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  1. I noticed this problem long time ago and I just remember about this battery problem in the game. At least some of ONI game copy owners is real electrician or know a little or more about battery. It is very strange to see how fully charged battery behave when connected to an empty newly built secondary battery. The only type of electricity used in real life power banks and industrial batteries is DC voltage and not AC voltage. DC voltage is used to charge battery while AC voltage is for industrial / household appliances converted via Transformer (in short Trafo). General rule of Direct Current is higher voltage always flow to lower voltage. Unlike in this video footage, Oxygen Not Included 2019.10.14 - or briefly in the picture below, which a fully charged battery will not fill an empty battery connected in a circuit. Which actually in real life it will; if anybody wants to build one. without manually charging it again via Manual Generator which is a strange behavior and by looking at the red & black alligator clip above the the battery I can tell it uses DC voltage to operate because the design mimics . CONCLUSION When: battery A has little or FULL juice in it, battery B is empty, both connected with wires, then: electricity must flow from battery A to battery B if both batteries Joule is equal, then stop electricity flow Voila~ Now understanding made simple!
  2. Generate new world, and suddenly Printing Pod is ENTOMBED

    Just checking again old posts, I want to confirm this bug is no longer exist in BUILD: LU-372041 without my awareness.
  3. Thought adding heat dispersal effect from the shower head would make more sense to the overall showering experience. I kinda like it that way since this game is still about science.
  4. Any Idea Why Now I Can't Plant Wort Seed in FLOWER POT?

    Thanks everyone I thought at first it might be a bug from last update since I just got back playing this game again for awhile.
  5. Showers are still 27.8 °C while using approximately 52 °C water temperature.
  6. This creates an illusion pretending there's airflow between this two tiles. I'm sure my little sister will assume that too if she would've seen that. My little sister likes to play ONI just like me and she's 15 years old
  7. Ah... so that's how priorities work. I have one more question do you know what does Enable Proximity do?
  8. Makes sense or makes no sense? Somewhat makes sense but without showing tears would be much better. I'll leave this to the devs to decide. Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.23 -
  9. Crash to Desktop on Save Game

    There's nothing in your save game. I never had a crash to desktop issue for the entire time I play ONI. I'm very sure your problem is driver related issue. When the developer team had done a great job at the core component of the game itself but your hardware driver is faulty; There's nothing to fix with the game itself. You will need to manually update your computer drivers. This website will help you: I had all my hardware drivers updated since my first install of Windows 10 (64-bit) and I had never experience any single CTD with ONI. I will say the developer team had done a great job. Everything went smoothly for me. Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.22 -
  10. Unfortunately I can only upload the save file just after Nisbet's death. So what happened was she was at Fire Pole just about to get Manual Airlock to open but she was knocked out from Heatstroke. She fell to the bottom of boiling hot water reservoir and stuck doing Climb Pole animation continuously until she died. (see video) Tried to assign her to TRIAGE COT but still no luck, she's stuck there forever. After her death, she's still assigned for TRIAGE COT?! (check my save file, bug persist after load game) Also Nisbet is still assigned in her COT after she died and I have to manually assign somebody else to use her COT or it will stay Nisbet's Cot forever. Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.22 - Dorky Burrow.sav
  11. Travaldo and Camile were both scalded and I cannot believe what I am seeing in the Med Bay (Hospital). Holding a Bandage would make more sense lol Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.22 -
  12. Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.22 -
  13. My dupes were currently constructing a Jumbo Battery. But when my base battery capacity falls to 30% as set in the Manual Generator, dupes will ignore the other 1 Jumbo Battery I assigned them to build they instead will run towards Manual Generators to pump back the batteries to full charge. I want a Tool Icon just disable Manual Generators so that they can finish constructing the other 1 Jumbo Battery. Because charging 1 empty battery just after fully charging the other 5 batteries is a pain in the ass. Desktop 2019.08.21 -
  14. I notice strange thing happen when a duplicant walking pass a dead duplicant at Manual Airlock. The dead body flies the drop to ground. I uploaded the video & save file. Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.06 - The Swanky Dimension.sav