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  1. See they are offline right now....
  2. It's good to see interest continuing in this amazing game, lately I've rejoined public servers and was surprised by the number of new players. The odd game here or there has some tired veterans but many are populated with low/medium experience players. I hope this company keeps this particular game going (dream is SW together, omg). The way the characters move, the artwork and the sense of accomplishment make it very interesting, sometimes I just pause and sit on a shoreline looking at nighttime reflecting. Not a huge fan of the Forge battlefield, too much like thousands of other games though it does attract some.
  3. On water combat with bosses (do tiger shark on land only) use 800 hp boat and a cutlass. I use same boat during volcano so it can take two hits of 300 before I have to ditch to shore. Currently I just use base near volcano and feed it tribute so no more eruptions :).
  4. Having dealt with this creature multiple times my solution has been to jump into a boat and tank it with a cutlass. Takes about 5-10 seconds.
  5. So I was in a game of dst, chatted with someone who said ds ship together exists. Mod is called tropical experience. I can host as I have a powerful computer. going to test soon, excited if it works
  6. That makes sense have long game going and Sealnado hasn’t been spawning for some time.
  7. I like the idea that it’s hard to find although with coffee and a doy doy sail in a fast boat you can cover the map very quickly. The game has a lot of great content but once you get to 200-300 days there isn’t much left to do. That’s why I prefer a slower pace. in my next world I will not use the minimap hud or even the map provided by the game to make it really challenging
  8. Seaworthy - Travel to DS and DST?

    Very helpful thanks! And I liked the teleportato idea
  9. Sorry I meant the interior pond that appears on one island.
  10. Not in this game (shipwrecked) but still relevant. Lit some poison sacs to get ash, wind blew them right into main chest area. Took 5 days to restore..
  11. I see on the Wiki that it is possible to go to a dst world if properly set up. What are the mechanics for travel and can you back and forth? Do you lose anything? Thanks!
  12. Hamlet Update - October 29

    $6.99 is a steal for fantastic content, I’d pay $20 without skipping a beat.
  13. Although the bosses are easy (tiger shark can be a challenge at sea), I really like the island dynamic and the seasons. Even an experienced player has to be careful, in ds and dst it became boring, hound attacks are routinely dealt with and boss fights are formulaic. Clearing ruins took less than 10 days solo. In Sw I got attacked by sealnado, croc dogs then sharks, talk about intense.. shame there isn’t a multiplayer version, that would be incredible especially if people spawned on diff islands
  14. I forgot about that as I’ve only played as WX. Must be really annoying!