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  1. Just a fun little mod we made while troubleshooting issues with Rincewind
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day Teach a man to fish? Too hard. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by hrekin and Catten
  3. We're still not sure what causes the crash. If you could pm us the log file (Documents\Klei\DoNotStarve\log.txt) along with what you're using (windows/mac/64bit etc) it might help narrow down why this happens to some and not others.
  4. Thanks buddy! Can't see anything that looks any different to what we've been getting. Got a couple of ideas to try but it might just be one of those elusive bugs....
  5. As far as we can tell, this is a result of the various character instances in the game. Saving and re-loading the game should fix this (at least it has for us). The bug with Luggage and bees doesn't seem to be directly related to the mod. As was mentioned above, the problem seems to be with the METRICS_ENABLED flag. We have no idea why that would cause such a crash. Try deleting the line from the modded bee.lua file as a workaround for the moment. Re. the wizard hat, check that it isn't back in your inventory (it isn't automatically equipped). If not, does it appear again after saving and re-loading? It may be a similar problem to that of Luggage becoming disassociated.
  6. We're both running 7 and haven't been able to replicate the crash. However, the METRICS_ENABLED is also present in the game bee.lua which has us a bit confused. Glad to know that removing that line has solved it for you.
  7. We're still trying to work out why it crashes - we can't seem to replicate it on our systems. A couple more questions that might helps us sort it out: What platform are you using? Also please try to catch a bee in vanilla mode and let us know what happens?
  8. Thanks for letting us know! Any chance you could provide the crash report when it happens so that we can work on fixing it?
  9. Version 3.0


    The hapless wizzard Rincewind and The Luggage from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series (The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic). Rincewind is a runner not a fighter. Luckily The Luggage is violent enough for both. The storyline of Rincewind ending up in Don't Starve continues from the Science of the Discworld books I, II and III. Rincewind's Stats: Health: 200 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 100 Features: The Luggage and the all important hat that says Wizzard on it (that's how you know he's a wizard see?). Warnings and Notes: This mod makes some things quite easy... but other things quite difficult. Might conflict with mods that alter the behaviour of inventory, bees, or containers The Luggage is not just a reskin of Chester - Chester still exists It is possible for Luggage and Chester to coexist... somehow. -------------------------------------------------------------------- To install: Unzip archive Copy directory "rnw" to your mods folder Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by hrekin and Catten