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  1. Okay, so I figured out what was wrong and it was a very simple fix Long story short - Don't have the same port for the master in Cluster.ini as well as the Master Server.ini, you need to use three different ports in total
  2. Have possibly found the problem? But am unsure how to fix it. I definitely have this port open on our router but if I read correctly I think 27016 is actually a steam port you have to use? So no clue how to fix this EDIT: Other possible cause Not sure how to fix that one as I have definitely opened that port on our router and also added a rule on my PC which I'm running the server on to allow that port on my firewall
  3. Already done that, saw where you recommended to someone else to try making two separate scripts, didn't work for me sadly One thing I do want to note - I am running the beta for Return of Them on both my client and my dedicated server. Don't know if that might have anything to do with it or not, cuz it was working fine yesterday before I reinstalled the tool Here's a screenshot of the loop the caves shard is stuck in
  4. I've been running a dedicated server off and on whenever I get the itch to play again, and have never had an issue with caves connecting to the master before (it was even working earlier today before I had to reinstall the dedicated server steam tool). Due to there being an issue with the world gen command causing my dedicated server console to get stuck in a loop, I reinstalled the tool thinking there would be no issue. After reinstalling, I noticed that I would get this message on the caves shard whenever I launched [Shard] Connecting to master... [Shard] Connection to master failed. Waiting to reconnect... I have double triple checked the ports to make sure everything lines up, uninstalled and reinstalled the tool several times, went back and followed the video I originally used to set the server up (it worked perfectly fine before after following that tutorial), and have even made two scripts to launch the shards separately - none of it has worked, the slave still cannot connect to the master. DST isn't nearly as enjoyable to play for me without being able to access caves so the idea of not being able to get to that content is incredibly discouraging for my desire to play. If anyone has any ideas for things I haven't tried yet, please send them my way, it would be greatly appreciated. Also have attached my cluster and server.ini files for reference cluster.ini server.ini server.ini
  5. I'm getting this message whenever regenerating a new world in my dedicated server cmd prompt. The generator just loops over and over and the only way I've gotten it to stop is by closing the cmd prompt and relaunching the preconfigured servers. This was working just fine about a month or two ago so I'm not sure what the issue is now
  6. TFW no one wants woodie's shadow clothes
  7. OMG I neeeeed that Wickerbottom Head skin O.O
  8. Cannot hack dead blue whale

    Having this problem, dead whale is definitely in stage three, however I can't hack it (yes it looks exactly the way it has in the past every time I have hacked it, so I know it's at the proper stage)
  9. Apologies if this question has already been answered, I didn't want to read through seven *nine pages of posts. I did everything, however when I double click to open StartDSTServers.bat, it just opens up a text file and nothing happens. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing x.x
  10. Aww. I really liked the pre-config tool
  11. Pre config dedicated server not starting T-T I has a sad
  12. damn and I thought my luck was good O.O
  13. literally was just wondering where your pvp server went cuz I was on it when you started the update XD
  14. K so you just have to switch back and forth when you want to use the Trade Inn.. gotcha. Also I had some damn good luck for my first trades XD Two spiffy robes from common trade inns.
  15. K I'm hoping I'm wrong, it was just commons, but it gave me the error like five times on the same item combo and then they were gone and I don't remember getting an item for them >.< Also will opting into trade inn beta branch not show servers? Cuz I'm not seeing any on the list now