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  1. In multiplayer games that I've been in we tank everything (just 2-3 players) and with the exception of toad and bee queen they all die very quickly. In my solo games I tank almost exclusively (Wolfgang at 300 and a good weapon does 136 per hit), with the intermediate bosses like DF or Klaus I use 1-2 body armor with a few helms. Of course you need a flute for DF. On Bee Queen and Toad I let catapults do most of the work. Kiting uses less resources but it takes sooo long and that is time resource.
  2. Another solution, just have a jump off point like what they do with caves.
  3. Been wanting this for a long time, incidentally is computer throughput still so constrained that the world can't be made bigger? I've played 3/4 worlds (not Hamlet) and Shipwrecked is by far my favorite, imagine a multiplayer variant in which everyone spawns on different islands (or max 2 per island). Shipwrecked: - Fantastic ocean with waves and wind (on land as well), deep and shallow areas, tons of interesting content. Monsoon season is amazing, the gradual flooding of bases not prepared for rising waters. For an experienced player surviving in DS or DST is a cakewalk, Shipwrecked I find more difficult and unforgiving of any errors in planning. Volcano season without tributes is sheer terror, a few hits can sink your boat or kill you unless heavily armored. Integration is probably massively challenging (and SW content wasn't solely created by Klei) but I'd gladly pony up cash for it. This game is an incredible bargain, I've spent 10 times the money on worthless video games.
  4. Main topic and a minor topic to boot. One of the elements of base design especially in public games which are short-lived is lighting. Almost always it's coming from an unforgivable wilderness to a single fireplace with characters huddled around protected from the dark and/or cold. I see the base as a sanctuary, a place to come to in relief from the untamed wilds with it's unpredictable sights and sounds. Given that perspective why not something cheerful, well lit. welcoming? A single fireplace isn't enough and a constraint on activity especially on long nights where there could be more productive uses of this time. Three to four fire pits work, resource intensive. Lamps might be better coupled with a single fire pit, if base is near a cave that works. Minor topic, been building bases on hermit island. Forces you to optimize design due to space limitations, any cool designs out there?
  5. I think corners are an issue, I have had a few boats sink while anchored with sail up in a corner. The animation is interesting, no holes with water coming up but cracks the entire diameter of the boat then it sinks.
  6. Hmm. I retrofitted and it worked without any issues.
  7. Updated my regular game for ROT. First thing I noticed is that the DF desert stone wall that I had made was gone, it came back a few visits later though. Landed on lunar island, anchored boat. Returned and it was deconstructed and bits were floating. Built another boat, sailed to DF desert. Returned to base, then headed off to boat again (was visible on map), when I approached it vanished. Just to be sure I logged in again and took some screenshots, you can see boat on map, soon as I approach close enough it goes off the map.
  8. Amazing, thanks again Klei! Now I don't have to worry about starting all over again :).
  9. Been waiting for this, it’s amazing! Playing for a few years and was so bored, this is perfect. Now teams can split into land and sea. Would love to see more boats, sail types, wind like sw, light buoys, ability to build sea walls etc. one bug, boats can’t be repaired
  10. I'm using Citadel. Guessing that the file name is whitelist.txt and you enter in each player name on a separate line (no spaces, return key after names)? Does it need to be enabled in a config file? Thanks.