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  1. Dude, that is awesome! Wilson and 300 Smallbirds vs. Spider queen.BIRDSTONIGHTWE DINEIN HELL!!!
  2. That Wes picture...I am at a loss for words, but it's good
  3. Guys?When Wilson tries jumping out of the hands at the end, When it pans out...There is a skeleton, chained to the wall, hanging there.Wilson is a torturer.
  4. Wilson's face is like saying: I hate all of you.
  5. Alright Wilson, Since you are a scientist, I have some questions to ask you. 1. If I eat myself, Do I double my own size, or do I dissapear completely? 2. If a baby is born deaf, what language does he think in? 3. If a blind man feels a basketball, what word does he feel? 4. Can one simply walk into mordor? 5. If a smallbird eats a smallbird egg that is about to hatch, Does it hatch? 6. About 5, If it does, that happens to the new bird?
  7. Can you draw a smallbird and tallbird chasing (And Killing, muhahahaha) Wilson?
  8. I really love this art, and I love the smallbird one, so cute!
  9. What will happen when I see them:YOU WILL DIE, AAAAAHHHHHHHH CHARGE!!!*5 seconds later*You have survived 35 days
  10. Hey look i have 100 posts. Yay.BUMPI want feedback guysDrawing requests or something
  11. Those are really cool, captures the art style of the game perfectly.