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  1. Exploring, hunting for gears/marble and will usually build an alchemy on day 1/2. Backpack, pigskin helmet, spear, and miners hat, then I'm set until winter.
  2. I liked the difficulty as a new player. Took me quite a few tries to make it past the first winter (in DS), I didn't read any guides.
  3. I played on a Klei server once, and this guy set up a cave base early on. It was sooo peaceful.
  4. Eons ago when I started it was with the Beefalo for farms, then I discovered crockpots. PK became the next logical destination, then Oasis, also tried Hermit Island which is remote and quiet. Today I like to base next to BQ and the Guardian pig setup, free food and useful for hounds. It's usually pretty centrally located and it's nice to have company.
  5. I thinkthe HP levels are fine as they are. With all the perks available now it's easier than ever to solo bosses. I don't even need a flute for Dragonfly, Wolfgang + spices + volt goat jelly = killing machine. The only bosses I get some help on is BQ and Toad, usually set up 2-3 catapult stations.
  6. Swaps health and sanity. How long does it last and what actually happens if you're using it while fighting a boss? Does your sanity go down when you get hit?
  7. Thanks Stranger. Plants ask for tons of nutrients (I add some, it asks for more immediately), does it tell you when you the ground is fully saturated with these?
  8. I like to take it slow, rushing everything doesn't leave much for later. Build an alchemy, map, find some gears, that's all I try for in the first several days. Farming is a nice addition for later game play, gives you something to do besides killing bosses every 20 days.
  9. Getting the hang of it, though it requires constant attention. Nevertheless production is so high that it makes it worthwhile. Got my first giant crops. Every day the plants ask for water or compost or company. Company isn't possible until I have enough seeds of a particular crop, so a work in progress.
  10. I got the enhanced hat, still have to figure out what some of it means (needs company?). Left my farms for two days and 80% of the crop was rotted. So far it's less efficient than the old way as I never get more than 1 seed. I water, fertilize and talk to constantly but that doesn't seem to be enough.