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Coping with death


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No... I didn't just die. That spiketacle didn't appear when I was collecting reeds to make a pan flute and...




I mean, I had 4 mandrakes... four. Who's gonna take care of them now? Huh? The beefalos? They poop on their sleep...

...Poop. While sleeping.


Ok, it was MY fault after all. What was I doing on the swamps without armor? Although I tried cancelling the action clicking elsewhere when I saw the spiketacle emerging but Wilson kept going. Either way, I had enough reeds already, it WAS my fault. Perhaps next time I should make an effigy before mapping the swamps. IF there is a next time...



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LMAO, i'm under "bargain"I was too greedy about getting gold for the science machine. I had soooooo much gold, about 2 full slots of 32 pieces... but I wouldn't stop there. I had to dig the other 8 rocks.... but then darkness came and, having used up all of my twigs on pickaxes, had no way of cutting down wood for a fire... and was devoured that night.The end.

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DANGIT!, that spiketacle broke my logsuit and nearly killed me, I better make a new one. Oh, I'm a couple of logs short... hey, there's a tree right there... in the swamp; how convenient. This isn't a bad idea at alLGH$LT%FGJ&C#K...

**** me.
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Day 34I have six farms now, a field of berry bushes, a wheat (grass) field, and a tree farm. I'm beginning to find myself with too much time on my hands. Aha! I know what I shall do!I think I'll make an effort to explore this island.I shall set off tomorrow at first light.Day 35Looking at my map, I seem to have made it 3/4 of the way around the shore of the island. I have found two plains where the Beefalo roam, but other than that I have seen nothing but seemingly endless forest.Time to build a campfire and sleep through the night, I'm exhausted.Day 36Oh look, a beehive. They seem rather tame, I think I'll move in for a closer look.....FJ#%)@YFIU@HOF)_!HFUISU*Dead*;_;RIP Wilson

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odd, I always managed to get along surprisingly well with the treeguards, I summons a few of them and sacrifice some pigs to deaggro them, and they spend the rest of my play time wandering around. also, if you make sure to pick up EVERYthing from a felled tree(logs, pinecones, stump) and periodically go on planting sprees, I can almost guarantee you that you won't see treeguards for extended periods of time, or maybe that's just me...EDIT: aw crap, I necro-posted... sorry everyone, just bury this thread again an it'll all be cool.

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