = L Current Skill = K [Active skill] Valkyrie moods = V (Require level 3. activate or deactivate) Special Attack = R ([Lightning Strike] is only activate in [Valkyrie] moods) Shadow Skills = G ([Hide] is only activate in [Valkyrie] moods. [shadow image] require level 10) Sleeping = T (Better sleep by near campfire.) Music and Sniff = X ([ music ] charging by sleep. [Sniff] charging by walk) Spark Shield = C Yamche = Z,B (Battle Command: Z, Gathering stuffs : B) Arong = Y Dall= F1 Hold Visual = P   MUSHA Quicker and hungrier in the day. Slower with lower hunger decrease at night. Eats monster lasagna with no penalty but hates spoiled food. Fighting and eating levels up, faster with better food and tougher enemies. Many special abilities and increased stats as level increases (like RPG). Four character states, Berserk require level 7(except at the fullmoon). YAMCHE Musha's unique Phoenix companion.Hatch his egg and grow him through 8 stages. Many special abilities and fuctions. [Order] : hotkey (Z,B) [ITEM] Several unique items, craft Musha's crowns, armors and weapons. You can repair all musha's item and building.(matarial drag to items.)
      Q n A [ Crashing with the mod? Check this! ] Game options -> small texture -> disable [ Does the mod work with other mods? ] Generally yes. [ How can I hatch the Phoenix egg? ] Takes about 1 days to hatch. Keep the egg at the right temperature:
    * Close to fire at night * Away from fire in day [ How can I grow Yamche? ] Same way Musha. Yamche gets EXP from food or kills. Better food is more likely to give EXP.
    "Kill EXP is only if Yamche gets the last hit." [Yamche does not retreat in battle?] yamche automatically retreat press [stay~] command :immediately runaway from battle. but, this command does not follow musha. [Battle Command] hotkey (Z) (chain order)
    1.Agressive (absorb damage 40%), 2.Defense (absorb damage 60%), 3.Avoid (absorb damage 95%) -----Update Log-----<= LINK--
    -----업데이트 기록-----<= LINK--
    ------------------------------------------------------------------- -액티브 스킬 가이드- --------------------------------------
    [Active skill guide]




  5. Whisper the Bunny

    Introducing Whisper the Bunny character mod for Don't Starve Together!
    Whisper is a happy go lucky bunny ready for adventure!

    Whisper has 150 health, hunger, and sanity.
    Whispers unique ability allows her to burrow underground by pressing 'B'. This key is configurable as well.
    While burrowing Whisper loses enemy aggro and moves 50% faster. She can also pick up items off the ground and pick plants as well.
    Burrow has an initial cost of 10 hunger and her hunger will drain 2x faster.
    Whisper is vulnerable to incoming damage. She takes 25% more damage so be careful.
    Whisper is a vegetarian, along with this she has a fondness for carrots. Eating carrots will grant her a small hunger bonus.
    She gains 6 additional hunger if the carrots are fresh, 4 if they're stale, and 2 if they're spoiled.
    Whisper is quite friendly and not very threatening, because of this she doesn't scare away creatures if she gets close by.
    Also any allies she makes on her journey will stay with her for a longer period of time.
    If you have any questions, comments, or issues please comment below or PM me.
    I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I do.
    If you prefer to subscribe through Steam you can use the link below.
    Thank you and hope you have fun,




  6. Dark Link

    Normal like Link But Diffrent


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  7. Weston the Wandering Cactus

    UPDATED YET AGAIN, AGAIN! Re-download Weston if you downloaded him before 1/6/2015! (I gave him his own custom voice sounds!)

