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  1. I did components upgrades to see if this method will increase my FPS when rendering map with a large base. I was still trying to figure out what went wrong and who did that. What CPU you might think suitable for me? I've once reached 100% CPU usage with older CPUs and with every CPU upgrades the more and more harder to find one, but... doesn't mean low CPU usage is bad; if I can get the FPS I deserve (76Hz) for how expensive I bought my IPS LCD monitor for; like 50% CPU usage and 99% GPU usage, THAT IS PERFECT. Why? Because I've been tinkering around with computer parts to see how video games perform in older & newer computer hardwares. But in my case I'm seeing: 44% Utilisation of CPU 23% Utilisation 2.1/6.0GB of Dedicated GPU Memory used (GTX 1060 6GB) 33-44 FPS while fully zoomed out (cycle 1933) I definitely know there's something wrong going on. So what happen to the CPU? Why the CPU doesn't wanna tell the GPU to generate more fps while there's still a fat 4.9GB of unused Dedicated GPU Memory.
  2. Bug confirmed. Took me 32 seconds for the game to crash.
  3. Continuation from my another bug report Please take note the power grid connected to my PSU is 229V AC which isn't the same as in US/Canada because I'm from Indonesia. And 229VAC is nearly 2x more powerful than 120VAC and and that level is all my gaming rig components work on daily basis. Now let's take a look at how Oxygen Not Included utilize resources via Task Manager I see the game occupies more spaces in RAM memory with 12GB RAM installed. There wasn't much work on CPU either. 0%-1% use of my disk (C:) which is an SSD where ONI was installed. (I don't know how everything works when a save file is being loaded. But if possible can you make speedier load of save file? Since I didn't see anything going on in SSD side, and there was still more CPU resources untouched) By referring from this... The first few seconds after I unpause the game, right after the base was fully loaded there was minimal FPS increase by using 12GB of RAM than 8GB. 8GB of RAM: 37 FPS 12GB of RAM: 43 FPS There is definitely an improvement but not to an extent of a fully playable large base. Who knows you might need these information for future use. You now have the information of how well this fun game your team created perform in the opposite side of this planet and I'm supporting your work and I want this game become what it deserves to be.
  4. I know this is minor thing but should dupes gasp air while out of water or gasp while half the mouth covered by water? I thought this was a bit weird so I just wanna know if this is normal thing or a bug?
  5. Monitor resolution: 1920 x 1080 I use RivaTuner Statistics Server to limit all my games to not use more than my monitor's Hz can push. (tool to countermeasure overpaying electricity bill)
  6. @SharraShimada would you allow me to know a little bit more about you. Are you belong to KLei the team who made Oxygen Not Included? Based from your answer you seem belong to KLei, even @klei.ruby approved your answer. Since your profile doesn't have Developer status this's the reason for me asking you.
  7. oh the good old Windows OS, nothing could go wrong with you. O mighty Windows OS please cleanse Steve Job's sin for tempting these innocent people to taste the forbidden Apple. For they do not know the future they behold.
  8. For additional information, here's the comparison of how my GPU performs between 2 other games: OXYGEN NOT INCLUDED DEAD BY DAYLIGHT DESTINY 2 LAST YEAR AFTERDARK
  9. My previous processor was i5 2500 with 4 cores and 4 threads. Now is i7 3770 with 4 cores and 8 threads. I loaded someone else's save game with 1933 cycle to see how everything goes with ONI performance right after the upgrade. From this upgrade I expected significant FPS increase. But that didn't go as planned. I have Windows 10 x64-bit updated to latest version All drivers were up-to-date Latest NVIDIA GeForce driver installed While camera is zoomed out: While camera is zoomed in: There is got to be a way to unlock this game engine's full potential. Come on devs there's gotta be a way to unleash this beast.
  10. @Ipsquiggle yeah it kinda didn't match my expectation. Maybe I lack understanding of how Auto Bottling was meant to work. But I see dupes will start clearing out those water gallons as soon as I turn on Auto Bottling without to manually sweep everything. Simplest yet easiest solution for me, until... I saw everyone starts emptying out my tiny water reservoir. I'm glad so this isn't really a bug. It's just a matter of gameplay preference. Maybe you understand me now it's just how I like to play the game.
  11. @Gwido I understand your point. But as electrician myself when I see there's a battery + black & red alligator clips clipped on the battery, and found out that it isn't actually behave as DC current, I'm blown. I could've ignored this minor problem and play ONI as usual but, after some time this thought of not reporting what should've been reported came back again and again. Two batteries, one is FULLY CHARGED and the other one is EMPTY; if I see them WIRED TOGETHER but the output isn't: FULLY CHARGED WILL >> TRANSFER IMMEDIATELY TO >> LOWER VOLTAGE This is complete error because that's really the basic standard of how battery just meant to work since it was discovered. And because of how batteries were designed in the game, every time I've just fully recharged several batteries, then build several more, my duplicants will run back again to Manual Generators to pump again from 0%. While the previous batteries remains 100% Oxygen Not Included 2019.10.14 -
  12. @SharraShimada yes dear that is true. @Everyone Has anybody else aware of this issue with fully charged battery won't fill up an empty battery connected in a circuit? or is it only me and all of you guys just 100% pure gamer? By "pure gamer" I mean you just play ONI, finds ONI very cute, constructing things here and there, connecting pipes here and there without realizing the Battery model in the game is Direct Current (DC) standard wiring. I can see there has never been a report like this one so I assume most of you guys are pure gamer. Don't worry, as gamer you may do whatever is best for you. And as electrician, I do what I got to do.
  13. I noticed this problem long time ago and I just remember about this battery problem in the game. At least some of ONI game copy owners is real electrician or know a little or more about battery. It is very strange to see how fully charged battery behave when connected to an empty newly built secondary battery. The only type of electricity used in real life power banks and industrial grade batteries is DC voltage and not AC voltage. DC voltage is used to charge battery while AC voltage is for industrial / household appliances converted via Transformer (in short Trafo). General rule of Direct Current is higher voltage always flow to lower voltage. Unlike in this video footage, Oxygen Not Included 2019.10.14 - or briefly in the picture below, which a fully charged battery will not fill an empty battery connected in a circuit. Which actually in real life it will; if anybody wants to build one. By looking at the red & black alligator clip above the battery I can tell it uses DC voltage to operate because of its design & color. CONCLUSION When: battery A has little or FULL juice in it, battery B is empty, both connected with wires, then: electricity must flow from battery A to battery B if both batteries Joule is equal, then stop electricity flow Voila~ Now understanding made simple!
  14. Just checking again old posts, I want to confirm this bug is no longer exist in BUILD: LU-372041 without my awareness.