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  1. Azast





  2. Moon Shadow Assassin

    move speed:1.2
    1.Wili has 5% chance to kill the enemy when she attack.
    2.Wili can blink to the target when she use close-in weapons attack.
    3.Wili has 35% chance to dodge the attack.
    4.Night viewing
    5.Wili's sanity reduce slow, but she can't recovery when she pick up flowers;
    6.Wili's temperature change rate is two times more than others, but she can bear more damage when it's cold or hot.
    7.Wili can't make friends with pig-man, bunny-man and rocky.
    Exclusive Weapon:Silver Moon Scimitar
    1.The scimitar has 1% chance produce a gem when use it attack.
    2.It will never be damaged.
    Author's words:
    English is not my first language, so if you can not understand Wili's features, just point it out.
    Code part made by Nanaya Master.
    Art part made by INN.
    If you are a Chinese, you can use Chinese version.




  3. Kodi The Fox

    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character
    Kodi for all (DLC)
    Health: 150 Hunger: 125 Sanity: 130 Damage reduced by 5% Speed is 5% higher. All parameters except the character’s speed can be adjusted when creating the world.
    The character has a custom voice.
    Character features:
    Kodi grows fur that can be trimmed and used in crafting his special items. Clipping wool restores 10 sanity. Kodi has 3 states: 1. In which Kodi is with normal hair and does not have any buffs or negative effects. 2. Kodi has grown a little wool, the resistance to cold increases and the resistance to high temperatures decreases, begins to overheat faster and takes damage if overheated above 60 degrees. 3. Kodi has grown his coat a lot, he overheats even faster, resistance to cold is stronger than the previous one, begins to take damage when the temperature reaches above 55 degrees.
    *Fear of the dark.
    In the evening and at night. Sanity decreases faster than other characters.
    *Vulnerability to moisture.
    The character gets wet faster than other characters, and also dries longer than other characters.
    * Transformation Kodi.
    - You can change the look at any time with the (Z) key.
    - In the mod’s settings, you can select another key.
    - Transformation quickly spends hunger. - Increases character speed to (1.40).
    - Damage increases to (2).
    - Changing the appearance takes the sanity (-25), hunger (-15).
    - Upon transition to a normal appearance, sanity is restored (+10).
    *Has special items.
    *Curse Kodi
    - Damage (65)
    - Strength (500)
    - Recovery of life upon impact (5)
    - Decrease in sanity per minute (-20)
    - Slows media to speed (0.8)
    - Summons Shadow Tentacle.
    - Can be created on the shadow manipulator.
    RECIPE = (Thulecite x3 ), ( Dark sword x1 ), ( Dark crystal x3 ).
    *Kitsune mask
    A kitsune mask is a special and difficult item available only to Kodi. The mask absorbs 10% of all incoming damage while wearing, slows down the depletion of hunger by 50%, when worn, the mask takes away 15 sanity, and also passively restores sanity during the day. When removed, it takes 5 life units. It has an active ability for disguise, when activated, it spends 10 sanity, and absorbs all incoming damage, even Charlie's attack in the dark, in exchange for the durability of the mask itself.
    RECIPE = ( Thulecite x5 ), ( Fox Wool x1 ), ( Dark crystal x3 ).
    *Golden sword
    - Damage (47)
    - Strength (150)
    RECIPE = ( Rope x1 ), ( Twigs x1 ), ( Gold Nugget  x2 ).
    - Strength (460)
    - Protection (80%)
    - Resistance to moisture (40%)
    RECIPE = ( Pig Skin x1 ), ( Rope x1 ), ( Gold Nugget  x3 ).
    *White crystal
    - Used in creating other things.
    RECIPE = ( Marble x1 ), ( Purple Gem x1 ), ( Nightmare Fuel x2 ).
    *Dark crystal
    - Used in creating other things.
    RECIPE = ( White crystal x1 ), ( Fox Wool  x1 ), ( Nightmare Fuel x10 ).
    Mod on ( Steam )




  4. Soldier 76 (DST)

    Young punks... Get off my lawn!

    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    Blizzard for Overwatch and Soldier: 76


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  5. The Scout (DST) (Daniel's ver.)

    This mod adds the Scout from Team Fortress 2 into Don't Starve Together.

    Valve for the creation of Team Fortress 2 and The Scout
    Zuplalex for his damage modifier
    Extended Sample Character by Dragon Wolf Leo that I used as a base for all my mods
    Thanks "Weeaboo Garbage" for finding spelling errors and providing ideas.