    Adds Weston to the list of playable characters.
    Weston is just a fun little character mod I thought of a while back, and wanted to see in the game. He was very close to being finished for the longest time, but I had to cease work on him due to certain circumstances (college work overload, Don't Starve deciding it doesn't want to run anymore, etc.). Since the quarter is finally over and Don't Starve is working again, I decided to finish him up and release him!
    Weston's stats are as follows:
    Hunger: 150
    Health: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Here are Weston's perks:
    + Weston is COMPLETELY immune to overheating! Enjoy those summers without sweltering!
    + Weston is covered in sharp spines! This means that if you take damage as Weston, your attacker receives 15 damage back for hitting you! Your punches are also MUCH stronger than normal (but weapons and tools do normal damage, with the exception of one...)
    - Weston may like the heat, but he does NOT like fire. He takes a whopping 3x normal damage from fire, so stay away from it at all times!
    - Weston does not like the cold. Summers may be awesome, but winters will be brutal, because Weston freezes a lot faster than other characters. Watch out during the spring, as well--Don't let Weston get too wet, or he may start freezing.
    - The flower on top of Weston's head attracts insects (Mostly bees and butterflies).
    Cool stuff in this mod:
    + A whole new character to play as (obviously).
    + TONS of custom dialogue lines written just for Weston (For regular game AND RoG!)
    + High-Quality character art! (400 Resolution!)
    + A custom minimap icon!
    Tips while playing as Weston:
    <> STOCKPILE!: Weston is a unique character in the sense that he is 100% immue to overheating. Use this to your advantage. You will have a terrible time in winter, but you get THREE WHOLE SEASONS to gather supplies! Use your time wisely.
    <> HUNT BUTTERFLIES!: That wasn't a joke. Weston has a unique quirk that no other character has at their disposal--being able to attract insects. Butterflies will come right to you when you're near, and you can swat them down for easy health and hunger points.
    <> AVOID KILLER BEES!: This may seem like something that's obvious, but killer bees are a very real threat to Weston, ESPECIALLY in the spring. The killer bees have a MUCH larger detection range now that they're attracted to your flower. They'll come to pollinate... But will stay to sting you silly.
    Known Bugs:
    Supposedly, certain computers display black boxes as the player model instead of Weston's model, but I don't have any idea which computers this pertains to. These appear to be isolated incidents, and most of the time, the character should work normally.
    If you DO have this issue, I recommend downloading the version that sacrifices some of the art quality for performance, which can be found on this page, along with this mod:
    Using Weston with the Reign of Giants DLC:
    Weston was made with the Reign of Giants DLC in mind, thus he is perfectly compatible with it. Not only that, but he will work 100% with the regular game as well!
    Author's Comments:
    Thank you all so much for supporting me and my mods. This is probably the last Don't Starve mod that I will be doing for a while, as there is a ton of other things going on right now in my life that need to be taken care of. This probably won't be my last Don't Starve mod, but it will be a while before I do another, most likely.
    Once again, I'd like to thank Mr. Tiddles for help with coding, as well as basically the entire Don't Starve modding community. I couldn't have done this without their help.
    Thank you all, and have fun not starving!
    -Spookers the Spoo (AKA: Thunder Volts)
    - Download the file and unzip it.
    - Go to Local Disk (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/mods
    - If you are using the stand-alone version of Don't Starve instead of the Steam version, go to Local Disk (C:)/Program Files (x86)/DontStarve/mods
    - Take the folder from the file you just unzipped and place it in the "mods" folder.
    - Open the game, choose Weston from the mods list, activate, apply, and start a new game
    - Enjoy
    Copyright 2014 Spookers the Spoo/Thunder Volts.  This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Thunder Volts (




  8. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    Was asked to post it on here from steam. Since this mod is close to almost being done, I figured why not.
    Foxy from 5 nights at Freddy's
    Since Foxy is in disrepair, he can easily die. He makes this up in speed and dealing lots of damage. He isn't afriad of the dark, and isn't a picky eater. He will start out with a hook, and patch, and is able to craft them. But beware of rain, Foxy will slowly take damage in rain. Foxy also slows down to wilsons speed in the winter, has a little bit of custom dialogue.
    His stats are:
    Health: 90
    Hunger: 200
    Sanity: 80
    -Foxy now has a withered form when his sanity is under 30. Withered form can glow in the dark.
    -Foxy's health is now increased to 90.
    -Foxy now has a custom maxwell intro
    -More custom dialogue added
    -Foxy's lineart has been sharpened, and redone.
    -Foxy's sanity increases very little at night
    Future updates:
    Possibly create custom sound
    Fix eyes
    Re-edit more of custom texts to fit foxy
    Possibly tweak difficulty to be easier or harder if requested




