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  1. I agree. What I say is that for every X amount of points in added to their skills. you also have to subtract others from other places or add a negative effect or something. Just so you aren't able to make PERFECT dupes, but still customise them
  2. Trust me, I would want this more than anything. Sadly, im not sure if thats possible due to... you know... restrictions but what do I know, im no developer
  3. I see your point, and yes, I will admit im a little bit biased, as I too am one that wants it fixed. But, I dont see how my wording would change the outcome. If someone believes, either way, they would choose their side.
  4. Sure, but its better than nothing
  5. *ahem* How is my data "biased? Sure, I want it changed but I just asked what others thought. Thats not biased, thats a poll saying what people want
  6. OMGMYGOSH FINALY GATES!!!!!!! I am so happy.
  7. heatsinks

    eh separating splitting same thing (I know its not but the point stands)
  8. heatsinks

    But, it seems like technologies in this game are complex enough for something like this to be plausible, such as the electrolyzer, which is literally splitting atoms. That sounds complicated enough for infrared to be in the realm of possibility
  9. ohmygosh I'm sorry I didn't know. I just thought it was you writing really fast XD
  10. I mean seriously; Wilson: it's only carrying a couple diseases Willow: flying rats Wendy: A wretched creature WX: FLYING INFECTIOUS GERM MACHINE Woodie: Horrible vermin Maxwell: Filthy Warbucks: Blasted pests! I mean... cmon... I sorta like pigeons, and they, contrary to popular belief, do not carry many diseases if any.
  11. @Madbro yes but this is also a game where they start crying when they get a bit stressed out XD. And @Vincie in ds, there's no/very very little blood in it, sure some... distasteful things but not full on amputations!!
  12. Holy Jesus and the 3 wise men, this is amazing. You draw so well! Also, I've always really wanted some sort of harder icy world. This stuff is awesome! (Also, the whole... cutting limbs off thing is uh... a little... extreme for a Klei game.)