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As soon as the update releases...

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I have my teleporter ready, so if I need to generate a new world for some of the new features, I easily can. Otherwise, I don't really plan on doing anything special. I'll just continue playing like normal and experience the new changes as I encounter them.

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I am going to dig a hole in my lawn

and sit in it

and pretend i am a carrot

when i read this i was thinking, where is the orange paint? YOU CAN'T BE A CARROT WITH OUT ORANGE PAINT!!

lol jk. but now i sort of want to do this. with orange paint. tasty. i eat orange paint for a living

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Maybe it's just me but isn't jokes supposed to be funny?

Maybe this will be better.Phone: "Suicide help line, how may I help you?"Me: "I AM GOING TO HARVEST 5 BEE HIVES AND RUN THROUGH A HERD OF HEATED BEEFALO WHILE AGGROING SEVERAL TIER 3 NESTS AND SEVERAL SPIDER QUEENS IN ORDER TO BE A MIME!"Phone: "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh...."
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