  9. custumizacao

    mod de custumizacao do personagem




  10. Playable Mobs (DST)

    Hello there, friend. Have you been sick of playing as a human character every time in Don't Starve? Would you rather play as something else? Perhaps more sinister? Maybe... a monster? Or perhaps a pig? Well, hehe, my friend, you've come to the right place. This, is the PLAYABLE MOBS MOD, currently adding in 15 Don't Starve mobs to the playable characters roster! That's right, and more are constantly being added as well. Each one has it's own unique abilities, which can be used by the player to shape the world around them, but not by building, nor starving or surviving, rather by playing the part of the mob you take the role of and wrecking havoc or being a great human ally. This mod currently adds in:
    -Depth Worm
    -Spider Queen
    Simply find an object which offers you the ability to "pick" it (EX. Sapling, berry bush, etc...) and try to interact with it. Depending on the mob, you'll receive no result to a unique ability being triggered.
    - Add every DS mob to be playable
    - Keep updated
    - If Mactusk, Bunnyman, Merm, or Pig wear a hat, their head becomes invisible. Hard-coded into DS, not sure if there's a workaround.




  11. Satori, The Mind Reader

    A character mod based on Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project.
    Satori is a mind reading youkai. Her ability made her hated by humans and other youkai who fear their secrets being exposed, but made her loved by the animals who normally can't be understood. After knowing that her little sister is lost somewhere in the island she decided to look for her to bring her back home.
    Character Abilities
    -Hunger: 150
    -Health: 100
    -Sanity: 250
    -Wendy's attack modifier
    -Can read the thoughts of the creatures around her.
    -Can tame pets by giving them food. Every pet has their specific taming item(s).
    -The animals don't fear her but she is not liked by humanoid creatures such as pigmen.
    -Has a high base sanity but loses it for hurting the animals who trust her.
    -Has a sanity bonus while she is in caves.
    Tameable Pets
    -Rabbit: Gives a sanity boost. Can be picked up.

    -Beefalo: Assists Satori in combat and protects her from any danger. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Koalefant: Defensive pet. Prevents freezing in winter. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Tallbird: Attack pet. Can be fed monster meat but doesn't like new pets.

    Mod's Features
    -Custom art, portraits and icons (including minimap and morgue ones).
    -Custom character strings.
    -Modified behaviour on several npcs.
    -Custom strings on several npcs (thoughts).
    -Custom battle AI for pets. They stop attacking their target if Satori runs away.
    -Hunger system for pets. You need to feed them or they'll leave her.
    -Custom sanity penalties.
    -Modified intro.
    -Custom music.
    Art: Shia
    Coding: Terri
    Satori's strings: Wally
    -Compatible with RoG but she doesn't have any special feature from the DLC yet.
    -The mod is tested without any other mod activated. If you have a mod that changes behaviours/creatures prefabs it might not work well.
    To do
    -Add more "thoughts" to npcs.
    -Add more tameable pets.
    -Add Koishi (Satori's little sister) as an unlockable character.
    -Rewrite/modify the game's ending.




