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  1. I see your point, and yes, I will admit im a little bit biased, as I too am one that wants it fixed. But, I dont see how my wording would change the outcome. If someone believes, either way, they would choose their side.
  2. Sure, but its better than nothing
  3. *ahem* How is my data "biased? Sure, I want it changed but I just asked what others thought. Thats not biased, thats a poll saying what people want
  4. I see your point, but shouldn't there be a more... realistic way of doing it? I don't have any ideas, but you know... just something else that makes more sense.
  5. It's not something I consider best, it's simply realistic. As far as most other systems go, they are based on realism. When I put 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) pwater into a sieve, there is no way you could possibly tell me that it's realistic for it to come out at 90 degrees. It's an old placeholder system that hasn't been updated yet. Sure, for some machines it's convenient, but it's broken and unrealistic. It is most definitely bugged, mate. Or, maybe not bugged, but broken
  6. Im aware, but its definitely something that needs to be fixed
  7. I strongly disagree- its unrealistic and most of my ideas are ruined by its heat problem
  8. gnarly, cool, finally, wonderful; are there plans to remove the constant temp outputs from water sieves and the likes?
  9. Really, its just whenever I enter the mist, the game freezes up and crashes.
  10. So, at day 13 my game crashed, and, according to the log, I believe it to be caused by the glowfly cocoons not loading for some reason. Here is my log: log.txt
  11. Not really sure, but are Thunderbirds suppost to be pink? I dunno just looks a biiiiit strange
  12. ohmygosh same here! On cycle 7, right when I get basic power research, my game crashes!
  13. YES!!! I've been wanting this for ages! But. One thing, will you be ever adding some sort of natural disaster type things? I've been wanting them for ages. Its part of a post a made a few days ago for more details. Polishing is something I've wanted for ages, but regardless, I've been wanting something to make the game more unpredictable for ages.
  14. Not much to say here, but the dupes do not have faces. No clue what caused this, but... yeah