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[Game Update] - 239925

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  • Developer
  • Fixed bug where new Hallowed Nights content may not have spawned in for some old worlds.
  • Existing worlds that were saved with Forge item skins, will no longer crash on load.
  • Fixed Elegant Wendy’s Lureplant head icon to include just the head, and not the body.

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11 hours ago, PuffinBy said:

Offering Hallowed nights trinkets to pig king will give you candies and goldnuggets. Is that intended? I remember there were only candies last year.

He always gave gold and candy. I think the Halloween trinkets don’t get you much gold, though

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1 hour ago, ExtollerOfTrolls said:

I believe he also gives candy for normal trinkets (in addition to the normal gold), just not as much.

That's true, tho I'm not sure if he gives less candies as for halloween trinkets. But definitely not much.

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