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  1. When a friend tries to enter my server, he says it gets loading, but then it says "Authentication Failed" and gets auto-disconnected from the server.
  2. So I was exploring this island, and I found 3 wildbore in the water, theres no houses nearby, I just found them there sleeping :T -No houses nearby- -3 Wildbore in the water-
  3. So, I just bought a Distinguished Valkyrie Armor, everything was fine, It is on my steam inventory, but when I started the game, it wasn't in my collection... I already tried re-starting the game like 5 times but nothing happens... Steam Inventory, I have the armor... Ingame collection, armor isn't there... I'm just worried about it, because I mean, I spent money on that and it doesn't works. Thanks klei!
  4. - When I choose tuxedo gloves I can't see them. - The long gloves look like normal gloves. Btw, you can see the gloves with no problem ingame, but when in a wardrobe or selecting your clothes, you can't. No gloves Long gloves look like normal gloves Just a little bug that I hope it gets fixed! Thanks klei
  5. I'm a happy beefalo.