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  1. They just keep adding content whenever my interest diminishes, brings me back.
  2. Exactly, another element, make the journey difficult.
  3. I like the fact that an ocean was added with islands, etc. As someone pointed out in another thread it would've been better if the biomes had been spread out as an archipelago. The challenge for me is finding new things to do after year one because by that point I've dealt with all the bosses. Sure that can be self guided missions but that gets old after a while as well. it would be nice if there were more bosses after year one and Id love to see additional biomes. I brought this up along time ago but I wonder if it would be possible to make some mobs more intelligent. Meaning, a sort of crude AI where they plan attacks and learn from mistakes. It would be also nice if the world was larger but I guess there are limitations already built into the computing power. of all the games shipwrecked is my favorite I actually find it harder than DST. Especially during the wet season. The graphics are great, very dynamic and add another level of realism.
  4. It would have weather conditions that allow only for slow travel, there would be things along the way and a great destination to get to for stuff you can't get anywhere else in the world.
  5. I like the idea of some tougher biomes where you need to carry a lot of provisions to get through (similar to sailing for a long time). An Antarctic like biome that takes days if not 1-2 weeks to get through, no food, bitter cold and blizzards that blind you.
  6. I think corners are an issue, I have had a few boats sink while anchored with sail up in a corner. The animation is interesting, no holes with water coming up but cracks the entire diameter of the boat then it sinks.
  7. Hmm. I retrofitted and it worked without any issues.
  8. Updated my regular game for ROT. First thing I noticed is that the DF desert stone wall that I had made was gone, it came back a few visits later though. Landed on lunar island, anchored boat. Returned and it was deconstructed and bits were floating. Built another boat, sailed to DF desert. Returned to base, then headed off to boat again (was visible on map), when I approached it vanished. Just to be sure I logged in again and took some screenshots, you can see boat on map, soon as I approach close enough it goes off the map.
  9. Been waiting for this, it’s amazing! Playing for a few years and was so bored, this is perfect. Now teams can split into land and sea. Would love to see more boats, sail types, wind like sw, light buoys, ability to build sea walls etc. one bug, boats can’t be repaired
  10. I'm using Citadel. Guessing that the file name is whitelist.txt and you enter in each player name on a separate line (no spaces, return key after names)? Does it need to be enabled in a config file? Thanks.