  6. Dr. Gordon Freeman + Combine invasion

    You can also subscribe this at Steam :
    - Compatible with:
    - Don't Starve
    - Don't Starve: Reign Of Giants
    - Alyx & Dog mod:
    - Stats
    He came from Half-Life series.
    health 200 / hunger 150 / sanity 200
    - grows lesser beard than wilson
    - can equip crowbar, HEV battery
    - delays hunger, hardly fear
    - never talks
    - The batteries are bodyslot item.(in Science tab, no needs any tech.)
    grants protection with high durability, quickness and damage multiplier,
    You must kill Combines to craft batteries.
    - Crowbar can do what hammer can do
    - Firearms Information

    0. General
    - All ammunitions are obtainable only.(Combine drop)
    1. Crossbow (craftable, obtainable)
    - Attack: high /- Rate: low /- Range: long /- Ammo(stack): Uranium rod(10)
    - Instant death to human-sized enemies. Ammo can be retrieved after kill the target.
    2. Shotgun (SPAS-12) (obtainable only)
    - Attack: medium-high /- Rate: medium /- Range: short-middle /- Ammo(stack): Shells(6)
    - Hit area. Damage is in inverse ratio to the range.(the closer, the stronger)
    3. Pulse rifle (AR2) (obtainable only)
    - Attack: low-very low /- Rate: very high /- Range: middle /- Ammo(stack): AR2 magazine (30)
    - Can Autofire(keep press 'F').
    - Enemy Information

    The hounds waves are replaced by Combines when you play Gordon
    1. Combine Civil Protector
    - Attack: medium-Low /- Range: melee /- Vital: low
    2. Combine Overwatch Soldier
    - Attack: medium-high /- Range: short /- Vital: medium
    - Uses shotgun. Deadly.
    3. Combine Overwatch Elite Soldier
    - Attack: medium-high /- Range: middle /- Vital: medium
    - Uses Pulse rifle. Rapid fire. Falls back against approaching.
    4. Combine Hunter
    - Attack: medium-high /- Range: middle /- Vital: high
    - Fire pulses.
    Special thanks to:
    Super Uber Turbo Cheater (Steam)




  7. Spiderpool

    "Hey! everyone"
    Spiderpool for DS all DLC.
    For the DST version here
    He uses strength and speed in combat.He can move and react several times faster than an OC. 
    - Health:200 
    - Hunger:150
    - Sanity:150
    Spiderpool's stats can be configured in the mod's configuration options. For these who think it's OP.
    *Health Regen
    *Fast (move, harvest)
    *Can see in the dark
    - Start with Spider egg.
    Planned stuff:
    "Captain Amarica's sheild" - (boomerang and armour.)
    "Spiderking hat" - (Control Spiders, increase movement speed, Restores sanity but drains health while equipped.)
    "Spider-Bots" - (can be issued commands in battle and stores item. (It's not creature))
    "Spider's Mask" - (Use nightvision in cave.)
    "Spider-mine"  - (Only monster activate it.)
    "Deadpool's Katanas"
    "Deadpool's grenades"
    "Deadpool's guns"




  8. Yuki [DST]

    (This is my first character mod so if have any problem, give me ur feedback and support me. Thanks a lot! ^^)

