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  1. Yes, happens to me too. Is it related to crash-on-exit bug?
  2. I get a crash when I press ` (to open console) when on character select screen (any, even on Wilson). Error is something like: Nothing major I guess. Who would open console when in character select screen?
  3. I already moved to the left of the 1st badge. It's visible with original "progressbar". When I change to progressbar2, it becomes invisible.
  4. Hm, when adding a 2nd badge, I name the 2nd one "progressbar2" and pass it to StatusDisplaysPostInit() as "MakeAnotherBadge" (copy-paste mostly all except position)... but it's invisible. 1st badge is still fine. exists and it's from progressbar2.scml (inside I renamed anim from progressbar to progressbar2).
  5. I removed the function but still getting "Error decoding lua RPC sender" and the code does not work anymore. Edit: Fixed by not using modname variable. I use literal string "Groot" on both AddModRPCHandler and SendModRPCToServer for the namespace. Should I be using modname variable on both places?
  6. Since the last game update or two, I can't see my debug prints anymore. Is it related to the consolescreen.lua here? if not, how do I see prints now... Edit: Ok the prints are now in server_log.txt. I do see "Error decoding lua RPC sender" This happens at:
  7. Ok I'll take a look. Oh and this should go to this thread instead: Thanks!
  8. Kzisor: I'm trying to add 2nd badge to the same mod and I'm having trouble figuring out what to do with StatusDisplaysPostInit(). It'd have MakeLevelBadge() and a new one MakeAnotherBadge() but I get "stack overflow" crash on _SetGhostMode because it's calling itself over and over and over. Edit: Fixed by changing _SetGhostMode to _SetGhostMode2 on the "MakeAnotherBadge()". Right?
  9. This trading... is with real money? Wha...
  10. I must be doing something wrong because it's invisible. Edit: Nevermind, it works now. lol. I didn't put the correctly.
  11. DST game can't be paused, as far as I know. I use AFK Detection mod for this. I set no hunger and no dmg taken when AFK. Works well. Note: Don't eat while you are flagged as AFK or you won't get any benefits.
  12. I tried using character template build as a follower. I used the extended sample template which has "template" entity and "BUILD_PLAYER" animation. Filename is "" (from bkbarb.scml"). Put this file in "anim" folder and add it in bkbarb.lua as asset Asset("ANIM", "anim/") I put "wilson" in the SetBank. For SetBuild... Tried using "template", "BUILD_PLAYER" and "bkbarb". Unfortunately, all combination above results in invisible follower. What do I put in SetBank and what do I put in SetBuild? Thanks.
  13. Hi, welcome to forum. You can look at abigail character, or download Rezecib's "More DST character" mod and look at his shadow waxwell. There are plenty other mods to look such as "Puppy Princess Musha" but I prefer Rezecib's coding.