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  1. I've killed Toadstool solo a number of times and can't bother with long fights either. So, I use a pan flute and drop just enough gunpowder to weaken him (and not lose all the good loot). Once in a while I mess up but no problem, just play the flute again and place another batch of gp. It was a little tricky the first time as placement is key but practice makes perfect.
  2. It started low then increased in volume, if I were to compare it was like a scary version of bearger. No, not worms.
  3. A friend and I were in the caves after a run on a walrus camp when we heard what sounded like a very creepy heavy breathing, the earth seemed to shake a little (nothing like the regular earthquakes) and it went on until we ran terrified to the exit. If had been alone I could have written it off to my imagination but both of us heard it very clearly. I've since played thousands of game days and it hasn't repeated itself.
  4. I made a base with fireproof flooring (dragon scales).
  5. Not really, there usually is a surplus of 20-25 gears. Unless WX dies and there is no reason for that.
  6. Been looking to join someone who has a commitment to the game, sent you a friend invitation under my steam name. East coast good ping, survived 4 seasons.
  7. Within 20 days or so it isn't too hard to get up to 400 health points, even in public games. Go to the ruins, bring in 5-6 log armor, 3-4 weapons and you're set. The more you kill the higher your health. In the nightmare cycle just run from monkeys and shadow monsters, then resume farming thulecite and gears. I usually build a tent at the entrance to restore sanity but it makes much more sense to do it right in the ruins (and some parts are not frequented by monkeys or shadow monsters). One of the games I played this weekend had a pretty big base in the ruins, quite a nice set up.
  8. Just added you as friend, I'm also on the East Coast. Very friendly. I don't mind Mods but prefer not to have things like extra slots, no respawn penalty, etc. as they make the game too easy. Not talking isn't an issue lol.
  9. You're pretty close to me so lag shouldn't be an issue. I just sent you a friend request, my id is aep039.
  10. I agree with the sentiment, the game could use another layer for more advanced players. More sophisticated building capability, different types of mobs/giants and variation in seasons. Some ideas that I had: 1. A world in which weather is not only determined by seasons but also by your geographic location. 2. A.I. opponents that learn from their experiences with players. 3. The capability of "enemies" to collaborate. Imagine spiders being intelligent and organizing a sophisticated attack on a base. As a veteran player I'm fairly bored. Fuelweaver is certainly a difficult kill but I don't think it is the right approach, simply adding bosses that require far more effort and collaboration, there are many other ways this game can be made harder that would be more interesting.
  11. best dst guides?

    I think the best approach to learning this game is playing it alone or with a group on a regular basis. A sizable part of the fun is the learning process and taking it slow means you'll enjoy the game for longer. Once a veteran there isn't much too do, you've accomplished everything and not only find survival easy but can clear the ruins in 20 days or less. My initial experience in DST was prejudiced by my background in DS where I was biased towards farms and basing near beefalo or the pig king. As an experienced player I have no use for farms as food/sanity are never issues, my ideal starter base is: Close (but not to close) to a cave entrance and or wormhole. Near the swamp or df desert as both generate lots of useful supplies that can be "farmed". A classic error of a noob is making an axe first, a pick is much more valuable as you can obtain gold, flint, and rock with it to create more tools.
  12. I can't help but feel that DS is somewhat "off": 1. No menu item to build mushroom planter, wiki says there is the option, is this not in DS? I can't remember. 2. In the ruins the shadow monsters never went away during the entire cycle, never see that before. 3. Deerclops appeared and then seemed to vanish. I was in a strategic position and there is no way he could have gotten out without me noticing (and the seasons weren't changing for some days). 4. Two winters with lots of pengulls and zero ice? Now in my third winter, still no sign whatsoever of ice. I also find it odd that thermal stones never wear out but barely last for more than a 1-2 minutes, was it always like this?
  13. Sent a request, let me know :).
  14. East coast as well, reply if interested.