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  1. I got back into the game recently and saw the road map and that helped push me into it more. Winona was a miss for me, so I'm curious what they'll be tweaking with her to make her more exciting. I honestly don't really have strong ideas on her. Willow was hinted at to be next up. I always hated Willow in DST since she was such a liability at the start that turned into griefer's #1 pick. Somehow even having to craft a torch was too much effort that they'd rather play Willow with a lighter. But one of my friends loved Willow and pretty much dropped her after her constant reworks cause she wasn't anything special anymore. To be honest how do you make a FIRE character good for the team where resources can be critical to survival? I don't know what they'll do with her as I feel her core concept of a character is challenging to actually make work in Together. I hope they figured out something for her and applaud their efforts. I want to touch on Wes as well. I know it's meme to ask for nerfs. But as someone who has and does play Wes, I wanted him buffed in some regard. I'm fine with him being hard mode and challenging but he needs to bring some sort of aspect to his team to make people not rage at you for picking him. I think my main concern is he brings nothing to the table while having increased hunger drain. This means to a team, he is actually hurting them by using up more food. Also be cool if he could like Boss Balloon schematics when helping kill a boss. So he could make a balloon Deerclops or Toadstool to show off his victories. I think it'd be adorable. Also wish people were a little chill on nerfing Wickerbottom and/or Woflgang. Wolfgang basically offers one thing to the team and that's his fire power in fights. Otherwise he is just a massive food drain. Wickerbottom is pretty awesome, and I'd rather see her get more spell book options than anything else. In terms of Wicker's griefing a spawn... that can be done already with mass spider eggs or a large scale box.
  2. Ouch, so it probably won't be back next year. I never missed a heart drop, but I missed the lantern. It's so pretty to. y.y
  3. Ya I mean the lantern. I'm pretty sure the past years didn't even have loyal drops for signing in. (I think) Last year was the first one I missed and I didn't get the lantern and am curious if it'll return. If anyone has missed the heart drops for Valentines and got them this year would be helpful indication maybe the lantern would return. This forum is pretty dead most of the time. I'd just be happy it got some new posts/questions rather than worrying if the subject is a bit older. I guess I could of made a new thread asking the question but opted to use the one already discussing the update I missed the item for. Would it really of made that much of a difference?
  4. Dang, I 100% missed it last year and didn't even get the lantern skin. It's the first event skin I missed and didn't even realize it existed or that I missed anything till today. Anyone know if it'll come back this year? Have the other items done so?
  5. WOAH, did not expect new scary boss variants in this!!! I can't wait to die to them! Also Rose Skins!!! Are they drops? How does one get them? And the Snowfallen are PRETTY!!!! (rip those who didn't get one. probably ran outta time) Love them! Looks like Willow's hair might be glitched? Not sure if she is supposed to look short haired from the front.
  6. The Forge Has Ended

    I enjoyed it quite a bit and felt it was different enough from the core game while still feeling like DST to be a success! My main complaint would be character balance could of been slightly more polished. Wendy felt underwhelming compared to everyone. I managed to win with a all Wendy team pretty easily, but she overall felt like the least desired pick out of the cast easily. As for Wes, the poor guy was a solid runner and DPS. Issue was Woodie was too powerful compared to him, so Wes got left in Woodie's dust. Wes would of needed some love... or Woodie could of used a nerf hammer to help balance the two for the Runner position. I would of loved a critter skin for the event. We could of had a Pit Pig skin for the baby Hound! I look forward to future events and the content added with them. I do think they need to vary between each other, so maybe the next would be centered on traveling a harsh area (maybe winter? maybe shipwrecked themed?) and finding certain key items and fighting some mini-bosses along the way. Then grouping up and activating something for the final boss. This would still allow for new enemies and bosses, but it'd focus more on traveling or whatnot. Lastly, I'd love for Wickerbottom to continue her line of book skins. It'd be cool to have a fancy library to show off from the events you went through. :3
  7. I was honestly hyped thinking it was win with a team of all Wilson, Willow, Wes, Wickerbottom, Maxwell, Wendy, and Winona. At least these one sound pretty simple to do, I was just expecting something more out of the norm that has formed. But thanks for the extra exp chances and prolonged event!
  8. That hound glitch was horrifying. 2nd hound attack in Fall caused our base burning down. We are bouncing back though, was an interesting surprise of horror.
  9. [Game Update] - 169365

