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  1. You can add SetOnAttack on the weapon component and attach a function like blue staff, or red staff (not both). Open staff.lua and go to line 513 for blue staff's. Then above, onattack_blue (line 60) adds coldness(1) and this accumulates and eventually the enemy will be frozen. I think you can increase this number, but I'm not sure. Similarly for burning, look at red staff. Line 493 onattack_red line 17
  2. Thanks. I looked into SGwilson and it adds "notarget" tag. However this won't work if the enemies are already targetting you so you'd have to "droptargets" like in armor_slurtleshell.lua:
  3. Bush hat sets owner stategraph to "hide" and Snurtle Shell "shell_enter". However I'd like to make it so the player can move while being invisible. How can you do this? Thanks.
  4. May not be best answer but you can change your applyupgrades function to this:
  5. What happens when you do eat the gears, nothing? Can you put prints in several places to troubleshoot? Also post the entire lua file if you want because I think we need more info.
  6. Maybe tell us why it doesn't work and what's intended change?
  7. Hi, How come the print below is "inst.prefab is forest"??? (inst.prefab should be myMod) This is in my myMod.lua: If that's correct, how do I send "myMod" inst inside this function inside ListenForEvent? Thanks. Edit: I have a feeling it's the "GetWorld()" part. What is this... is it the scope? Edit2: Changing it from To fixed it. How?
  8. Right. SetPosition. I got it to move to where I want. However when I put SetPosition(0,0) how come it's not at the center of screen but more like upper right-ish... is it because I use "widgets/statusdisplays"? Also is it correct to use this widget (statusDisplays)? Edit: Found two issues. The findMyMod() crashes because of a bug. I had it fixed to return nil if it couldn't find the amulet. Second issue is larger. When the game starts and findMyMod() is nil (the amulet hasn't been crafted or spawned yet) then the widget will be broken. Broken because of the listenForEvent is on the amulet and if the amulet is nil then it's not listening for events. How do I fix this... It feels like the ListenForEvent should be on self (the widget) ... but how does the amulet send the PushEvent to this widget? Edit: Fixed. Did this, is this correct? And on the myMod.lua:
  9. After 2 hours I got it to work. Borrowing "minibadge" widget from receib's "Combined Status" mod, I patched together these. modmain.lua: Now for mymod.lua - it needs to push 3 events. 1) when charge changes, 2) when item is equipped and 3) when item is unequipped. However I'm just showing the first one. Now how do I move this widget...
  10. Hi again. The keyhandler works but it works even when game is paused or console ( ` ) is up (and input bar is showing). What do I need to add to check if the game is paused? Thanks.
  11. OK it may not be literal string "JAMES_DEBUG" in the lua file. Can you open up that file? C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/widgets/crafttabs.lua Then go to line 497 But you already did re-verify the integrity so it's probably gone by now.
  12. I see this: I think something is modifying crafttabs.lua ... I'd use Notepad++ to search for "JAMES_DEBUG" string for all ".lua" files under "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/dont_starve/data/scripts/". That would find the mod that prints out "JAMES_DEBUG". Edit: I think the crafttabs.lua itself was modified by hand. Mods can't physically add new lines to files. My crafttabs.lua only has 409 lines while yours seems to be more than 497. Do a "Verify integrity of game files..." (go to Steam, Library, find "Don't Starve", right click it, choose Properties, then go to "Local Files" tab). If that doesn't work I'd uninstall and reinstall (make backup of mods first). If you don't want to do that then I'd disable all mods and see if it's still happening. Then re-enable one mod at a time.