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  1. Monoxide Memes

    Finally Meep has some contribution.
  2. Monoxide Memes

    Dude? I can speak English. (though I’m neither ethnic American nor English) But thanks. I know it can somehow be quite hard to understand, those mathmatical stuff.
  3. Monoxide Memes

    I want to ask does it count as a meme: In case a idiot ask you questions:
  4. Because of this image, this inspired me something: Could be useful.
  5. I’d say it’s laid by the bug and it’s falling from height.
  6. Based on the theory of sprites, probably not. However, this depends on programming.
  7. That thing you call a torture chamber can be actually the new pharma chamber. Requires those medics to operate. Finally we have something better than the sucky hydrofan. OH YES CONVEYOR STUFF. FINALLY THEY WILL ADD A ITEM DROPPER. JOB ICONS! I love this idea.
  8. So far I don’t see multitool sprites...... (•ω•) I really love their design.
  9. Monoxide Memes

    No. of Devie Mae in this meme = 2^∞ = Infinity ≠ ( Infinite Meeps = Grand Asteroid Destruction)
  10. Oh that inspired me about a chocolate rock planet idea XD Chocolate rocks that are really edible?
  11. It does mean - Morale is added into the game (?)
  12. You can treat almost rotten food by just ‘compost’ it and then cancel the compost command. And BAM. The food is fresh again without wasting. (Sorry I have poor English expression skills)