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The Little Things

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I'm sure this has done before, but I got about a day left to kill before the Forge beta comes out, so... I've been thinking there's a lot of cool designs that the devs put into DS and DST that I feel are often overlooked. They don't need to be there, but they are, or we just take them for granted. And with all the hard work with pumping out these events and doing their best on keeping us updated, I feel like we owe the devs some gratitude.

One of the things that I found really cool in Don't Starve was the variety of dishes that can be made with a crockpot, people don't really bother to make a lot of these it seems. Just dragonpies and meatballs, but still I like that they're there for new players to explore, to make if you feel like, or just appreciate how cutely drawn they are. Another thing I really like are all the examination quotes the survivors have; like Wilson's dad-style jokes, subtle references, or development on characters and their backgrounds.

Anyways, what do you guys like in DST that you feel doesn't get enough credit?

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Oh man, sometimes it feels like the attention to detail bring the game to the next level. Like you said, the examination quotes. Half the time they're totally unhelpful puns. I agree with you respecting the recipes as well-- "Fistful of Jam" is a thing you can make, along with Monster Lasagna and Froggle Bunwich.

There's this flavour of weirdness and non-seriousness to the whole thing that I just adore. The hambat is a thing you can make. Beard growth is a mechanic. It's even there in the music to some extent.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Don't Starve is really frickin' charming.

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Dude, froggle bunwiches literally saved my (character's) life back when I was first learning to play Wigfrid.  Spring start + character who can only eat meat + OMG THE RABBITS ARE ALL GONE!  WHY ARE THE RABBITS ALL GONE?! = I had to find other sources of (good) meat _fast_.  And as soon as I realised frogs could not only be jerky but make a sandwich that also kinda _healed_ you, my (spring-start, Wigfrid) runs stopped being only a few days long.  I also figured out the recipe for both the bunwich and fishsticks on my own and I rarely do that, so I'm kinda proud of it.  :)

I have always appreciated ALL the detail, the "little things", that go into Don't Starve.  It was, of course, the Tim-Burton-esque cartoony art style that first caught my eye, but then the gameplay style/pacing/feel that made me want to actually play it for myself...and then all the adorable quirky weirdness that KEPT me as a fan for all this time.  (Well, "all this time" going back to like February 2016; I'm not a, like, _beta_ player). 

First of all, just the fact that the characters HAVE all these different individual things they say for _every single item_ and _every single event_...and then every single item after it's CHANGED somehow.  (grown, burned, burned by a specific other character...)  That not only gives the game more flavour but also is a MAJOR source of how we figure out each character's actual personality.   Then on top of that we add in the fact that a lot of these quotes contain references and/or doofy humour... They even put in details like how some of Wendy and Maxwell's quotes kinda sound like each other...and then we have the William Carter puzzles.

Then the weird mechanics, and how even the most annoying or creepiest creatures can be a little bit cute, and I'm personally in love with the catcoons and the goofy-looking ways things often grow back (especially the regular cactus, the round ones.  Have you seen that?  They go (boomp!) and like.._re-flate_ from the ground up!  XD)  The grass tufts go (flllooooop!) back into long strands, etc.  Even the parts of the game I dread, like Deerclops, give you an _interesting_ problem to work around, rather than a boring one.

Heck, they even thought of making sure all the music, the characters' original outfits, and even _the art style of the map_ is consistent to the time period.  How can you NOT love that?  :D


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The noises Fugu Hutch makes as he borbbles along behind, the tongue waggle of the slurper, the examination quotes, Glommer's bounce, the noise of the cooking crockpot, the Seal, all the critter animations, all of the gorgeous food art, the music, the sheer expanse of skins and emotes there are, the looming existential dread you can see in the characters' eyes, Crabbit sounds, Chester. 
If I don't stop now I'll end up listing just about everything in a giant pukagraph. 

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