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  1. Version 2.1.a


    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character Kodi for all (DLC) Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 125 Sanity: 130 Damage reduced by 5% Speed is 5% higher. All parameters except the character’s speed can be adjusted when creating the world. The character has a custom voice. Character features: *Fur. Kodi grows fur that can be trimmed and used in crafting his special items. Clipping wool restores 10 sanity. Kodi has 3 states: 1. In which Kodi is with normal hair and does not have any buffs or negative effects. 2. Kodi has grown a little wool, the resistance to cold increases and the resistance to high temperatures decreases, begins to overheat faster and takes damage if overheated above 60 degrees. 3. Kodi has grown his coat a lot, he overheats even faster, resistance to cold is stronger than the previous one, begins to take damage when the temperature reaches above 55 degrees. *Fear of the dark. In the evening and at night. Sanity decreases faster than other characters. *Vulnerability to moisture. The character gets wet faster than other characters, and also dries longer than other characters. * Transformation Kodi. - You can change the look at any time with the (Z) key. - In the mod’s settings, you can select another key. - Transformation quickly spends hunger. - Increases character speed to (1.40). - Damage increases to (2). - Changing the appearance takes the sanity (-25), hunger (-15). - Upon transition to a normal appearance, sanity is restored (+10). *Has special items. *Curse Kodi - Damage (65) - Strength (500) - Recovery of life upon impact (5) - Decrease in sanity per minute (-20) - Slows media to speed (0.8) - Summons Shadow Tentacle. - Can be created on the shadow manipulator. RECIPE = (Thulecite x3 ), ( Dark sword x1 ), ( Dark crystal x3 ). *Kitsune mask A kitsune mask is a special and difficult item available only to Kodi. The mask absorbs 10% of all incoming damage while wearing, slows down the depletion of hunger by 50%, when worn, the mask takes away 15 sanity, and also passively restores sanity during the day. When removed, it takes 5 life units. It has an active ability for disguise, when activated, it spends 10 sanity, and absorbs all incoming damage, even Charlie's attack in the dark, in exchange for the durability of the mask itself. RECIPE = ( Thulecite x5 ), ( Fox Wool x1 ), ( Dark crystal x3 ). *Golden sword - Damage (47) - Strength (150) RECIPE = ( Rope x1 ), ( Twigs x1 ), ( Gold Nugget x2 ). *Helmet - Strength (460) - Protection (80%) - Resistance to moisture (40%) RECIPE = ( Pig Skin x1 ), ( Rope x1 ), ( Gold Nugget x3 ). *White crystal - Used in creating other things. RECIPE = ( Marble x1 ), ( Purple Gem x1 ), ( Nightmare Fuel x2 ). *Dark crystal - Used in creating other things. RECIPE = ( White crystal x1 ), ( Fox Wool x1 ), ( Nightmare Fuel x10 ). Mod on ( Steam )
  2. Version 2.7


    Based off of Dragon Wolf Leo's Extended Sample Character Kodi for all (DLC)Stats: Health: 150 Hunger: 130 Sanity: 130 Damage increased by 10% Speed is 5% higher. The character has a custom voice. Creates a magic sword, deals 65 damage, slows the character when the sword is in the hands. Restores health at a rate of 5 units per hit, and lowers the sanity of -20 per minute. Kodi don't like night, at night the sanity decreases 10% faster. Has a passive health regeneration of 1 unit in 30 seconds. The transformation of the character is added, you can activate by pressing the button (G). When the character is in shadow form, he has increased speed, increased damage, increased food consumption. Transformation takes away (-15) sanity and (-15) hunger, but when you return to normal, it adds (+5) sanity. Good you game Modification in (Steam) Special thanks to (Scrumch) for helping me troubleshoot issues.