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  1. Hi! I haven't played Don't Starve since March of last year mainly because, well, this thread explains that. I do love the game. What changes have I missed out on that made combat more challenging?
  2. I never use walls, I feel they're too op for my play. But quick question, are stone walls still flammable?
  3. what is going OOON

    If there's a boulder in your path, what you gotta do? You gotta...push it along! lol.. (If you got that, you're def a hip-hop hed )
  4. Too Much, Too fast

    This is a good thing! Kevin & Klei are kickin butt!
  5. Adventure Mode Progress

    Made it to day 16, died from the cold.
  6. Monsters are still way too easy. After the latest update, werepigs now simply take longer to kill, just like the other mobs. If I drop some seeds, that werepig is toast. Everybody dies to tentacles, but they aren't harder to kill at all, they just take longer to kill. If you're wearing proper armor, have a tentacle spike/spear, monsters don't pose any threat - right now, I'm more scared of the winter than anything else.We seriously need a new mob that forces us out of our comfort zone. A ranged monster! Now there'll be a reason to craft a boomerang and carry it around with you at all times! And not one that only comes out once a year.
  7. Sirmentlegen's videos

    I love that, 1 hit and your football helm went from 100% to 79%. I wonder if deerclops hits that hard.
  8. I totally agree. It's like Don't Starve is this awesome dinner you're working on, you want to eat it, but it's missing something. It smells so good though!If the goal is to savor the taste for as long as possible, it's much more enjoyable, and fun, to eat delicious food, rather than just hold the food between our cheeks for as long as possible.
  9. You were working on making a more spider mod. What's so hard about it? They're just spiders.
  10. Thanks. Yea I was having fun with those warrior spiders. I'll fix it back to how it was for me game. Thanks Equil.
  11. Noooooo! I want the warrior spider back! Seriously! What other changes were made in the hotfix?Imma mod the game to unfix the hotfix
  12. Where's the warrior spider from the t1 dens?
  13. Oh this is not a bug, because on the map the roads are clearly indicated. Seriously. Check out the map on an old save, the roads will be pure black! So maybe that means roads will be visible on the map in a future update!!!
  14. ..........

    Wes is a ladies man!He's a great listener.