    Hunger: 150
    Health: 150
    Sanity: 200
    Link on steam:
    About Yuki: I think she is a good supporter, who can make 
    Food for Sanity and Health
    Items for battle
    Cool down player
    Easy to find eggs and meat from Prey
    Good in Winter but Bad in Summer
    Run fast but weak
    When play as Yuki, try to find ICE and MUSHROOM as much as possible and build Mushroom farm earlier
    ------Is a vegetarian and a mushroom------
    + Little faster than normal but weak (same Wendy dame)
    + Only eat vegestables so it's good for health (gain 1/10s)
    + Prey don't fear her and if Yuki kill preys, she lost 30 sanity
    + Love Ratatouille (more points when eat)
    + She is a mushroom so she likes rain. Gain sanity when raining (but still be wet)
    + Can eat mushroom (raw/cooked), but don't eat raw Red Mushroom
            - Raw red--- [- 20 health, -15 sanity, +12,5 hunger]
            - Cooked red--- [+15 health, -10 sanity, +0 hunger]
            - Raw green--- [+0 health, +15 sanity, +12,5 hunger] and give one mushroom spore
            - Cooked green--- [+0 health, +30 sanity, +13 hunger]
            - Raw blue--- [+35 health, +0 sanity, +25 hunger] and give one mushroom spore
            - Cooked blue--- [+1 health, -1 sanity, +0 hunger]
    This's different ways to use mushroom (raw/cooked). Remember this to have the best effect
    ------Born in snowland------------------
    Yuki loves Winter. She run faster and gains Sanity everytime in Winter, more than if snowing.
    White snow like Yuki's veil, it's make her gains health (5/10s) and absorpt 50% dame received
    Cold and freezy resistance
    Yuki shines in Winter night
    Yuki's body very colds. It's slow down food spoilage and cools player around her down to....death (It's good for someone who overheating to stay near her, but don't stay to long)
    Yuki hates Summer. Her sanity drain everytime in Summer and very easy to overheat
    Yuki takes more 50% fire dame. Be careful with fire! XD
    ---------Can craft some special things with Mushroom and Ice-----------
            - Pupe Mushroom: use like Honey Poultice but more than 10  health (+40)
            - Pupe Mushsoup: Yuki's special food, [+65 Health, +50 Hunger, + 50 Sanity]
            - Pupe Cocktail: Yuki's special food, [+20 Health, +20 Hunger, + 75 Sanity]
            - Snow Mushroom: Yuki's soul, it's only shines in Winter night
            - Ice Armor: an armor like wood armor but harder to destroy
            - Ice Helmet: like Wigfrid's hat
            - Ice Walking Death: special weapon by Walking Cane + Spear
    [ Run faster (walking cane's speed) when equip and do 20 dame
                                    Has 30% to crit. Do more 30 dame (total 50) ]
    ---------Yuki is a mushroom, daugher of the Moon---------------
    When full moon, she become Moonlight form and be protected by Moon
    - Absorpt 80% dame received
    - Health regain (2/1s)
    - Sanity gain super fast

    My characters don't use body size of original characters (leg is taller than), so its can't use some skins in game. 
    I were rebuild some file from <default>, San(Princess Mononoke), Waiter 101 Together v5.0x Mod.
    Custom voice "Tecolin"
    And Character's appearance from hinausa, neko-rina deviantart
    Say "Thanks!" for it and "Sorry" for my English

    date: 24/02/2018




  9. Bafi The Kocur

    Postac do dst




  10. Ernest

    health - 120
    hunger - 300
    sanity - 100




  11. MewMew character

    This is the MewMew character




  12. Ralsei (DS)

    The fluffy prince from Deltarune in Don't Starve. 

    Known issues
    -Faked nightvision
    -Only DS and RoG script lines currently
    -Skin missing
    -Customization options missing
    Toby Fox for Deltarune and Ralsei
    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    FuzzyIggyPoyo for mod testing
    Leonardo Coxington for nightvision code from Playable Pets mod (DST only)
    Waloogi686869 for ideas and general assistance
    ZupaleX for initial damage modifier creation
    IronHunter for the modification of the damage modifier
    DudeDude for the Starver's Carol midi used as a base to make Ralsei's carol (DST only)
    "Determination" Font used in description created by Haley Wakamatsu
    The people in the steam discussions for pointing out issues and suggesting changes




  13. Play as Bearger

    *Require Reign of Giants
    --Version 1.3
    *Maxwell intro fixed.
    *Bearger starts with 5 honeys.




  14. kitsune DST CDMOD

    under construction Do not Use
    Stats :
    100 Health
    180 Hunger
    200 Sanity

    Traits :
    Lower sanity drain, can't sleep (0.6x)
    Slow movement speed & weak attack (0.8x)
    Low tolerance for cold, but high tolerance for heat
    Can't eat tomato-based food! They remind her too much of a friend
    Spawns in with all 3 mushroom types, 2 each
    Can eat stale food! (but not spoiled food, they still disgust her)
    Efficient at gathering (picking)
    Unassuming, animals aren't afraid of her!

