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  1. Would prefer new singleplayer content at first thought, but I feel this will help the game quite a bit. Many are excited for it and I hope it ends up good, but Klei makes quality content and I trust them. That being said, some friends are excited so it would be fun to show them my base and army of crock pots and drying racks I totally didn't use to exploit the bug that made food not spoil in them before RoG
  2. Not something I expected or are hugely excited for, but we shall see how it goes. No need to go nuts about it being horrible or amazing with no real information.
  3. (Are you still accepting applicants? I read through it and am fairly interested, though I've not roleplayed in a long while. I know the title implies you are but it seems like you haven't had any for a while. If so I'll get to writing an app but don't expect anything amazing, like I said, I have not roleplayed in a while and would need to get used to it again.)
  4. Heh, thanks, I guess. Not really any relation to minecraft that caused me to do this (I don't even play it anymore) but I make textures for it as a hobby. Figured Don't Starve would fit nicely
  5. Hey all, I'd like you to know that I've progressed a good bit on all of the ones I've been working on, and you should expect to see them soon-ish
  6. Thanks, I think I've thought up a way to do it correctly, though.
  7. Yes, I could :)I'm working on an updated version of Wilson, but the hair is somewhat tough as I only have one layer above the main head to work with.
  8. Heya; I've made some... "Art", if it even qualifies as that, of Don't Starve. Almost all of it is/will be pixelated, as that's really how I draw stuff... My coordination isn't quite good enough to make slightly respectable drawings. Anyways, I'm going to primarily be doing Minecraft skins and/or Textures for blocks. Honestly, I don't play it all too much, but I enjoy making textures for it. At the moment, I don't have too many, but I'll go ahead and show them. If you'd like the actual textures for one, just ask me. Anyways, here are a few of the things I've done already. Kinda mediocre, but they're alright.Basic Wilson, lacks the fancy hair or the new shading I'm currently using:Wendy in a Top Hat, because top hats are cool.Wendy in a backpack.That's it for now, but I've got some stuff planned.PLANNED:Otto Von Chesterfield, Esq, Human VersionMaxwell/WaxwellUpdated Wilson.Feel free to leave suggestions. I'm willing to try almost anything "Don't Starve". I also do pixel art, but have just started, so don't expect anything good.
  9. Not zombies. Please not zombies. How about something more supernatural and fitting for the game, no offense meant. I mean, nice idea, but not zombies, they just don't really fit in.
  10. That's amazing. I'd love to see Otto Von Chesterfield, Esq.
  11. Hello. I like to write. The Story of the Title's Font Being on Size 6 and Also Being Rather Long. Wendy grimly crept across the hallway to check on her twin sister, Abigail, who had developed a mysterious and seemingly fatal sickness. Wendy looked her in the eyes, and could see the very life draining from her face, and felt despair overwhelming. Abigail looked back consolingly, knowing the grief Wendy would be going through. She thought of how this all started, and whether it would even be worth it... "Say, pal, you don't look so good... Do you need any help?" Abigail looked up at her radio, amazed that it was speaking. "...Hello?" "Hello, friend! I can see that you want to protect your sister, and I can help!" Abigail, slightly disturbed he seemed to know of the incident, knew that there was no possible way Wendy would recover without proper care and attention, and knew this may be her only hope of taking care of Wendy and balancing her own life. "Well... if you think you're prepared..." the strange radio said. "Yes, I believe I am." Abigail replied, somewhat nervously. How could someone help her this easily? Suddenly, out of the radio streamed copious amounts of dark shadows, all flying around her at rapid speeds. Suddenly, she began feeling very ill, and screamed at the radio, "What have you done?!" "Allowed you to watch over her. Forever, and very soon." Suddenly, dark clouds rolled in and dark laughter could be heard. And that's it. For now. FYI the incident was how the parents of Wendy and Abigail mysteriously died after some strange pyromaniac whose name happens to begin with "W" committed arson and burned their house down. Wendy and Abigail were living at an orphanage in the story. But I'll evaluate on that later. Too lazy to finish it atm.