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Thought I'd finally upload this here for accessibility. 

Steam Workshop links:
DS: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2448845012
DST: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2496686961



Flaire is a princess, who would much rather be a spellblade! Secretly training to become one, a strange voice lead her to the Don't Starve world, where she continues her training without interruption...

Basic usage
* To cast a spell, you must have a useable weapon in hand. (Swords, spears, tentacle spikes, etc.)
* Left clicking on the Mana gauge cycles forward in your spell repertoire, and right clicking it cycles backwards. Note that you must have a weapon in hand for this to work.




* Mana gauge:

  • Flaire has access to a new resource called Mana; this is her bread and butter. When a spell is cast, it uses up a chunk of mana.
  • Mana regenerates passively only when treading upon nature turf. This makes some places indirectly more dangerous, so be careful!
  • The above means the same for handcrafted turfs like wooden flooring and such. However, she can create a structure that will not only increase mana regen in the area, but also allow you to regen mana on those handcrafted turfs. So don't worry about base building!
  • You can find this structure under the Science tab, and it must be prototyped with an Alchemy Engine.

* Can cast spells:

  • Flaire has the ability to cast spells. These can be used to heal, dish out good damage, and more, utilizing the mana gauge.
  • You start with two base spells, a damaging and a healing spell; however, more can be obtained by defeating enemies, having used at least one spell in the battle. It's a low chance for it to drop, but gets higher with each spell cast.
  • Flaire can also attune to the elements! Well, not by herself. She's not experienced a spellblade enough for that yet! When you face the elements in a rudimentary way, you (potenially forcefully) attune yourself to that element, also known as aspect. Certain aspects enhance some spells, but weaken others. Careful with those fire hounds/moisture meter!
  • Adding to the above, the special power of gems does allow her to activate an aspect on demand, but be careful- once you're in an aspect, you have to ride it out fully!


* Good with a sword:

  • As a spellblade, Flaire is pretty accustomed to sword-casting. Therefore, she's much better at casting spells with sword weapons compared to other weapons (spears, hambat, etc.)
  • When you hit an enemy three times (with a castable weapon), you activate your combo! Your base spells then cost 50% less mana. Note the combo effect won't pop up if you don't have enough mana for a spell.
  • Additionally, she spawns with a blueprint for her very own sword, like Wigfrid has her own spear! (But, you have to craft it first!)


* Is a reserved eater

  • Eating prepared crockpot foods gives Flaire a certain amount of mana instantly. The amount recovered is determined by the food's hunger value. The bigger it is, the more mana it regens; however, if the meal is too big, she will only recover a small amount of mana.
  • As a princess, she is used to being a bit more reserved at the dinner table. Therefore, you cannot eat foods while full, preventing mass healing/other effects from foods- but most importantly, controls how much mana you can instantly regenerate.


Other features include:

  • Custom quotes (DS + ROG fully done)
  • Custom voice!
  • Mod support (She can automatically use modded swords to cast, so long as they have the word "Sword" in the name!)
  • If you have a special modded weapon you'd like Flaire to be able to cast with, there are tags you can add to your weapon;
    - "spellbladeflaire_wepSword" for sword weapons
    - "spellbladeflaire_wepOther" for other weapon types
  • Spellcast hotkeys! Configure in mod settings


If you find any bugs, lemme know. I'll try to fix them!
Also, I do art things on Twitter, not necessarily DS related- but if anyone's interested: https://twitter.com/summerscorchin

What's New in Version 1.1.19   See changelog


Patch 1.1.19:
- Fixed an issue where Manaburst's AoE effect would damage allies such as Chester or Glommer
- Fixed an issue where Manaburst's AoE effect would destroy walls and fences
- Fixed a bug regarding the announcement string when a spell buff wore off.

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On 5/11/2022 at 12:44 AM, chvrry..bunny said:

it keeps crashing for me :<

Hi, my apologies for the late reply, I don't check the forums too often. If it's still happening, could you provide a crash log? I might be able to fix your issue ^^

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