Saxton Hale (DST)

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The australian behemoth of Mann Co. comes to Don't Starve Together.


Notable achievements (from the offical TF2 Wiki)

Cutting his way out of "primate hell".
Teaching his Girl Scout troop, the "Saxtonettes", fire safety tips such as "Grizzly bears burn".
Fighting off a lion while simultaneously having a haircut.
Single-handedly wiping out the Indonesian Berserker Shark (and making them cry).
Retrieving a stolen puck from a thieving tortoise despite its thirty minute head start.
Inventing Jarate, the JAR-Based karate.
Becoming the wealthiest man in the Western Hemisphere.
Becoming the fourth richest man in the world.
Firebombing Woodstock from a helicopter.
Being in no way involved with the explosive death of the American monkeynaut Poopy Joe, nor being anywhere near the launch site at the time.
Introducing the Crafting system to both the RED and BLU teams in an effort to stop the war.
Publishing a special issued magazine (at a price of 20 cents per issue, even though it was demanded to be free) to answer questions made by his fans about, among other things, playing Team Fortress 2 on a Mac.
Discovering the existence of the Internet and starting the Mann Co. Store.
Purchasing England.
Having a website made up entirely of absolutely true Saxton Hale facts.
Killing the perverts at
Hosting the First Annual Saxxy Awards.
Inventing the "high-five".
Eating a whole ostrich.
'Manslaughtering' 1593 physicians.
Defeating Dr. McNinja in a popularity contest.
Slamming a Yeti with a Scout.
Jumping off a thrown Scout to punch a Yeti into a mess of blood and gibs.

Valve for the creation of Team Fortress 2 and Saxton Hale
Extended Sample Character template by Dragon Wolf Leo


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