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  1. I guess that a 3DS can't handle a port? Sucks.... I have 0 motivations to buy a VITA.
  2. The Screecher

    Awesome mode! It seems there is only 1 ending >.<
  3. As long as they don't add "more numbers to look at" (example: spoiled food) sure!
  4. Post-Launch Roadmap

  5. Great Move Klei!Btw will be available on PS3 too?Also...should be aimed at handehelds too!! missing a good market there!
  6. Nerf rabbits...

    It seems I'm in BattleNet forums with all the people asking for nerfs here and there.
  7. I don't want to be rude but are you new to this?
  8. We're Live!

    Ill play DS this weekend, my last vacation weekend!
  9. I'll prob buy it once i get paid!
  10. That's the problem in all games where people that play all day get bored and want more and more challenge.Anyways, if this game want to be popular they should have a learning curve that isn't that hard. Right now the game is fine but every thread complaining about this or this is OP it really sucks.
  11. Don't Starve Roadmap

    Interesting info ^_^. I really love this game.
  12. New update is toooooooo hard.

    Anyone that says "cry baby" or something similar is simple an idiot. Just move on.Agreed with everything Multisensory said in page 5.
  13. Anyone have the Over/Under

    Devs shouldn't listen to the people that want the game extremely hard and the people that want the game too easy.
  14. A stadium so i can drop a couple of pigs so they could fight till dead!