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[Game Update] - 166077

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Arcita    438

Is there any way to use the old non-dedicated system? While it's awesome that you guys managed to get it working, this does seem to be a bit more resource-intensive, and my itty bitty netbook is struggling mightily. Its fan has been on full blast, red alert. 

I did opt out of using the caves, so at least there's just what I assume are the overworld server and the client, but it'd be really cool if there's some way that I can just use the client like before. 

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Mikeadatrix    2049
6 minutes ago, KanashiMachine said:

Steam Rules, there is no game without market trade ban :/

Ehhh. Okay have fun not trading your items for a week. I'll enjoy my Wigfrid GoH.

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TemporaryMan    1542
9 hours ago, DearJaan said:

Hey guys, so my girlfriend and I bought this game and we're pretty new.:D  I see all of this new stuff and it looks pretty interesting. What exactly is it? From the looks of it I only seem to understand that you can get skinned items of things in game for real currency?
Also if we've used Workshop mods are we allowed to or it doesn't matter?

If anyone could enlighten us that would be appreciated! :) Even with any other important things we SHOULD know for first week beginners.

You can get four random skins per week, free of charge just by playing the game.  It takes about 12 - 16 hours to get all 4, and it resets each week on Thursday sometime between noon and 2 PM Pacific (so between 8 and 10 PM Greenwich).  Mods, console commands etc. have no influence, so there's no need to worry about them.  

If you don't like the skins you get, you have three options:

  1. Trade them with other players for other skins or other Steam inventory items. (trading cards, refined metal, TF2 & CS:GO keys, etc.)  This is what we've been doing since October.
  2. Buy from & sell to other players for real $ on the Steam market.  This has only been around less than 24 hours.
  3. Convert 9 skins for 1 of the next higher rarity (with a small chance of getting something even rarer) at the Trade Inn.  This was also introduced yesterday.

Or I suppose you could just ignore them.

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anselch1011    1
21 hours ago, V2C said:


  • Dedicated server configurations have been updated to improve cluster and shard definitions




max_snapshots = 5
tick_rate = 10
server_save_slot = 1
steam_group_id =
steam_group_only = false
whitelist_slot = 1
enable_vote_kick = true
enable_autosaver = true
connection_timeout = 8000
enable_snapshots = true
lan_only_server = false


Where should I place these settings?? cluster.ini or server.ini ?? (Dedicated Server)

Edited by anselch1011

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255    59

@Neutral_Steve @Ivanc25: When you say your worlds are gone, are these dedicated server worlds, or just regular worlds hosted through the game? If it's just through the game, could you zip up your Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder and email it to us so we can investigate? You can use this form to send it to us, please include a link to this forum post in the message as a reference:

@Exhu @VexTheHex @hahasound: We're working on a guide on how to run legacy preconfigured servers, which should be up soon, we're working on some bugs with save migration for dedicated servers, so it would be best to wait for the guide before trying to run these servers.

@Rykio: Could you send us your log files? The files we'll need will be found here:


Where the 'N' in Cluster_N is a number corresponding to the server slot you were using on the server creation screen, ie Cluster_1 for the first slot, Cluster_2 for the second slot, etc.

You can either post them here, or to the support link mentioned above.

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leonseye    805
8 minutes ago, SenL said:

This trading... is with real money? Wha...

Yeah, you can trade them the old way, or buy / sell them on the marketplace now.

The marketplace prices are a li'l crazy as it just came out.  Crazy good if you are into buying.

Seems the supply is currently higher than the demand.  Who'da thunk?

Edited by leonseye

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lionking102    123

@255 I also first thought my saves were lost. But than I discovered that I can play my World on the "Save Slot 2" in game, when I start "Save Slot 1". In the Klei-Folder it´s correct, the second slot is my old world, but to start it I have to use the "save Slot 1" ingame. 
Maybe there is something swapped that´s causing the problem?

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