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Please Clay, increase personal messenger space by 1000%, because we have to discuss all those nice suggestions!

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Dear Sir and Madam Clay,

our secret important inner circle (S.I.I.C), is running out of discussion space, please increase personal message storage space by 1000%, or some great ideas may get lost in binary data nirvana!


B.I.A. @babba@Madbro@anton_stezhkin@withers@mr peeps@Daxterr@Sasza22@TG pro@Calvin Valerian@mathmanican !!!!"§!!"12322143

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I love Nirwana by the way, best was "Smells like dupe spirit".

New 2nd dupe profession: Musician

Dupes can have a 2nd artistic job, in this idea 3 dupes can train to be musicians. A Band can be formed and they can relax by gathering on the Stage, playing as a music group. The player can also names this music group, as example "The great Dupistas".

Band + Flag poles ( where players can upload their own flagpole textures ) + the long wanted Signs

= Superb colony customization

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