    To be implemented (hopefully, one day) :
    > Zubat - Golbat - Crobat companions
    > More speech dialogues
    > Character specific item to spawn in with (instead of shrooms)
    > More stat decrease for eating bat related food (aka bat wings lmao)
    > Fixing certain sprites Add Set skill stats to unlearn skills 




  15. Kodi

    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character
    Kodi for all (DLC)
    Health: 150 Hunger: 130 Sanity: 130 Damage increased by 10% Speed is 5% higher. The character has a custom voice.
    Creates a magic sword, deals 65 damage, slows the character when the sword is in the hands. Restores health at a rate of 5 units per hit, and lowers the sanity of -20 per minute.
    Kodi don't like night, at night the sanity decreases 10% faster.
    Has a passive health regeneration of 1 unit in 30 seconds.
    The transformation of the character is added, you can activate by pressing the button (G). When the character is in shadow form, he has increased speed, increased damage, increased food consumption. Transformation takes away (-15) sanity and (-15) hunger, but when you return to normal, it adds (+5) sanity.
    Good you game
    Modification in (Steam)
    Special thanks to (Scrumch) for helping me troubleshoot issues.




  16. The Lamb (DS and RoG)

    Hi there!
    I upload for you a version of The Lamb for Don't Starve and RoG!
    I added over 300 custom speech lines ^^
    Enjoy! <3




  17. Wark the Chocobo DS ROG SW

    this mod brings Wark the Chocobo to the original "Don't Starve" along with its DLC's "Reign of Giants" and "Shipwrecked"
    Wark the Chocobo was originally created by @Spotteh for DST and you can get her fantastic DST version here
    the real point of this mod existing is due to me not having DST but wanting to be a using @Dleowolf's example character template mod alongside Spotteh's fantastic character art and with massive coding help from @BraveChicken! I'm happy to say that she's ready for the world to enjoy!
    now for her stats!
    60 HP 50 Sanity 300 hunger Wark is "mortified of darkness" meaning her sanity will drop like a brick in water the minute it gets dark, although its a slower drain at dusk
    Wark "loves fire" and is "fireproof" meaning that she needs to stay around light sources like fire to keep her sanity up! her fire range has been set so that she doesn't have to stay too close to a fire-pit to get the sanity effect! also light sources are larger with her so its easier to see (and I find it to be more realistic)...I don't have to explain fireproofing do I?
    Wark has custom items!
    Chocobo Satchel Chocobo Translator the satchel is a fancy backpack styled from the "Chocobo Dungeon" video games while the translator actually lets her speak! and is styled from "Final Fantasy Unlimited"
    Wark is VERY fast! and she's built to be a "glass cannon" type of character
    she's support to be like a treasure hunter or archeologist but I'm too lazy to write the extra custom speech text ATM so thats for a later release!
    fish in ponds with flower petals run super fast hit 3x harder gain sanity around fires can walk through fire unharmed does not need a science machine takes longer to burn or freeze comes with backpack/translator/thuelculite pickaxe can eat monstermeat without heath damage custom voiced with ACTUAL Chocobo sounds (that I got from a limited edition sound effect track disc) will be updated for play-ability in Hamlet once its released and I know how to make it compatible! custom intro for DS and ROG (can't figure out how to do it for SW yet) cons
    hunger drain at 1.3 decrease so she gets hungry faster then normal 60 HP means she can be oneshotted by MANY bosses/beefalo sanity will be reduced to 0 in less then 20 seconds after nightfall harder to warm up or cool down due to long times to freeze or fry impossible to survive in caves/extended winter (prove me wrong) can't speak without the translator and will make bird sounds instead surprisingly hard to keep sanity up still needs an alchemy engine you need to choose between carrying stuff and speech ("unless you have "backpack+amulet" mods enabled in which case she's been custom coded to detect such mods and work with them") I plan on making her HAMLET compatible once Hamlet is released!
    once again the art and name are NOT my own! they're Spotteh's! and if there's any complaints or problems from her with me having this mod up then I will take it down immediately
    thanks for reading and enjoy being a Chocobo!




