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  1. Almost reminds me of how the science machine used to work way back. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of trying to implement leveling.
  2. I got my Chester today along with the blindbox, stickers, and buttons! Which is really great, I just never got the confirmation email.
  3. I thank you for having the patience to continually respond to us as we ask over and over again about our chesters, even while being fully aware that by Thursday this thread will be flooded b countless more posts asking why things haven't shipped. The one thing that I have continued to love about klei during my experience with it is how good they are at communicating with the community (that sounds kind of repetitive but oh well). I have no doubt that my package will be more than worth the wait. Thank you and your co-workers for making such a great company that I am very happy to support.
  4. I almost forget how many little things like this there are to miss.
  5. Your English is nothing to apologize for, and I am not sure but your assumption seems fairly reasonable.
  6. I wouldn't worry about it, I haven't received the email either so they are probably just shipping things as they go. But I don't know for sure. Edit: Nevermind I just got an email and the kickstarter update.
  7. I was just making the papercraft and thinking about getting the blind-box and the chester in the near future and thinking that there really isn't any tallbird merchandise out there and I was wondering if there is any chance of the tallbirds getting some love in the future.
  8. Thank you for imbuing me with excitement. Will this be another kickstarter? Any idea when we can expect more info about them? Or is that all up in the air at this point?
  9. Noooooooooo! Now I'll have to wrap up an IOU for a present. But oh well I'm sure the plushie and blindbox will be well worth the wait.
  10. Could the poison spider nests be outlined in green on the map? I think that would be helpful.
  11. They are going to be selling at least some of the plushies, but after all of the kickstarter stuff is taken care of.