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  1. have you spotted the elephants yet, or have you already passed by great a'tuin?
  2. seriously? just learn to survive, even having wolfgang as your char won't do much if you don't learn how to fight http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?6890-Rodrigo-s-tutorials-and-techniques&highlight=tutorial here's some tutorials watch them, especially the one for mobs, and you should be fine
  3. seriously though, build a fire pit nearby and when dusk hits, the tallbirds head back to their nests and fall asleep. THIS is where you simple run up to them and using your move keys, PUSH them OFF the nest. Alternative, you can rotate to most attractive angle; the tallbirds don't actually cover the nest from all angles, so when you rotate the camera view, the nest will pop out on one or two angles. FROM THERE, click on the egg(just the egg!) to collect. As long as the tallbird does not actively SEE you take it's egg, it won't chase you to the end of the earth to kill you.
  4. ah, yes fair point I suppose it makes sense then to modify the steps for those who have yet to develop the necessary degree of appreciation
  5. As a fellow baconthusiast, I must point out that you missed the most important step.
  6. I use the steam version, and at any rate teemo set me stright just fine
  7. Quick question, when did they add this feature, as recently it was the first I had ever encountered it. Hounds were coming at night, so I rigged up a roll to fastrack to morning, and wilson said it was too dangerous to use, which was weird because I had done this a few times already during the spider queen update. Also, it had been quite a few days since I last played, sooo, I panicked and subsequently got eaten. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, I finally have up to wolgang unlocked, and i'll be starting to use effigies again, after a bit of testing just to make sure it doesn't crash on me like last time. THAT said, I kinna wanna try the new map gen, but I know it'll lose my current map, which I fairly like. Tried looking for details on how to preserve map data- I KNOW i've seen it before, but for the life of me, my attempts at searching the forums has come up inexplicably dry in that regard. can anyone help with that as well?
  8. yay! non-dairy eggnog(bourbon) for all!
  9. To add to this, use firepits too, that way, you can eliminate the need for wood for fires at least, because you can just dump a poop into the pit to light it. Though granted, a piece of rope appears to be the far most efficient fuel for fire. A single rope with go all the way from the beginning of dusk, to about midday the following day.
  10. yeah, as the good sir has commented, there is no need to delete; we can just invoke the power of the forum mods to graciously transport this thread to a happier place.
  11. I'm thinking this needs to be moved to trade, you might stand a better chance of getting a response there.
  12. Thanks for keeping the thread together!If you see krampus jump into his sack, you can be assured that THAT particular krampus will be gone until you trigger krampus attacks again. THAT said, depending on how many days along you are, there may be others that approach on the initial attack that could be about, though this won't start happening until after day 50-ish I think.
  13. to my knowledge, wendy's specialty is her tendencies to have sleepovers with her dead sister. I am not aware of any tendencies to craft/harvest any faster than the others.
  14. experience gain is exponential, living to day day 100 is worth more exp than living to day 10 on 10 separate runs. And, as the good sir pointed out, the difficulty curve is also.