  18. Takes-the-Shot - DST

    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character
    Add my character: Takes-the-Shot to Don't Starve Together.
    She's an Argonian far from home. The last thing she remembers is a shadowy figure offering to help her after a wolf attack went sour. While her wounds were healed, she's now stuck in these strange lands with seemingly no way out.
    Featuring fully re-done voice lines!
    Her very own custom instrument! (It's a toy saxophone)
    5 new items!
    1 hidden Crock Pot recipe! 
    Health: 130
    Hunger: 135
    Sanity: 175
    Is an Argonian:
    While she may not act like one, Takes-the-Shot is an Argonian, a race of reptilian people native to the swamps of Black Marsh. This means she's more vulnerable to cold, taking triple freezing damage, when her body temperature drops below 5 her sanity will start dropping and her body will slow down, slowing both her metabolism and speed.
    Though while a human will have a better time surviving Winter, she's much more comfortable when it comes to rain. Sanity penalties from wetness and equipping wet items doesn't bother her in the slightest! (Though she will still get wet - she's wearing clothes after all!)
    Has nice clothes:
    While it may not looks like it, Takes-the-Shot is an aspiring thief and ne'er-do-well and has some of the outfit to match! Hitting the configurable key ('Z' by default) will pull up her hood from off her back. While she obviously can't wear to pieces of headgear at once, the hood does have some benefits. It has 50% damage resistance, and an insulation value of 60 and the best thing is, it'll never run out of durability!
    In addition, while she may be a bit wimpy (-25% damage), under the cover of dusk she'll fight just fine. But when it's nighttime, she'll can hit enemies with a sneak attack, dealing 25% more damage than at dusk! This attack bonus even works in the caves! 
    Grows a hideous plume of feathers:
    Takes-the-Shot may look bald, but it's actually just dedication to keeping her head feather-free. As the days go on without 'shaving' she'll start growing ugly pink feathers. While on her, they only serve to upset her and damage her sanity, with the toll on her mind getting greater the more they grow. The may seem useless at first, but I'm sure the Saxhleel would have a way to make use of them...
    Special Thanks:
    K1NGT1GER609, Ultroman and zetake from the forums for coding advice and help!
    Thank you to Puff_JOOB for several helpful bug reports!
    Thanks you to Pinyaps for telling me about the wetness related sanity-loss bug!
    And a massive shout out to for making the fantastic character portrait and beta testing! You're the best!


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  19. Warfarin, The Tricky Thief!

    Years ago, a moody teenager cobbled together a character mod that did fairly well up until it completely broke. Now, that teenager is back as a responsible adult with a 9-5 job to bring you...
    Warfarin: The Tricky Thief
    45 health
    100 hunger
    100 sanity (Drains half as fast in darkness, but twice as fast as default from monsters)
    Can dash!
    Hitting the Dash Key will sent Warfarin forwards in a quick dash that will dodge attacks, and Warfarin can dash into the ocean to reappear with a huge hit to their stats! Good for escapes, not so good for general exploring.
    Jumping over a wall will make Warfarin climb and vault over it, making the dash go considerably farther.
    Deals 75% default damage.
    Can pickpocket pigmen at dusk.
    Picks up everything instantly: Berry bushes, grass, crock pots, drying racks, etc.
    Can hide in trees, berry bushes, tall grass, and saplings. Doesn't work if the saplings or tall grass has been picked.
    Can hide in neutral treeguards for a mobile cover!
    Enemies will see you if they get too close. The distance depends on how much light is nearby.
    With a dagger equipped, you can ambush enemies while stealthed for massive damage! ambushing an enemy leaves them bleeding for a few seconds.
    Throwing knife:
    Long range
    Low damage
    1-use. Has a chance to survive and fall onto the ground where you can pick it back up.
    Get 2 per craft.
    The explosive throwing knife explodes for an extra 100 damage and ignites the target.
    Attack twice as fast as any other weapon.
    Allows ambushing!
    Flint Dagger:
    Low damage
    Plenty of uses
    Majestic Dagger:
    High damage
    Bit less uses
    Night Dagger:
    Vey High damage
    Few uses
    Ceremonial Dagger:
    High Damage
    Increases ambush range
    Multi-Colored Pestilence:
    Ship-wrecked only
    Not a dagger
    Moderate damage
    Poisons all nearby enemies upon striking.
    Not Very Short Bow:
    Opens up the 'arrow tab'. Plop an arrow in there and you can fire it by attacking!
    Require the bow to use!
    Long range.
    Normal Arrow:
    Very high damage
    15% for arrow to survive and be retrievable.
    Rock Arrow:
    Very low damage
    Shoot walls to aggro all enemies in the area to the wall. Hay walls have a short aggro range, then wood walls, then stone walls, and ruin walls have the largest range.
    Water Arrow:
    Extinguish things!
    No damage, ludicrous damage to the Dragonfly
    Makes you cold when you're holding it.
    Explosive Arrow:
    Moderate damage
    Ignites enemies
    Explodes after 1-2 seconds of impact, dealing Ludicrous damage to everything nearby
    Makes you overheat when holding it.
    Pointy Arrow:
    High damage
    Makes enemies bleed
    Killing birds and rabbits gives twice the karma loss.
    Shooting even enemies or bosses will give 2 bad karma per shot. It's a pretty nasty weapon!
    Smoke Bomb:
    Throw at your feet to make all enemies stop targetting you! Makes you untargetable for 3 seconds.
    Hallowed Mask:
    Moderate armour
    Can be used to surround yourself with blood-sucking insects to steal health for you!
    Hidey Hood:
    Short duration
    Invisible while not performing actions. Can not ambush.