    Seeing as it's very rare to actually see people who knows the basics actually starve, I think Ice could really use a nerf. Didn't prepare for Winter? Oh it's fine, just use 3 ice and a monster meat for meatballs. Sounds like a healthy meal. Deerclops spawning at random during Winter was also funner, you never knew what night he'd come to raid your base. Oh, and you could also end up with a 2nd surprise attack. Who cares they changed it that he wanders to destroy multiple bases when he spawns/disappears in a day's time. You basically just have the longest surviving guy/gal run away on the last day. Let Deerclops spawn near nothing. Bam. Done. Bearger works in similar fashion, always at the start of Fall and merely walking away from your base means he will spawn away from it and slowly wander back and forth. Deerclops needs to be feared though. Life Giving Amulets are strong and make dying less scary. Telltale Hearts require someone to take a HP hit, be there for the revival, and also give the revived player a penalty. LGA negate all of that. Only downside is if you wind up where you don't want revived like the Ruins or Dragonfly. So making Touchstones and health penalties from revival less punishing, it basically makes the game as a whole easier. I'm not sure the game needs to be made easier when surviving through one year basically ='s you're set for life minus hounds or human error. And most changes to Deerclops and Touchstone have made it easier as whole. So surviving the first year has became less challenging.
  10. [Game Update] - 169365

    Not really feeling part of this update. I'm not sure easier revivals will help the game as the first winter, dragonfly (optional) and the ruins (optional) are the hardest content. After that, it's up to human error and by then you should probably have Life Giving Amulets. And winter isn't soo bad once you learn ice is god mode with a crock pot. I'd like to see end game content or harder challenges added into the game before we make it easier.
  11. Kind of wish I saw the notice on this or if there was notice given on this. I could of did a naked run through the ruins with friends and let the world die happily. Instead there is just a void of the world is gone. :<
  12. Ya, with the former post above I made it clearer that both ways (trade and market) create people playing or collecting the items for profit rather than experience. And like other market's the prices will start off very high (TF2 weapon skins crates for example) and then drop and stabilize. There will also be the person who doesn't pay attention or wants rid of their item and offers it much lower in which someone will buy it and possibly resell at the higher average price. Or skip with joy they scored a $1 GoH Wigfrid. The people really disgusted with the market can also always form a group and work towards trading among each other as well. Overall I support Klei making some extra cash and hopefully we can see DST and Don't Starve in general grow more. I'd love to see more late game mobs and tasks. :3
  13. When the items become more about the profit than the items/game than yes it's a problem. But really most players will just be average players not looking for a way to profit. 518 repeats planned to be sold or 518 total now that the collection idea is dropped for profit? There's a big difference there. I have no problems with people collecting all the clothes as I'd love to eventually get them all. I have no problem with people selling or trading the stuff they don't want either. I'm just saying and used your quote of the sheer number you plan on selling as an example that people can and had been using it for their own personal profit. With them adding the Market, people freaked people it'd become about the money. However, it already was with trading anyways. The only "innocent" method would of been an ingame style trading marketplace for = value. Common for Common or Elegant for Elegant. Then the the trade up thing could of existed as well. But hey, Klei will profit from this. I'm cool with that. Rock on with your 518 items.
  14. And that's why Tradeable or Market would of never been innocent. There would of always been people profiting off of the items in any steam trading system or marketing system. Even if all 518 were priced at 50 cents, that's still over 250 bucks. And trading itself was never innocent with people using keys and using idle account to help achieve such things. Nothing against the person I quoted either, just shows people could and can make profit off the DST items regardless of Marketable or Tradeable. At least the market will make Klei some money and hopefully give DST a longer future in return. And hey I finally got my first footwear drop the other night! Things aren't soo bad. <3