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  1. I use fossils now, when I used stone I made 3 layers
  2. I had a small hole in the fence created by antlion so that is why there are some creatures inside the area but here it is (done in winter I nearly froze lol):
  3. Rushing The Ruins (Wx78)

    I too discovered the marvels of playing with WX who is so powerful in the ancient ruins that he/she can clear it out in a single go unaided. Wolfgang is a great supporting player but WX should do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to fighting. As WX I carry typically 6-8 armor (mix of marble/log, etc.) 2 weapons (one hambat, one tentacle spike), 2-3 moggles (much better all around vision) and enough food for a day. I also bring a pre-built tent and fireplace. Gears supply the rest and I usually go in at 200hp with gears in reserve. Never use gears until you actually need them. Wolfgang isn't too much different other than more food is needed and perhaps cooked green mushrooms for sanity. My experience in the ruins is that fighting should never be during the nightmare cycle and once it begins head towards a base (your tent and fireplace) in the ruins or an area where shadow monsters don't spawn. Use that time to recuperate for phase II to clear out the rest of the clockworks. When fighting clockworks use the Rhinos to kill other clockworks and destroy broken ones, that will save you time. Generally speaking I leave the unfinished science machines alone that I won't be using to rebuild, they offer little in the way of a reward and spawn irritating creatures. While Wolfgang participates in some of the fighting his/her role will also consist of deconstructing statues and broken clockworks.
  4. Got tired of dodging shadow monsters, splumonkeys, depth worms and slurpers on the way to the ruins, running wasted a lot of time. I built a pretty wide pathway using wooden fencing and it works better than I thought, the tooth traps at the exit aren't even needed because nothing makes it past the barriers. Didn't take too long to build and traveling through it is kind of like going past museum exhibits, you see all kinds of stuff but it is all safely behind an uninterrupted wall. You can encircle or destroy the monkey houses but that doesn't take care of the rest. When I need to jump I just use a lazy explorer, once in the ruins I can deal easily with any shadow monsters that come up (I have one of my four bases there). If depth worms show up at base I just lead them to a small area with tooth traps.
  5. It was about accumulating but I’m well past that I don’t really care so I’ll go with the ocd diagnosis. Yes I have 3 dragon scale chests of thulecite, 550+ gears and loads of gems.
  6. Not a video gamer by nature having played only 3 seriously over many decades, the 2nd game was brilliant and notably simple and in 2d. Don't Starve extended this concept and I was immediately drawn to it in late 2016. The first few weeks were amazing, I thought I'd never survive a winter and following that the larger hound mobs. One of the lessons I've learned in playing this game and the other one (best tank game I've ever tried) was how important it is to stay completely calm when engaged. Fear makes you ineffectual and susceptible to an early death. Deerclops was terrifying at first, now he/she is nothing more than a automaton to do your bidding, get me wood, silk, or fight a giant to weaken it for me.
  7. I'm becoming a slave to accumulating gems and thulecite. Every 20 or so days it is time to kill Fuelweaver and then raid the ruins once more. It's weird but at this point I'm not doing it just to get more, it's because I feel for some strange reason that if I miss an opportunity I'm not doing my duty. The only reason to keep going is to get a few more Houndius Shootius for the caves, hopefully after that I can stop because it is a drain on time and other DST projects in my world. Projects like building a network of roads both above and below for instance.
  8. The marble/fossil is for above caves. Hmm for caves I can just use a walled wooden path. It doesn’t matter if something can get around it because it is long and has tooth traps at the end. Shadow monsters can’t get through stone walls also
  9. The robot was immortal and feared nothing. 400 HP and a stack of gears, take that world! It was a bitterly cold winter night when said robot and companion went out on a short mission, a routine affair, nothing to write home about to the base dwellers. En route the thermal stones began to cool and a small fire was built as we entered a cool concrete like rock biome. While we passed the time our boredom was suddenly interrupted by a little black visitor clacking tiny feet across the hard unforgiving stone surface. A pest, an annoying little creature demanding attention from us as it hissed and ran around the fire harassing us. With a quick few blows my fellow travel dispatched the over sized arachnid and hey presto! Suddenly a swarm of a size I had never witnessed before approached from 3 different directions. No problem thought the robot.. "turn on headlamp and run" but what about my friend who seemed to be in trouble? On the spur of the moment WX-78 changed his mind and threw on a marble suit, heck he was invincible anyways (with 3 marble suits as backup)! Well..when you have a huge mob of creatures biting at all the same time, it is pretty hard to strike out and return the blows isn't it? HP started draining like a sped up video as the poor metallic contraption seemed to be in a state of seizure. 400...325...250...150..., time to get the hell out of here!! Not so fast WX, you've got a millstone around your neck with that marble suit. Staggering like a drunk a few steps were taken before the machinery broke into pieces on to the ground accompanied by the horrible sound of a bag expelling gas that foreshadows death in DST. The companion? Escaped with nary a scratch, profusely apologizing but also trying to hold back laughter. WX, humiliated and impotent said those words he vowed never to speak again, "can you rez me?". Never get too comfortable.
  10. I just had this thought yesterday and am exploring a new concept for me. Mobs can be blocked using marble statues and/or fossils and this changes the dynamics of base design in my opinion. Lately my focus in DST has been all about transportation efficiency since time is one of the elements in the game that is such a drain. This is typically resolved through wormholes, cobblestone roads, teleportation and other means. I was thinking about building a base in my solo world that is connected to 2-3 land masses by traversing water using the lazy explorer. The base will be fairly small with a wall that nothing other than a Giant can get through, and I will travel mainly out of base by going across the water where the real base will be. Obviously this is not an early game strategy but in games with 500+ days you have tremendous resources, I can fabricate endless amounts of lazy explorers (have 4 walrus camps), otherwise I can just hammer a section to get out and replace it when the hounds come. If I am at the tip will hounds spawn across the water though? Another project I'm working on is a road network from cave entrance to ruins that will shut out shadow monsters, monkeys and depth worms. At the end of the road is a section of about 100 tooth traps for the shadow monkeys (soon plan to add Houndius Shootius array) and just beyond that a barrier for all the other shadow monsters. This will be done in cobblestone as well. The path isn't too long as I use a lazy explorer as a shortcut for the first piece, it will take a lot of work but pays off over time. A "problem" if you can call it that, is having too many resources and not knowing what to with it. I have 500+ gears, more thulecite and green gems then I know what to do with and so much healing stuff that dragon chests are over flowing. My solo world is approaching 2,000 days, about the only thing I don't have in abundance is Houndius Shootius (max is 32?), got about 14-15 of those.
  11. I was in a game where all the clockworks were right at the spawn (it was a Klei public). Didn't want to waste time (I play as WX-78) so I took on the first three with no armor, used the Rhino to kill the two Knights and then finished off the Rhino with an ice pick, great fun. Killed another six or so after that.
  12. I could have come back as ghost and gotten a hammer but that risked getting kicked.
  13. You don’t have to leave base with hounds if you have marble statue walls.
  14. Leave base and go to designated area. If they are at base immediately attack once and then lead them out. I take both giants to forest and have them chop trees, usually takes 1-2 days before tree guards kill them and I get 400-500 wood usually. You can birch farm them if you want more wood.
  15. It wasn’t griefed they were trying in their own way to minimize griefers. They let me in :).