  20. The Sniper (DS)

    The Sniper from TF2 in Don't Starve.

    Has custom sound and speech lines.
    Known issues:
    Currently only has script lines for DS and RoG
    Jarate has been altered due to water balloons (and their throwing arc) not existing in singleplayer.
    The Kukri, Tribalman's Shiv, Bushwacka, and Shahanshah can hack stuff
    Dragon Wolf Leo for Extended Sample Character
    Valve for TF2 and the Sniper
    ZupaleX for initial damage modifier creation
    IronHunter for the modification of the damage modifier as well as getting Jarate to function
    DudeDude for the Starver's Carol midi
    CheeseNuggets and Jack for the Jarate's anim and script
    Nurd for some screenshots
    DarkMatterZero for helping me with the Shahanshah
    Hank for some bugtesting
    <defualt>'s The Soldier mod for some of the (former) code used in the item skins




  21. [Character] Lucario (Don't Starve Edition)

    The don't starve edition of my lucario mod for players that don't have access to the steam workshop.
    Install it like any other mod, drag the "Lucario (DS Edition)" folder located in the .rar into your don't starve\mods\ folder.
    It should look something like this [Install path]\Don't Starve\mods\Lucario (DS Edition)\[Mod files]
    Play as Lucario, the aura pokemon. Single Player!
    Steam Versions
    Don't Starve Version
    (RoG and SW Compatible):
    DST Version
    My Lucario Mod for DST finally makes its way to Don't Starve. (Fully RoG and Shipwrecked Compatible!) 
    Please report any bugs or suggestions in the comments here, or on the steam workshop page.
    -Unique Dialogue 
    -Custom Art (Duh) 
    -Cute and Cool Variants 
    -Clothing Compatible 
    -Grows a shaveable, scruffy winter coat using the beard system. (Cute Variant) 
    -Deals increased damage and loses sanity faster as health decreases. (Cool Variant) 
    -Loses sanity slower at night. 
    -Loses sanity when near any fire (based on proximity) 
    -Increased damage from fire. 
    -Can use aura spheres and Lucario themed melee weapons! 
    -Can extract aura from live rabbits for crafting or health/sanity. 
    -Can obtain bone shards from fish. 
    -Can be shiny! 
    -Moderate configuration options 
    -It's Lucario! 
    Health: 140 
    Hunger: 150 (Very slightly faster decay) 
    Sanity: 200 (Slower decay at night) 
    Damage: 1.2x 
    Aura Spheres:
    Infinitely reusable "ranged weapons" that cost sanity and hunger (Can be reduced in the mod configuration.) instead of durability. They give off a very small amount of light. 

    Blue: Standard Aura Sphere: Low damage, low sanity/hunger cost ranged weapon, good for pulling or keeping distance. 
    Yellow: Swift Sphere: Slightly more damage, higher sanity/hunger cost. Built in walking cane. 
    Green: Dream Sphere: No damage, High sanity/hunger cost. Can put enemies to sleep. (Uses endgame materials) 
    Orange: Solar Sphere: Moderate Damage, higher sanity/hunger cost than swift, creates a large amount of light. 
    Red: Violent Sphere: High damage, high sanity/health cost, endgame sphere. 
    Other Weapons:
    Bone Rush: Powerful melee weapon with high durability (Same power as the battle spear). Made from bone shards and aura bits (Live rabbits or crabbits). 
    Metal Claw: Cheap, high durability weapon intended to be an alternative to the spear. 
    Shadow Claw: Powerful endgame melee weapon, drains sanity while equipped. 
    Aura Guardian Staff: Similar to the Standard Aura Sphere, but costs no hunger or sanity. 
    Config Options!