  12. Faroz Character [DST]

    Version 1.00
    (For Don't Starve Together (Beta)
    The Little Scholar
    "Older Sister Sollyz."
    *eat carrot level up (max30)
    *Magic Glasses
    *Run Very Fast!
    lv1 >> lv30
    health 70 >>100
    hunger 70>>100
    sanity 70 >>160
    speed fast >> super fast!
    **low damage**
    magic glasses can recovery sanity!!
    steam workshop : https://www.facebook...zSundyz?fref=ts




  13. Wisp, Wynter and Wei.

    Three kitty character pack! RoG compatible! Adorable custom sounds!
    WISP: the Stray -
    Health - 100
    Hunger - 100 (drains somewhat slowly)
    Sanity - 150 (drains slow at night)
    She's a fighter and has the attack speed and damage to show for it! She's also not too picky about the food she eats and can eat monster meat no prob.
    WYNTER: the Longhair -
    Health - 250
    Hunger - 300
    Sanity - 100
    Slooow, but strong. Has a super thick coat of hair to keep her extra warm (with three sprites for each level of growth after shaven)
    WEI: the Housecat -
    Health - 75
    Hunger - 150
    Sanity - 25
    Has 'nightvision', so he's never REALLY in the dark, but is neurotic and paranoid, so he has pitiful sanity, anyway, but comes a little prepared for trouble. Weak but very fast. Can't stand stale food!
    - They all have a shavable coat of fur that grows back over time. Winter has loads of fur, Wisp has a good amount, Wei has basically nothing. Winter starts out with a full coat, Wisp and Wei still need to grow theirs out on new game start.
    - As cats, they're all supercarnivores, which means they eat almost solely meat. They'll eat cooked meals with meats and non-meats in them, but won't eat just berries or corn or things of the like, so get hunting!
    -Each have their own unique sounds and dialogue! Note: there are a couple of lines of dialogue that aren't meows (like when you click on a gravestone) because they simply weren't in the standard speech file and I need to go hunt for them to change them :U
    -Future plans will likely add a handful of craft-able items, most of which are to be determined.
    -If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on balancing or other additions, feel free to voice them! Irrelevant of whether or not I add any suggestions, I'll still take them into consideration and they may affect changes I add later
    -I've been told that eating monster meat without penalty simply doesn't work in the base game, only with RoG, but you can still eat stale food without problem with Wisp.
    -Sounds courtesy of
    -Super duper thanks to everyone that helped me find stupid errors and code that I didn't know. <3




  14. Jotaro Kujo DST Mod

    Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's bizarre adventure part 4. 



    damage multiplier:1.2

    *known bugs*
    -sometimes doesnt work in multiplayer for whatever reason, to fix this you can download it from the klei webpage.




  15. Playable MacTusk DST

    Do you like hunting in Don't Starve Together? Do you like taking trips with your family and a ranged weapon and bagging the biggest thing you can find in a immediate radius of your home? Well then, if you said yes, then take a look at this mod!
    Features include:
    -Play as Mactusk!
    -Use your blowdart to hunt from a distance!
    -Go on daring hunting trips!
    - Head is missing when you wear your Tam O' Shanter. Hard coded into DS, not sure if there's a fix.
    So, what are YOU waiting for? Go on the best hunting trip of your DS life today with Mactusk!




  16. Blizzy The Dragon (Character Mod)

    Meet Blizzy! She's a sweet-loving dragon who's not afraid of a little conflict!
    This mod was made using the Extended Sample Character, found here!
    I made this mod originally to add myself (or rather, my fursona) into the game, since I didn't really connect with any of the available characters.
    I'm so glad that making this was as easy as it was! This was my first time modding, and I'm still running into a few problems, but I like what I've done!
    200 Health
    250 Hunger
    150 Sanity
    Cute and simple character with custom speech, sounds, and a ghost! Spooky! 
    You can use skins on her, and hats fit too! Mostly...
    Lots of love and care packaged into a .rar file
    Blizzy's special ability is her love of food! She's a heavy gal, and enjoys sweets just a bit too much.
    She gains sanity from eating her favorite foods, each providing a different sanity bonus.
    Taffy, Honey, and Royal Jelly each give an additional +5 Sanity when eaten Honey Ham and Honey Nuggets provide +10 Butter Muffins and Pumpkin Cookies provide +15 Jellybeans and Ice Cream provide +25 All of these values are applied after the spoilage value, meaning spoiled ice cream is still worth 25 sanity! She is always working up an appetite, and thus her hunger decays 25% faster than normal!
    Since Blizzy is a dragon (a drake more specifically), she also fights like one. Although slow, she can take a punch and return it with force!
    She will take 10% less damage, while dealing 25% more damage Blizzy is 10% slower than other characters, due to her size and demeanor One more thing... Blizzy isn't immune to the cold by any means, but she hates heat!
    Blizzy receives 4x fire damage ---------
    This should be easy! Download the .rar attached and extract the folder containing all of Blizzy into your mods folder!
    My future plans are for Blizzy to announce certain things when she eats her favorite foods (possibly by borrowing the coding from hatching tallbird eggs, if i can figure it out), and also to change the 4x fire weakness to a weakness to overheating / gaining heat rapidly
    Any help and feedback are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for viewing! Blizzy loves you!
    Please let me know about any bugs, or if anything looks weird!




