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  1. Just let Earmuffs block out STS and Pan Flute, maybe some other things too. Problem solved! AND/OR make STS/Pan Flute take 2 reads/plays to put someone to sleep.
  2. If only. *Berry Bush Hat now makes you blend in to other players *Players now deal full damage to other players *Wigfrid removed from the game *Wolfgang's hunger now drains faster *Juicy Berry Bush Suit lmao
  3. Sure they can, but it sounds awful. I hate when mods use the default sounds. On that note, Klei never released the finished sounds (for every unimplemented character) which would help tremendously.
  4. I guess? Are you talking about Willow's buff?
  5. Yeah, and his quotes. Separation Anxiety & other things. Poor guy has some deep rooted problems... EDIT: Like the Newspaper to keep out the rain that is speculated to pertain to poverty. How did his life go so wrong .-.
  6. Gotta say, I like these updates. I get they're very minor, but they feel like they actually add something. It's not like "Minor Text Fixes"
  7. It's changing the look of the Top Hat ON the structure. I'd call that a Top Hat skin, and that's what it is.
  8. I saw the Ancient Explorer now, that one makes sense for a Reward... Prestihatitator skins are exactly the same as the Top Hat skin though
  9. Never noticed... tongue-in-cheek Special Snowflake, I guess.
  10. Because they're not new skins? They're another use for current skins.
  11. Chef for a Cruise Ship - Totally forgot to include it here. So yeah, you're totally right on Warly. Speculation would show it could be Quest from the William Carter puzzles, if it headed to Jamaica next it could have gone through said triangle.
  12. When your eyes detach because you're happy #JustGirlyThings
  13. No. Baby Webber. Floating swaddled baby. This is the future we're talking about.
  14. Hello and welcome, it's that time again! Sudura2017's crappy theories! Shipwrecked Here's the canonical layout of the DS world (made in GIMP, looks like Paint. - No MS Paint for Mac. What is this blasphemy?) Now that that horrible thing is out of the way, let's get into the lore. We'll start from the beginning, the Ancients (since they did not die all too soon...) The Ancients live peacefully on the Mainland Get the dumb idea to mess with black magic in a time of hardship Abuse Nightmare Fuel for food and other items to build a sprawling city It's all erased and the Ancients become the Shadows. Sucks for them. Ancient Guardian/Staff Guy 1 is now on the Throne! Walani, Warly and Woodlegs enter of their own accord to the Archipelago, through the Bermuda Triangle. Wagstaff/Staff Guy 2 enters, likely through his research on the Shadows, As he made WX-78, there's a high chance he came too. Not that WX would care. Stupid fleshling madness. Wagstaff/Staff Guy 2 takes the throne from the disgraced Ancient King/Guardian/Staff Guy 1 Wagstaff calls in some survivors, notably Webber/Wes/Winona (and possibly Wilbur) due to the fact they were dead/locked up/in the game pre-DS, more than likely from a circus and his enemies/useful employees. A mime, a circus freak and a monkey assumed to be a Circus animal (William Carter puzzles) + Winona, an ex-Voxola employee. Around here, Maxwell enters! Maxwell accesses the Throne Room via the Ancient Gateway using Wagstaff's Divining Rod (hence his quotes, and Maxwell's Door is not built yet.) Maxwell takes pity on Wagstaff, releasing him from the throne. Maxwell takes in the characters, minus Wes/Webber/WX/Wilbur/Walani/Warly/Woodlegs and finishes with Wilson. Wilson/the others survive for a while before trying to escape by boat, ending up stranded in the Shipwrecked Archipelago. The Seaworthy is repaired, perhaps by Winona, allowing them to go back to the Mainland. They do, however, this appears to split them up. Maxwell gets released by Wilson from the Throne. He is missing for a while... Wilson gets released by Charlie from the Throne Wilson works on blueprints for a Portal to link these dimensions. Maxwell eventually appears in Wilson's world, possibly at Charlie's decision. Maxwell shows Wilson his own blueprints for a Portal, likely designed by Wagstaff or by Maxwell, after the Ancient Gateway. Wilson and Maxwell put aside their differences and build the Jury-Rigged Portal. Wendy, Wes and Wolfgang enter, before Charlie destroys it to make a Florid Postern in it's place. There, a timeline!
  15. Yet says "WORD!" to "The best update ever!"?
  16. ITT: People getting mad at Curator saying "Rose collection" when it's all they post about, just because it's Curator
  17. I've decided to use this account again now that the problem with that person is sorted.

    Other reasons for this:

    Avoiding Warning Points - this account has one, and my temporary account, AncientFuelweaver, did not.

    Avoiding Reputation - A lot of people especially dislike me here due to the fiascos on past accounts. I imagine using an anonymous account left a sour taste in their mouth.


    If anyone has a problem with this, Ill see what I can do about it.

    1. Donke60


      Wait Wait You said you were leaving but didn't and just made a disguise account. Well if you were going to do that whats the point of saying you were leaving then? I mean if your just going to constantly make accounts every time something bad happens to you how to do expect anyone to take you serious since tomorrow your just pop right back up like a chicken.


      I mean you told us but would it have been really hard just to leave the forums for a few days?

    2. Sudura2017


      It's about a different matter not a "disguise account" I wasn't hiding from the forums I was leaving my stuff due to a stalker

  18. Above Loyal/Proof of Purchase, the highest of the highest.
  19. There's one good part to the new Charlie: Green Pendant/Gem Winona's favourite gem
  20. the antlion has a range of like 2 turf, she ran about 10