    Aura sphere cost: 
    -Standard: My personal opinion on what is balanced 
    -Low: Cheaper aura spheres for people that prefer to use them as primary weapons 
    -Free: No hunger/health/sanity cost, recommended only for fun, not balanced. 
    Weapon Durability: 
    -Both aura spheres and the custom melee weapons can have their durability toggled on or off. Aura spheres could be free, but have durability, or you could just have infinite weapons for unbalanced fun, whatever the server host decides. 
    Bonerush Smashes Rocks: 
    -Exactly as it says, the Bonerush can smash rocks like a pickaxe. (Just for fun) 
    Hunger/Sanity Management (Seperate settings for both): 
    -Harder: Sanity or hunger drain much faster, for those who want more challenge 
    -Standard: The same hunger/sanity drain as the mod has always had (My recommendation) 
    -Easier: For players that want to worry less about their mind and stomach, but still want some management. 
    -Casual: Virtually no sanity/hunger drain, for extremely casual players or just for fun. 
    (Both "Easier" and "Casual" settings kind of ruin the point of the game, so I only recommend using them when messing around.)
    Custom Items: 
    -Enables/Disables crafting of custom items (For players who prefer not to have all the extra fluff) 




  22. Neo custom character

    I made this a while ago using a sample found in this forums. Yesterday I made another one, the thing is that when I activate both mods in my game it crashes, it seems that the games reads the files like te sample character and that's what makes it crash, but I'm not really sure if that's the case.
    So I want to see if uploading here one of the mods something will change or something, if anyone knows how to solve my problem I would be really glad to get that help...




  23. Playable Mobs (DST)

    Hello there, friend. Have you been sick of playing as a human character every time in Don't Starve? Would you rather play as something else? Perhaps more sinister? Maybe... a monster? Or perhaps a pig? Well, hehe, my friend, you've come to the right place. This, is the PLAYABLE MOBS MOD, currently adding in 15 Don't Starve mobs to the playable characters roster! That's right, and more are constantly being added as well. Each one has it's own unique abilities, which can be used by the player to shape the world around them, but not by building, nor starving or surviving, rather by playing the part of the mob you take the role of and wrecking havoc or being a great human ally. This mod currently adds in:
    -Depth Worm
    -Spider Queen
    Simply find an object which offers you the ability to "pick" it (EX. Sapling, berry bush, etc...) and try to interact with it. Depending on the mob, you'll receive no result to a unique ability being triggered.
    - Add every DS mob to be playable
    - Keep updated
    - If Mactusk, Bunnyman, Merm, or Pig wear a hat, their head becomes invisible. Hard-coded into DS, not sure if there's a workaround.




  24. Puppy princess Musha [DS+DST]

    Single LINK (DS)
    Together LINK (DST)




  25. Satori, The Mind Reader

    A character mod based on Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project.
    Satori is a mind reading youkai. Her ability made her hated by humans and other youkai who fear their secrets being exposed, but made her loved by the animals who normally can't be understood. After knowing that her little sister is lost somewhere in the island she decided to look for her to bring her back home.
    Character Abilities
    -Hunger: 150
    -Health: 100
    -Sanity: 250
    -Wendy's attack modifier
    -Can read the thoughts of the creatures around her.
    -Can tame pets by giving them food. Every pet has their specific taming item(s).
    -The animals don't fear her but she is not liked by humanoid creatures such as pigmen.
    -Has a high base sanity but loses it for hurting the animals who trust her.
    -Has a sanity bonus while she is in caves.
    Tameable Pets
    -Rabbit: Gives a sanity boost. Can be picked up.

    -Beefalo: Assists Satori in combat and protects her from any danger. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Koalefant: Defensive pet. Prevents freezing in winter. Drops manure from time to time.

    -Tallbird: Attack pet. Can be fed monster meat but doesn't like new pets.

    Mod's Features
    -Custom art, portraits and icons (including minimap and morgue ones).
    -Custom character strings.
    -Modified behaviour on several npcs.
    -Custom strings on several npcs (thoughts).
    -Custom battle AI for pets. They stop attacking their target if Satori runs away.
    -Hunger system for pets. You need to feed them or they'll leave her.
    -Custom sanity penalties.
    -Modified intro.
    -Custom music.
    Art: Shia
    Coding: Terri
    Satori's strings: Wally
    -Compatible with RoG but she doesn't have any special feature from the DLC yet.
    -The mod is tested without any other mod activated. If you have a mod that changes behaviours/creatures prefabs it might not work well.
    To do
    -Add more "thoughts" to npcs.
    -Add more tameable pets.
    -Add Koishi (Satori's little sister) as an unlockable character.
    -Rewrite/modify the game's ending.