  17. Mystery Kids

    This is a collection of 'mystery kids' for Don't Starve. The download features all four characters made for this collection.
    Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
    Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls)
    Coraline Jones (Coraline)
    Norman Babcock (Paranorman)




  18. Dementor Playable Character

    This mod introduces a Dementor (from the HP universe) as a playable character.
    -- NEW ABILITY ADDED : can now corrupt flowers using its aura to turn them into Corrupted Flowers, which provide you with evil petals when picked ! --
    -- NEW STARTING BONUS : Dementors have an affinity with magic, being magic beings themselves... Prestihatitator level recipes now available from the start ! --
    Features :
    * No hunger (technically speaking), rather fragile, constant sanity loss.
    * Soul stealing aura, permanently dealing damage to creatures around and improving the Dementor's sanity.
    * Flowers effect inverted : the regular flowers behave like the evil ones, and vice-versa. Also, new item Evil Garland introduced.
    * Can only eat petals and souls (-> nightmare fuel).
    * Affinity with magic (magic technological bonus, Prestihatitator-level recipes unlocked from the start)
    New Item : Evil Garland (made of 12 evil petals). Just like the standard Garland, only better. Also, the standard Garland causes sanity loss to Dementors.
    Can only eat :
    * Petals : sanity loss, tiny health loss.
    * Evil Petals : sanity gain, tiny health gain.
    * Both Garlands.
    * Nightmare Fuel : medium health gain.
    More on the aura :
    * Is visible as a green light circle around the Dementor during day (at night you're left guessing).
    * Grows wider in range as the Dementor goes more insane (to a cap), and shrinks when it is content (the damage dealt is constant).
    * Damages all creatures inside it except chess pieces and nightmare beasts (they have no soul to steal...).
    * Turns bunnies and bunnymen into beardlings and beardlords if they stay in it too long.
    * Corrupts flowers inside it after a time, turning them into corrupted flowers (which give you evil petals when picked). Since you're so talented with magic, maybe you should think about refining them into something useful...
    * Gives you a chance to steal the soul of the "friendly" and neutral creatures you kill (adds chances to loot nightmare fuel).
    Authors : Akshasha, Auxeras, VicoV
    TODO :
    * Light up creatures inside the aura at night.
    * Add special interaction with "dark" items (Night Armor, Nightmare Sword, Nightmare Amulet...).
    * Fix the profile position of hats/garlands (looks weird currently).
    * Balance could use some more testing.




