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  1. Looking for modding partner

    #GeyserPump #LargePipes #NeutroniumMiner #MineralCompactor #AntiMeteorLazer #Trees&Forestry #SpaceInvasion These are my ideas. So far actually I already have lots. Sadly I know nothing ’bout coding and scripts. I only write Theotown JSON plugin scripts. (If you don’t know wut is Theotown, check them in appstores)
  2. Monoxide Memes

    Finally Meep has some contribution.
  3. Monoxide Memes

    Dude? I can speak English. (though I’m neither ethnic American nor English) But thanks. I know it can somehow be quite hard to understand, those mathmatical stuff.
  4. Agree that we probably need to ‘shed some light’ on this problem.
  5. Commutes are unavoidable unless you managed to make long-distance logistics semi-auto. So +1 for this. However sometimes this can be useful, as this is related to productivity of the base. So my point is, it need a new formula for defining long commutes.
  6. I use them only for space construction jobs... So for me it won’t need a lot. Do you give all duplicants jetsuits?That may be the problem.
  7. Exactly the expected productivity for plumbed geysers. That’s more reasonable for volcano expolition, as volcanos, are larger than ordinery geysers and my pumps may not be compatible for them especially volcanos are very hot. Nice idea. It might get the case a bit complicated...
  8. Monoxide Memes

    I want to ask does it count as a meme: In case a idiot ask you questions:
  9. Hello guys! (•ω•) Before you read: So this is my concept art for geyser pumps. My geyser pump is actually based on the oil well. Geyser pumps allows you to extract resources from geysers at a faster rate and you can directly (and safely) transport them into pipeline systems. However, to build a pump on the geyser (oil reservior not included.), the geyser must be investigated by scientists first. This is to avoid overusing the pumps at too early stage. A geyser pump has ‘+300°C overheat temperature’ property. However if you want to increase the limit, you have to use heat-resistant materials. With an exception. Materials to build a geyser pump including 1000Kg generic buildable and 500Kg refined metal. Geyser pump, like oil rigs do, it also has a pressure limit, counted by the accumulated resource stored in the pump facility. Overflown of resources will just simply dump into the surroundings, instead of direct damage and explosion (but possible to cause damage to the surroudings if the material is very hot, for example, magma.) Also, it requires electricity to run - 240W power consumption. So that’s all about the geyser pump. Please comment! (•ω•)/ P.S. I would like to see how it can be improved. Feedbacks please!
  10. Because of this image, this inspired me something: Could be useful.
  11. Hello guys! (•ω•) Though that’s not very neccessary, but it’s just some visual effects. Overheating buildings will glow red to indicate it’s too hot. Also I hope that hot minerals also glow red when reached a certain temperature. Such as over 300°C.
  12. I’d say it’s laid by the bug and it’s falling from height.
  13. Based on the theory of sprites, probably not. However, this depends on programming.
  14. That thing you call a torture chamber can be actually the new pharma chamber. Requires those medics to operate. Finally we have something better than the sucky hydrofan. OH YES CONVEYOR STUFF. FINALLY THEY WILL ADD A ITEM DROPPER. JOB ICONS! I love this idea.