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  1. It would be cool if one of the mobs (spider maybe) had a much higher level of A.I., coordinated unprovoked attacks on player bases, etc. and the ability to roam far away from their nests.
  2. Ah I see, they did look younger. The drum beat is every summer, all summer long.
  3. Here you go...might have to turn the volume up to hear the drum sound IMG_4051.MOV
  4. Been noticing this distant drum beat in the summer season which is really creepy. Went to mine some rocks and tallbirds looked different, even when stealing their eggs they wouldn't attack and couldn't be attacked either, interesting.
  5. Used to be work to find an island, now it takes 3-4 minutes. Why bother with boats now? As Woodie you can build platforms to mainland in no time at all after finding island...
  6. The second team died by freezing and darkness all within a few minutes of each other, then they voted to restart game. 5 players.
  7. Last two games in a row. The first one was obvious a team of Willows and others (4), who burned everything, hammered it all down and took items. Second team of griefers was more sophisticated, they played for quite a while then suddenly all died within 3 minutes of each other, then voted to restart game and they had the votes to override.
  8. Yeah, I didn't know how fast those stone fruits grow. Just 9 trees and I have a ridiculous amount of food.
  9. It does take a while though I enjoy the time at sea. The sea stacks are a bit over the top, you get into dead ends and sometimes get trapped between them and the edge. In one game the edge was right next to the mainland and the passage so narrow that it was only possible to navigate with anchor down and one sail up. Too many stacks, running 2-3 sails is impossible except for short distances and you have to be ready to drop anchor instantly all the time. Most annoying is a maze of stacks with a dead end where they are spaced too close together. Fortunately once the islands are discovered the route is known, you could also clear the stacks but doing that solo is tedious. I like the lunar island design, the favorite items being the saw weapon, the axe and stone fruit that never perishes. Seems like crafting items aren't that unique, axe is what you can kind of get in the ruins, weapon is similar to a dark sword. Might have been better to have something unique?
  10. Half dozen games with only two gears available that usually vanish, teams are having issues getting iceboxes. Yes, they can raid ruins, just an observation though, there used to be 3-4 clockworks set pieces, lately I only see one.
  11. I think corners are an issue, I have had a few boats sink while anchored with sail up in a corner. The animation is interesting, no holes with water coming up but cracks the entire diameter of the boat then it sinks.
  12. So I got off the boat and my character started floating across the lunar island until he hit an edge (I could no longer control movement): Don't Starve Together 8_18_2019 9_03_48 AM.mp4
  13. First time seafaring

    Yeah I had the same issue, was quite sure the sail/anchor was up, wasn't too close to shore. Come back and the boat had fallen apart. So did it again, this time I was standing on it, it got cracks along the entire diameter and sank in no time at all. Finally redid it again and parked boat as far away from land as possible while still being able to debark. Finally worked.
  14. Mouse movement delay?

    Nope, all normal.
  15. Only mod I have is health stats on mobs. This was in winter and spring. My thermal went from 100% to 13% in 1.5 days. Food seemed to spoil very quickly. Anyways good to hear nobody else is experiencing this.