  19. Walmond The realistic werewolf

    Walmond the realistic werewolf just so happens to be my seconded character mod and like with bellatrix the realistic vampire i plan to follow the cliché exactly with a few minor tweaks here and there
    Things this mod should have
    ​Green implemented
    Red Not implemented
    Yellow kinda implemented
    likes to be alone
    (gains sanity when he is not around pigmen,bunnymen)
    has a tortured past
    (when insane he is haunted by his past)
    loves the moon
    (gains sanity when there is a moon, larger moon larger sanity gain, o and the whole werewolf thing is going on there as well)
    Custom Sounds
    Werewolf form art completion 28%




  20. Dr. Ivo Robotnik V.

    This mod allows you to play as Dr. Ivo Robotnik from the AoSTH show.
    Has custom speech file! Yey~!
    Custom Maxwell Intro!
    ^ Steam Workshop Version right there
    HP: 120
    Hunger: 200
    Sanity: 250
    Takes a passive 10% less damage
    Hits 25% weaker
    Has a science bonus of 1.
    Moves 20% slower
    --Fun stuff here
    They fight for you.
    Scratch's stats:
    300 HP
    Kiting mechanism
    Does 30 dmg per hit.
    Drops a blueprint on death to craft another one.
    Grounder's stats:
    500 HP
    Tanking Mechanism
    Does 10 dmg per hit, but hits fast.
    Drops blueprint on death to craft another.
    Can craft Super Robotnik Potion!
    It turns you into Super Robotnik for 2 mins!
    -Changes Build
    -Increases size
    -You now do 1.5x more damage then Wilson
    -HP increased to 210
    -Lose sanity very fast
    -Run much faster
    -Absorption tuned to make it so you absorb 70% of dmg passively.
    After 2 minutes, all these reset to normal.
    Crafted with 5 thulecite, 3 nightmare fuel, and a purple gem.
    Update 5/24:
    Updated to API 6
    Tweaked a couple of strings to add more pingas.
    Update 5/25
    Changed bigportrait art.
    Many thanks to PipClank (Dino) for the art!

    P.S Many thanks to Mr. Tiddles (NIk Mik) for my dumb coding questions




  21. Lori

    This is my character for DST. And he have a big problem. He canoot speak english!
    Зато он говорит по русски! Нечасто удается встретить русскоязычную модификацию или персонажа. Вот спасение!
    Он любит есть оленей и пить крепкие напитки. Живет в Лесу, который очень мистический и вообще неопределенный. Своего рода Максвелл Леса.
    *Мозги в кашу
    *Поэтому ему тяжело навредить морально и физически
    *Но очень любит кушать
    Здоровье: 220
    Рассудок: 250
    Желудок: 90 + ускоренное голодание
    Говорит по русски
    По английски не говорит




  22. Wreckles The Dark Lover (ROG Only) 1.0

    Wreckles is my first mod ever for Don't Starve. It's a character I developed based on myself and on my tastes. All in game textures and coding were done by RafaCRz (me) and the art was inspired on a beautiful drawing Giz_L (my girlfriend) made of us. So please do not reupload this mod or character without permission.
    Health - 120
    Hunger - 150
    Sanity - 120
    Hunger Rate - Wilson's x 0.9
    Gains sanity during dusk and night time; Loses sanity during daytime; Regenerates health when it's raining according to the amount of rain; Walks and runs slower if temperature gets too hot; Gets wet slower.  
    Special Thanks:
    I've used the character template made by Ipsquiggle and TheDanaAddams' tutorial on how to use it. As well as the TEX tools developed by Handsome Matt. So special thanks to them and also to all of you guys who posts your characters here and some hints on how they do what they do. I'm not a modder or a coder and if weren't for your characters and their perks I wouldn't had been able to code Wreckles'.


    1 comment


  23. Wulfe

    *Hounds are neutral to her until provoked!
    *Pigmen and bunnymen are her natural enemies!
    *She's a bit stronger than most, is fast on her feet, and freezes more slowly in winter
    *Starts with 120 max hunger, 150 max sanity, and 150 max health
    *Will not lose sanity around monsters
    Wulfe is just about finished! I just need to figure out how to make it so hounds can be tamed with meat, like pigmen.
    ***IMPORTANT: There is a hounded.lua file in her folder you must move to a certain location, the README tells you what to do. If you don't she may get attacked by certain hounds.
    ***UPDATE: Those who had problems with her crashing on the character selection screen shouldn't have any issues with this version. Except I've heard that custom characters have been crashing when you examine walls lately..?




