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  1. Make small base on island, travel there every 2-3 to appease volcano god at the altar with shark skins or tiger eye. These last about 3 days. I haven’t had an eruption in hundreds of days and made my permanent base next to volcano. Plenty of coffee so travel across entire map is very quick.
  2. That makes sense have long game going and Sealnado hasn’t been spawning for some time.
  3. Not in this game (shipwrecked) but still relevant. Lit some poison sacs to get ash, wind blew them right into main chest area. Took 5 days to restore..
  4. I'm leery of trying another service like this because they seem to be very efficient on the billing component but not so much on support. Having to spend a few hours every time to generate a new world with a few mods is a pain in the neck. The other company I tried had a UK based payment system and I had to jump through a lot of hoops to sign on, interestingly when I wanted to cancel they found out an easy way to charge me. Maybe there could be multiple levels of service for those who want a more seamless experience. Price matters certainly but I'd be willing to pay $10 extra a month just to be able to get the same efficient process that Klei uses, e.g., 5-10 minutes to set up a world, boom, done. Six slots dedicated with a simple interface, I'd pay $25 a month. The standard business model usually has tiers of service but in my first experience with this there was only a bottom drawer approach. Sure, some kids don't have much money but there are also a lot of adults that play the game who spend thousands on video games.
  5. While the interface is good, the customer service is severely lacking. No response after having a ticket open for 3 days. The instructions for setting up both worlds and linking them are very unclear. I'm not a novice at computers (programmer) and couldn't figure it out. When you open a ticket they advertise a 24 hour response but as I said before it has been 3 days for me. I'm about to cancel my services with them. Update: My second ticket got a response pretty quickly. They told me to follow the rather complicated instructions for setting up a second world with caves. After hours of trying I gave up.