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  1. Shipwrecked is by far still my favorite game, I like the concept of many different islands. The problem with Return of Them is that islands have been made obsolete with travel over water by a character now possible at high speed. You can also build bridges to islands. Shipwrecked has a much more interesting and challenging environment especially with the flooding that requires lots of planning to get around.
  2. I host them when I get bored playing alone, don't care what they do and if I leave I keep my character online in God Mode so they can continue playing.
  3. Just one mod for health stats on creatures in the world. And minimap. I'll record soon.
  4. I have a boat with 3 sails (feather). Whenever I leave my harbor I lose total control, can't steer, drop anchor or even move on the boat. Only way to restore is leave game and come back in before it crashes.
  5. Gatherer Character

    Fantastic idea!
  6. I don't find it to be much of an issue because public games usually run 20-35 days and I keep my valuable stuff on me all the time.
  7. I think corners are an issue, I have had a few boats sink while anchored with sail up in a corner. The animation is interesting, no holes with water coming up but cracks the entire diameter of the boat then it sinks.
  8. Hmm. I retrofitted and it worked without any issues.
  9. Updated my regular game for ROT. First thing I noticed is that the DF desert stone wall that I had made was gone, it came back a few visits later though. Landed on lunar island, anchored boat. Returned and it was deconstructed and bits were floating. Built another boat, sailed to DF desert. Returned to base, then headed off to boat again (was visible on map), when I approached it vanished. Just to be sure I logged in again and took some screenshots, you can see boat on map, soon as I approach close enough it goes off the map.
  10. Amazing, thanks again Klei! Now I don't have to worry about starting all over again :).
  11. [Game Update] - 335754

    Yep my turf image went away too.
  12. Been waiting for this, it’s amazing! Playing for a few years and was so bored, this is perfect. Now teams can split into land and sea. Would love to see more boats, sail types, wind like sw, light buoys, ability to build sea walls etc. one bug, boats can’t be repaired