  24. Goku mods [DST]

    It's a character mod from Dragonball.
    Health: 300
    Hunger: 500
    Sanity: 200
    -He got a sticks
    -Has a kaioken and armor
    Health : 300
    Hunger : 300
    Sanity : 225
    -has a energypower , scouter and saiyan armor
    -Add new food from Ewecus (sheep meat)
    -Can upgrade kaioken
    -Add more skills
    -Add new food is senzu beans.
    -add more food
    -add more monster
    -Add new monster is red ribbon :
    + He spawn from his house
    + Has equip a gun and hat (30%)
    + health: 300 , damage: 35.
    -Add new monster is skeleton:
    + He spawn from the gravestone
    + Has equip a hambat or armorgrass or footballhat
    + health: 300 , damage: 20 , run fast.
    -Goku will move faster than before! (speed 1.5/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.1/2.2)
    -Goku will be stronger will it! (damage 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0)
    -Goku can travel in night with Kaioken! (Night vision)
    -Goku will loss Hunger,Sanity,Health.This is the side-effect with Kaioken.
    -add more hunger, sanity, health.
    -Goku will move faster than before! (speed 2.4)
    -Goku will be stronger will it! (damage 5.0)
    -Goku can travel in night with SuperSaiyan! (Night vision)
    -Goku will loss Hunger,Sanity,Health.This is the side-effect with Super Saiyan.
    -add more hunger, sanity, health.
    -Barrage of Ki blasts : Toggle and then right click targets to shot for gohan, goku and vegeta. (45s cooldown) (level 3)
    -Gound Pound : -120 Health and reduced speed on targets. (60s cooldown) (goku and vegeta) (level 6)
    -Regeneration : Heals 400 health every 300s. (piccolo) (level 2)
    -Oozaru : Use to turn into Oozaru every 600s. (gohan) (level 10)
    -Flying Nimbus : Use to fly. (100s cooldown) (goku) (level 2)
    To do list:
    -make new skills
    -make new monster
    -make new boss
    -More character in Dragon ball.
    Any problems or ideas? No problem, just write it!
    Thanks for all ideas,I read always all comments.




  25. Charlie, a playable character mod (RoG and DST compatible!)

    Howdy! AmaLee here to present to you a playable character mod for Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together; Maxwell's assistant, Charlie!
    (If you're not sure who Charlie is, may I perhaps persuade you to take a look at the William Carter Puzzles?)
    This description is for all the basic stuff. I'll provide a few more tidbits on the forum thread you can find here.
    Currently, I have her uploaded to Steam Workshop here: (DS) (DST)
    How this mod was possible:
    Charlie was made with the Extended Sample Character Mod provided by Dleowolf!
    TheDanaAddams' tutorial was also a big help in some of the scripting processes that need to be done to get her perks to work.
    The text for her name in her big portrait for DST was graciously given by Jeff Agala over on tumblr, which may be found here!
    Thanks to The Noon Fish and Dryicefox for helping me out with her ghost and sounds!
    Basic information on the mod:
    Charlie's character design was based on the designs seen in 8th William Carter Puzzle. Currently, she has two different "perks": her sanity is drained at a higher rate (x1.25) and her damage updates depending on the time of day. Currently, the rates are as follows:
    Day: x1
    Dusk: x1.5
    Night: x2

    This should apply to all equippable weapons, as well as disarmed damage.
    Charlie has custom sounds available (meaning she gets her own voice!) in Don't Starve AND Don't Starve Together! Unfortunately, there is a problem with Steam Workshop where custom character mods with custom sound won't get added into the mod lists of players who are subscribed to said mod. So! Charlie with custom sound will only be available here. Please make sure when playing DST that all of your party has the same version of the mod! Sorry for the inconvenience!
    (Note: This character will be differentiated from the custom-soundless one as "Charlie (Sound)")
    Thank you for checking out my mod! May all of your adventures be gruesome, and if you have any suggestions, please visit the thread linked above!