kitsune DST CDMOD 1.0.5

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About This File

under construction Do not Use

Stats :
100 Health
180 Hunger
200 Sanity

Traits :
Lower sanity drain, can't sleep (0.6x)
Slow movement speed & weak attack (0.8x)
Low tolerance for cold, but high tolerance for heat
Can't eat tomato-based food! They remind her too much of a friend
Spawns in with all 3 mushroom types, 2 each
Can eat stale food! (but not spoiled food, they still disgust her)
Efficient at gathering (picking)
Unassuming, animals aren't afraid of her!

To be implemented (hopefully, one day) :
> Zubat - Golbat - Crobat companions
> More speech dialogues
> Character specific item to spawn in with (instead of shrooms)
> More stat decrease for eating bat related food (aka bat wings lmao)
> Fixing certain sprites Add Set skill stats to unlearn skills 


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There's a problem in downloading the file, instead of downloading the file it downloads the picture (sorry if my english is wrong)

can you fix it? I really wanna try it...

Edit: I realize its under construction so please take your time I'll be waiting.. 

Edited by Mitsu-chan
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