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  1. how would i go about the skeletons giving bone shards with out removing this mod
  2. can't remember if i've asked for this already but could you add burn times for things that burn thanks
  3. in this clip you are played by alice cooper many many thanks catta the knut
  4. gold and the paper thing made from reeds, its in the third tab not sure what tier it is
  5. still loving the new map but as usual i'm asking for things(lots of things) a. could you add the pig/merm heads on a stick b. could you make the walls appear behind things like trees do as at the moment they cover eveything up c. could you replace the pig houses with your old ones cos they were so much better d. could you make the boon skeletons show up as well e. this is a big one so feel free to take your time or just ignore could you make all the tools/weapons/amulets/clothes show up i had f,g and h but i can't remember them at the moment but don't worry i'll post them when i remember them
  6. last update i had him spawn three nights in a row killed him each time and kept the 3 eyeballs in a chest
  7. i've been using chests to hold live rabbits for winterthey are still alive so they won't spoil(i hope)
  8. put the mouse down and walk slowly away from the keyboard its going to be all ok
  9. so last night winter fell so i saved my game and went to bedthis morning i started to play (Day 14 world 1) i've got all the island outline shown and no base as i've yet to find a beefalow herd i'm starting running low on food and i see a pig now last night i killed a werepig just like normal wack him walk away as he lands then wack him again after he takes a swing at me R&Rive read that pigs are agrro during winter so i approach slowly ready to leg it in case he comes for me, he just stands there. i offer him some monster meat, he takes it.its all good so i give him three more then smack him one as he turns then dodge as he hits backthen he runs off, thinking he must be going for some seed or something i give chasebut no he turns and hits me then runs off again and i can't touch him so i run away straight into a bunch of spiders webs and slowed down i'm piggy food so before i ragequit the game for the hundredth time swearing never to play again only to start it up within 6 hours timehow do/can you kill a were pig now by yourself?
  10. don't know if this helps you guys but i play steam in windowed mode and my pointer is set to windows inverted(system scheme)in the mouse properties this way when the pointer is over something black its white, when over something white its black and so on (for some reason while on pink it goes greenworks ingame the only problem i have is sometimes i click the edge of the window and it makes it go full screen and the game can't handle the change as you have to press the map bit to pause the game(when the game has jumped to full screen)edit: just noticed i'm no longer a junior, now i'm like all grown up! must act all grown up erm...sod it i'm off to ask for multilayer
  11. when it can make the game give me a little island-ish bit of land that has only one way in and is near to the centre of the map then its geniusnow i'm going to have to have an unsafe base again
  12. because we need achievements to brag about something? somethings are worth bragging about and if i ever get to stay alive for more than a year the counter will be my avatar
  13. the thing is i like achievement but only if they mean something never saw the point of "you've got to a point in the game have an achievement"in this game they could sort of work as a tutorial as in give an achievement for all the firsts first time do something that way people would try everything at least once (i played at least a month without building a flute)but then there are the achievements that are achievementslived a year, killed X no. of things or lived a month on only berriesbut as has been said they are not going to happen