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  1. Dem Bones!

    how would i go about the skeletons giving bone shards with out removing this mod
  2. i still want them for steam
  3. can we get them for steam please?
  4. can't remember if i've asked for this already but could you add burn times for things that burn thanks
  5. Show us your camp!

    while this is not my first base its the only one i feel is worth showing first the alpha base or building HQ next the trophy/treasure room not much in it at the moment as most of the gold and jems are still needed for stuff next on the tour is the honey, berry, drumstick, morsel and leafy meat farm to the west of the manor house we have what i like to call the grinder which is where i farm the things other than food plants at the entrance we have the lumber yard and between hear and the main house we have the teleporting swamp of death if you notice to the top right you see the two doorways the plan for them is to surround the adventure door with pigs incase something comes out and i intend to build a better lab around the world door staffed with big bunnys no pig or bunny houses were harmed in the making of this town can't say the same for the bunnys or pigs though
  6. in this clip you are played by alice cooper many many thanks catta the knut
  7. Dem Bones!

    gold and the paper thing made from reeds, its in the third tab not sure what tier it is
  8. still loving the new map but as usual i'm asking for things(lots of things) a. could you add the pig/merm heads on a stick b. could you make the walls appear behind things like trees do as at the moment they cover eveything up c. could you replace the pig houses with your old ones cos they were so much better d. could you make the boon skeletons show up as well e. this is a big one so feel free to take your time or just ignore could you make all the tools/weapons/amulets/clothes show up i had f,g and h but i can't remember them at the moment but don't worry i'll post them when i remember them
  9. how to back up my save game

    ok after a bit of searching i found my save gamesthey are still in the documents folder even though i'm using steamshould i be concerned ?
  10. how to back up my save game

    as useful as ever :applause:any one else?
  11. so i want to back up my savegame , in a number of posts i've seen it said that if you go into where steam is installedC:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\10389473\219740 or in my case I:\steam\userdata\ as steam has its own harddrivebut i don't have a folder 10389473 i only have a folder 64110925and in that folder what am i doing wrong?
  12. maybe put the amount or % of item above the picture icon that way the white number would be on a darker background (the wooden frame bit)and the icon would be easier to see
  13. the old type of bush is still around still
  14. i like the new map stuff but also walking on webbing makes the spiders come out
  15. i'm fine with the queen spawn rate as it is although it would be nice if you could only get one at a time or reduce the amount of yellow spiders me with a tentacle, log suit and 21 pigs still lost to two queens and mostly yellow followers