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  1. I really hate the steam turbine in the game, caz it requires too much and it actually a net waste of power if you are doing it totally by machines (not heating up using magma and volcanos and not cooling down using ATEN and (lots of) wheezworts) And something nonsense inside the game. You can propel a huge rocket without very hot steam, however you have to use d*mn lots hotter steam to push the steam turbine. DOES IT EVEN MAKE SENSE? Even I can’t find a suitable setup for steam power. The steam turbine is strange. So if you can have nuclear power (either nuclear fissioning or fusioning) it’s okay for the heating part without expensive aquatuner heaters or volcanos. For the steam re-heating with mininum energy loss part it is the real trouble... (XωX) R.I.P. And the pressure problem, I have to dig a huge room above turbine to reduce pressure rise as much as possible; while I have to install many pumps for draining cold steam.
  2. I know, but THAT THING IS VERY MESSY TO ME. Unless, the door access control allow you to filter some dupes for easier view. For examples: Job (as I mentioned) Name (When you have two identical dupes) Print time (from the most recent to the eldest)
  3. Actually the slime diffuser is more the less, useless. A few more steps can give you (at least breathable) oxygen that are safe to breathe. However a polluted water electrolyser could be reasonable, cause in real life, you can’t electrolyze pure water unless something ionic (salts or acids or bases) is dissolves inside. And polluted water probably have those stuff inside. However if you are electrolyzing polluted water, it should deposit something that you’ll need to clean its electrodes regularly. Probably polluted dirt. Well, I also wish algae is a cultivable stuff, and not rely on puft sh*ts. BTW I also have an idea about a decarbonlizer. It eliminates carbon in CO2, producing both O2 and refined carbon. With strong heat production as disadvantage. Agree. That would make regolith better than now. In most cases I just want some dupe to build a incinerator to burn it all or trying to feed them to the moles as much as possible to trash them. But if regolith processing is true, then I’ll probably keep them. Besides, I also know there’s something awesome called Helium-3. A isotope for nuclear fusioning (not fizzioning), strong and safe energy source, with a trace amount of usable metals.
  4. I really need the sh*t job filter function on the checkpoints. Surely you don’t want some dupes wandering in the wrong room with a wrong job that your base efficiency can be affected. Oh by the way, that can actually be a duplicant bypass counter. Genious, dude!
  5. Aquatic Plants

    humm. seaweeds. That reminds me... ALGAE.
  6. O.M.G. Awesome. (oωo) Perfect to have more fishes. I actually want to build an aquarium.
  7. That sounds like better, and more reasonable. However I also wondered whether the chlorine consumption is for balance of the game.
  8. Mop bot

    I would make this bot wired instead of flying around. Otgerwise, like autominers, but this time, it is equipped with the water pumping multitool. But a mopping bot would be better. Somebody have those bots at home: Probably that means, LESS FPS MORE LAGGY
  9. Monoxide Memes

    No. of Devie Mae in this meme = 2^∞ = Infinity ≠ ( Infinite Meeps = Grand Asteroid Destruction)
  10. Cycle 2 - Pitcher pump dumbness. This episode is actually focus on in-game nonsense stuff. And the most nonsense one? I think the existance of pitcher pump. "When you can use a modern, reasonable way and you have high-techs, why you have to fetch water like in the stone age?" - Madbro That’s the reason. (PS. that Wps (water per second) is exaggerated)
  11. YES. That hatch is exactly the hatch munching mush bars at the food stockpile in the comic. And that’s where Mushface falls and get his face stuck inside a mush bar. At least, that does not cause suffocation? And he earned a pet doing absolutely nothing. (Just because of the mush bar stuck on his face)
  12. 1. Optional pop-up window. 2. Notify players at notification bar. 3. Optional notification bar colour (Normal, Blue info, Red)
  13. As long as the consumption is small enough. Like scrubbers. But actually that "reservior sterilization" is not really a exploit.