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  1. My cos makeup as wig(..or sort of, actually I've only went out with that freckling face once
  2. best wig fanart everseen (✧◡✧) love ya! that's aaaaawesome! cute!! ( wx is like "???? face" and wicker like "ok fine whatever" hhhhhhhhhhhhh mom i'm in love(/▽\)
  3. Voila another noob driven psychopath by sorting ten thousand ps brushes .. just feed it to the Klaus, ne~xt .
  4. hhhhh of course not~ I'm so glag u like them(/▽\) hhhhhhhhhhh thanks(/▽\)
  5. QAQ I was never good at things like perspective and composition so this time i just turn to maya for reference cause i'm desperate, hhhhhhhh ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_Just to get a rough idea of how things are supposed to go then I can focus and besides I got the ground under the gateway wrong so I don't think this could make material for tutorials XD
  6. _(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_FINALLY AT learns how to paint colors in ps
  7. _(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_Well as mentioned before I didn't use to do much painting of my own (i painted a lot, yet being too dependent on referring objects makes me constant and lazy), but now i'm going through the phase stepping out of my comfort zone and struggling on designing on my own QAQ tbh i'm surprised I even finished it. QAQ I didn't do the snortoises as in the sketching, i just, can't_(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_ all those extreme lightings and perspective are way more than i can handle on my own QAQ Yep not what i expected but still I love how it comes out in the end And I've always been Soooooooo in love with Wig btw XD
  8. Welp, same day same old never-to-be-finished sketchings of AT _(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_ Ah not this time, i'm gonna finish it by the end of tomorrow and that's a flag¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yep good night folks (well it's like middle of the night here so whatever
  9. Region: China Don't know if it counts as a "bug" but it's almost everywhere (I've also seen it in some video uploader's content) and I don't know where else I can report it. Now I can't even play one single role normally QAQ
  10. (/▽\)thanks~ But to be honest i myself am still struggling on things like color & structure & blabla_(┐ ◟ᐕ)¬_ (i had always been too dependent on photographs and all those realistic styles, now it's painful to get off my comfort zone QAQ) The Palette Knife brushes are absolutely AWSOME though(✧◡✧) the texture really is amazing BTW love your portrait, it's so dramatically cool(☆゚∀゚)╯
  11. Well we're preparing for an exhibition of our major and i thought of this "not-befitting-a-warrior rejection-face" immediately Pronounciation of our major kinda sounds like "Raspberry" in Chinese (and that's how we usually call it~) so the designs are almost all raspberry related Copied the Wathgrithr straightly from the in-game screenshot and designed those two lil' angles on the right (forgot Abigail_(:3J∠)_ sorry). Right now i don't have much time but i'll try and figure out what to do with the viking's superduper-severely-drama face of rejection, hopefully_(:3J∠)_ (the Chinese says "two kids from the next-door server come visiting")
  12. I figured out how to use those palette-knife brushes days ago and man they're amazing ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_and I have no idea who that artist is... I'm a Chinese and have just got to this forum not long after the hamlet-signing thing (/▽\)
  13. They're for school works used as background (though im still trying to figure out what to do with those bluescreen footages∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ It's actually the first time i ever do some not-totally-copying stuff about this game∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
  14. I encountered this too when leaving a hat shop in the room (which also count a bug cause u're not supposed to craft a house inside a house am i right?)
  15. It's after eating a tuber on the ground&hide, and when it moved again to pick up another tuber the graphic just disappeared. It's like the poisoned-yet-going-to-get-food status got sth wrong