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  1. Sorry if this is something that was obvious to everyone, but I've tried shift, option, control, etc. to "build" or "plant" a tree or wall, but every time I put it down it just drops the pinecone or hay stack onto the ground :(How do you do this now? It was different before and now im confused haha
  2. For some reason when I try to install the game on steam it says "DOn't starve is not available on your current platform" (I have a mac book pro version 10.8.1), so I just play on chrome. I was hesitating to start all over again from the beginning to get the december updates, but since I'm on day 262 I was a bit reluctant... Is there a way to get all the updates (tallbirds, bird cages, football helmets, spider queens, etc) without starting all over and making a new world? Just wondering, cus some people suggested I "download" them on my current game instead but I had no idea how. (
  3. Yeah thats what I wanted to do but i dont know how to update! ( I'm on the chrome version because when I go on steam it says dont starve isn't available on my platform! (mac book pro) O.o
  4. *Sniffle* Yes, Toaster Fu, I think the time has come. I shall go through the entire "Official Cooking Combos Thread" and make myself a gigantic buffet... and then I shall say goodbye to my dear Mr. Scruffles. And then leave for "another world." lol
  5. I never really understood how to go on the steam version actually I know how to get my steam key but then i dont know what to do with it...?
  6. hmmmgrrmm...mmwell ok. i guess ur right.... i will have my last feast tomorrow.... so sad :'( NOW TO THE UNKNOWN!!
  7. OMG THATS SO COOL!! It takes me 3 days to go from one end of my map to the other :PPP
  8. Hello guys, So, this is the story of my "life" (and of the dilemma). I live in a perfect little world that has taken me 262 days to make perfect. My tiny island is entirely self-sufficient. I've got 5 crates full of all possible food resources, a crate full of my collection of redbirds and crows, another of all the little things I find (hounds teeth, amulets, gold, buttons, etc.), a huge field of hay, and a beefalo named Mr. Scruffles At night, I sleep in the midst of a firefly show. Sometimes at dusk I cross the bridge to the safe marshlands (most tentacles were destroyed by my pig army in the days before the warepig update) to fish and gather weeds. My dog, Baskerville, guards the entrance to my island (as he runs forever towards the unattainable monster meat on the bridge). I have about 40 bushes which also means about 3 turkeys every 4 days. I'm never in need of anything, neither do I live in fear, because my wall of trees and bushes keep out the hounds. My days are leisurely and happy. AND YET.... I don't have the update of the daper vest, or the bird cage, or the tallbirds just because I refuse to start all over again after all this work!!! What should I do?? Eat all my resources like a grand buffet at a one-man party, free my birds, give all the carrots to the bunnies and kill myself? Sounds so grim... Please help me make a decision. ((((
  9. OMG THAT IS AWESOME!!! I will do that next time the hounds attack me. I have about 5 gobbler morsels floating in the ocean on my island! w00t.
  10. I wanted to put the volume up but clicked the wrong key on my keyboard and this appeared... How do i get rid of it??? :S
  11. I do! Me and my evil dog love the swamps. LOL jk xD
  12. Omg urs is so much prettier than mine!! I did that too with 26 fireflies but i still need to make a fire at night cus i realized that when one goes out i'm in total darkness unless I run around all night And how did u make that bird cage??