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  1. I have tried it before and I tried it just now. No other programs (including some idle ones) but Chrome, no other tabs other than Don't Starve... Same error. "Error: Module load error: NaCl module load failed: ServiceRuntime: command channel creation failed". I used to be able to run Don't Starve with a lot of other programs running at the same time, though. So I doubt that might have been the problem?
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Issue title Chrome giving me an error Steps to reproduce Staring up Don't Starve normally, from Google Chrome Describe your issue Now, I have been, for a few days now, getting the following error: "Error: Module load error: NaCl module load failed: ServiceRuntime: command channel creation failed" And I am not sure how to get over it. I am sorry for bothering with such silly things, but as I cannot find any other solution (or at least find anything that worked/I could understand), I would like help so I can continue enjoying this great game. Thank you in advance. PS: I couldn't figure out a better category, I'm sorry. I hope it's not a problem.
  3. My problem isn't getting the Steam key, it is getting the game on Steam so I can input the key, I guess? And all right, thank you. EDIT! Okay, never mind, I followed the instructions and can now PROBABLY play on Steam. Sorry about that, I can be really stupid at times. Now, to wait for replies on how to play on Chrome.
  4. Okay, so, I've been gone for a while, only playing Don't Starve every once or twice a week when suddenly, it started giving me the following error: "Error: Module load error: NaCl module load failed: ServiceRuntime: command channel creation failed" Either way, aside from that, I have been wondering how I could get the game without having to buy it again, on Steam. Can anyone help?
  5. ... I am laughing. I can't stop laughing. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME.
  6. Yup! I actually witnessed a beefalo get its fur back and I was just staring at it all "... Woah. Did I just see what I think I just saw?"But yes, in a few days it should grow back.
  7. So if attacking him, then running away and changing characters will make him stop bothering me? If so, would anyone like testing that (if not yet tested)? O:
  8. I knoooooow, I just can't keep anything clean for more than three days. D: I blame the fact I try and explore my islands.
  9. Perhaps we can finally catch those crows that leave seeds!And I'd love to see snails in the game. Man-sized, that hide in their shell whenever they are approached.
  10. I like the idea too. If they can't make seasons, then I am all for just snowy terrains, with possible new animals (kill a wolf, make warm coat so you don't freeze your monkey behind OR give him a couple of morsels and have him follow you and perhaps even hunt with you!), maybe new plants, that survive the cold? After all, this isn't an ordinary place, there would likely be something out there.
  11. It... Hasn't hurt me. Yet. It's just... there. Walking. Breathing heavily.
  12. Right now, I've a little theory that Willow is Wilson's little sister. So far, I haven't heard much about Wendy and I haven't reached the amount of experience to unlock her (yet. I might Soon enough, though!) I don't have anyone I particularly like to play as, at the moment. Perhaps that might change in the near future, once I've unlocked Wendy and the rest of the characters. And yes. Yes, I do consider myself a girl gamer.
  13. Willow as his little sister? Wolfgang as the uncle/big brother?Theories! They must be explored.
  14. Pfffahaha!"And because you lost... I'm sending you on this island to see how long you survive, mwahahaha! *POOF*"That seems a bit unlikely, to me, but somewhat hilarious.
  15. That aren't necessarily about game objects. Firstly, Willow's name. She is named after a tree. And she's a bit of a pyromaniac. This amuses me greatly. Another thing is, at night, when I am in my little camp, having a fire lit and all that... I just now started to hear a sound besides the fire crackling. I hear something that sounds a lot like snoring. I tried venturing out of the light circle the fire provided, until I see the text "It's too dark!" and then head back as quickly as possible, until "I can see again!" pops up. Then... That noise when you have no light on can be heard. And to me, it sounds like someone taking a breath, just as they are about to wake up. The "snoring" stops for a moment, then begins once the other sound is gone. I'm hoping I'm not the only one noticing it. Any theories on what might be the thing that is scared of our fire and attacks us when it's pitch black? I'm thinking vampire.
  16. For a moment, I thought she was roasting a sausage on a stick. Then I looked carefully and realized it's an axe. Nice screenshot, by the way.
  17. It is likely a "tree" monster, but what if it's like the tentacles and attacks when you get near it? Or, even if you're not attacking it (but say, cutting a normal tree), it would still attack you, because "Oh no, you are hurting my brothers/sisters! I KILL YOU!" or something like that?
  18. Also, something I noticed. Is it just me or do all the characters' names (so far - Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Wolfgang) start with W? That's likely intentional, but it somewhat amuses me.I would have added this to my previous comment, but I don't see any way to edit it in. Ah, well.Oh, fanart! Is that a thing that can be done? Because I've a few sketches made already. Which is also why I have been asking for backstory and yes. Rambling. Stopping now.
  19. Awesome! Hoping we get to see some Soon, I'm dying of curiosity (also spiders, bees, hunger, forgetting about fire making, etc.).
  20. Firstly, hello, I'm new here, as indicated by my post number and date of joining.Secondly, this may or may not have been talked about, since I was too eager to try and be the first to "think of this" and post it, rather than look if someone else had asked or even thought of it before me. Will we be getting some backstory for the characters? Wilson in particular, but I'd also like to know more about the other characters. Are they related? Or friends? Do they know about each other's existence at all? Perhaps with time we could know who Maxwell is or why we are on this world, trying to survive? Things like that sound like they might be fun. I know the main thing is trying to survive, but wouldn't it be interesting to know more about the characters as well? As well as have some sort of explanation for why or even how we got here in the first place.Thirdly, I am really enjoying playing! I've only played a few times, but managed to unlock Willow and am still on my first (or maybe second? I don't really remember if I died or not yet) play-through with her and am currently on day five. Still kind of new at this but I think I might be getting the hang of it!