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Citadel Servers - Works Great, Tested It Today

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Only had lag once and it was my computer, a reboot fixed it.   Played 43 days with some other DST's and zero lag for me, one player had lag but very rarely.


What a difference playing on a private server, no trolls and you can save the game!  Should have done this a lot sooner.


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I don´t think this is an ad. This guy has been asking about dedicated servers for a time.

I also rent two servers from Citadel and I don´t have the same experience you are having. Mencken.

Well, to be honest the server works pretty well for small worlds...let´s say till day 500-1000. After that the server begins lagging a lot...and I mean A LOT.

Also technical support is really easy to reach before renting the server. They have online chat support 24/7. After you have rented and are paying for that you will no longer have online chat but you will have to open tickets and wait for the answer for at least some hours even if you tag the request as high priority.

They do get lots of DDoS attacks and servers were offline many times in the last two months. (At least this was the reason they told the servers were offline: DDoS attacks).

I lost my world at day 3.583 because I had a corrupted file. The game somehow saved a corrupted file and technical support told me they could not help me with that so I had to reset the world and begin from scratch.

These are some flaws that Citadel has, but I still rent from them because I can deal with those, but I am always looking for better service and once I find it I will leave Citadel.


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I rent from them and have only had a few technical problems, but I find the user interface (if you want to customize the world or use mods or even just change the name of the server) overly difficult. You can't just use the Klei customization menu for that stuff and I still haven't found a way to turn off disease. The "knowledge base" is pretty skimpy so to get an answer you have to wait 24 hours for someone to respond to the support ticket, and that's assuming you get the answer you need the first time around. We all know how support staff will always tell you to do something you've already tried, even when you've told them you already tried it.

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Our world is up to 500 days and while the server is in NYC we have players in South America and Eastern Europe who report very little to no lag at all.


Btw, we are still looking for intermediate/advanced players who want to join a great nucleus (3 so far) of a team.    

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