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  1. Just let Earmuffs block out STS and Pan Flute, maybe some other things too. Problem solved! AND/OR make STS/Pan Flute take 2 reads/plays to put someone to sleep.
  2. If only. *Berry Bush Hat now makes you blend in to other players *Players now deal full damage to other players *Wigfrid removed from the game *Wolfgang's hunger now drains faster *Juicy Berry Bush Suit lmao
  3. I guess? Are you talking about Willow's buff?
  4. Yeah, and his quotes. Separation Anxiety & other things. Poor guy has some deep rooted problems... EDIT: Like the Newspaper to keep out the rain that is speculated to pertain to poverty. How did his life go so wrong .-.
  5. Gotta say, I like these updates. I get they're very minor, but they feel like they actually add something. It's not like "Minor Text Fixes"
  6. It's changing the look of the Top Hat ON the structure. I'd call that a Top Hat skin, and that's what it is.
  7. I saw the Ancient Explorer now, that one makes sense for a Reward... Prestihatitator skins are exactly the same as the Top Hat skin though
  8. Never noticed... tongue-in-cheek Special Snowflake, I guess.
  9. Because they're not new skins? They're another use for current skins.
  10. Chef for a Cruise Ship - Totally forgot to include it here. So yeah, you're totally right on Warly. Speculation would show it could be Quest from the William Carter puzzles, if it headed to Jamaica next it could have gone through said triangle.
  11. When your eyes detach because you're happy #JustGirlyThings