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Why Is DST & DS Pigs Racist To Webber? [Humor ]

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Today, I joined a random person sever. We both picked webber. We started gathering and ect. Then we came across the pigs king ( the village I guess ). All of a sudden, the crazy pigs started chasing us. I could clearly hear the pigs call me and my randomly friend a nickle . I even forgave the pigs and tried to feed it food but it still tired to kill me. Can anyone know why the pigs are racist to webber just because hes black while other character isnt and the pigs treat them well. I need some explaining.

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3 hours ago, YumoS said:

Because spiders tend to bite a portion of their butt off :D

One pig out of four to be precise.

2 hours ago, Szczuku said:

OMG I've just noticed that B and R in "Webber" are covered in web...

I feel so dumb right now...

I don't get. Enlighten my own dumbness plz

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