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  1. I'm glad that you announced Hamlet even if it's not quite ready yet. I'd rather know that content is coming than think nothing is coming at all for a game that I enjoy. : )
  2. Are you suggesting that the game didn't have tons of viable armors prior to this update?
  3. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    Well, this is pretty helpful for those of us who haven't played since work on A New Reign began. Thanks to you guys and to the author of the original thread that inspired this. : )
  4. Fire does not dry wet, if raining

    I would have assumed that this is because it's raining, and Klei doesn't want you to get dry while it is raining. ...which is how it works in real life. Standing next to a fire is not going to dry your clothes while it is still raining.
  5. Okee, and it can apparently be set to the host's liking as well, so that's nice. Thanks for the heads up. : )
  6. Excellent changes to the vote kick system. Just out of curiosity, what is the default time period that a vote-kicked player needs to wait before they can rejoin a server?
  7. The reason that they stated (and I happen to agree w/) is that the Summer / Winter traps are a lot more punishing in a multiplayer environment where new players (or griefers, but mostly new players) might ruin whole servers by happening upon these traps while unaware of the calamity they are capable of. In a single player game, you can trigger it and learn from your mistake; it's part of the learning curve. In DST, you may have no idea what happened; it was autumn and easy preparations were being made, but now it's suddenly 100 degrees and everything is on FIRE. That is why it was changed. Not because of griefers. At least, not this time...
  8. Oh sweet, so I can also pass the wee night hours rolling dice w/ my friends w/out having to do the controller / keyboard swap. Very nice! Again, it wasn't a big deal or anything, but I appreciate the little things like this. Thanks. : )
  9. I'm going to go ahead and assume that there isn't a way to access the new dice rolling or /emote functions playing w/ a controller. : P Not a big deal; not like I don't already use a keyboard to talk to people in game.
  10. Turning Dusk Right as World is Created

    Does this not happen for worlds w/ Caves? I had no idea; I thought this was always the case.
  11. Is there? The first mention of Charlie doesn't really show up until the 6th puzzle (directly after the ad for an assistant for "Maxwell the Great" in the 5th puzzle). In the 6th puzzle, she is already calling him Maxy and never refers to him as anything else. So it seems to me that if she loved him, it was most likely the Maxwell persona that she fell in love w/. : P Edit: Ah, I found the picture you were talking about. In the 5th puzzle, he still signs his contact info as "William Carter"; I wonder if that picture was taken shortly after they met, but before he had transitioned fully into his Maxwell persona. He was very clearly already becoming Maxwell before she ever answered the ad, though.
  12. I was under the impression that Charlie didn't even KNOW Maxwell when he was still going by William Carter. She met him when she answered an ad for an assistant to Maxwell the Great. She calls him Maxy, also.
  13. [Game Update] - 177500

    It would be "any more", just for the record. /nod
  14. Yeah, also tried him out for quite a bit since release, and I stand by my previous statements: Maxwell's sanity regen should be raised to +10 or +11/sec so that he can at least wear his former armor (which he still needs due to his abyssmal hp total). As it stands, I was super excited about Maxwell, and at this point, he's not even worth playing until somebody mods him, imo. There seems to be a very strange trend w/ all of the characters being worked on lately that leaves them strictly worse overall than Wilson, and I'm not really sure why that is. : /
  15. As of today's update, the new (and very fancy) Jury-Rigged Portal still plays its sound effects at default settings even when sound effects (and all other sound) have been set to 0 (mute).
  16. He doesn't have "insane sanity gain" w/ these changes though. They slashed it down to just barely over a quarter what it is in singleplayer (from 20/min down to 6.7/min). I've played w/ his 75 hp for so long now in DST (modded Maxwell), that I'm pretty used to that, but his entire mechanic of having to watch health / hunger and not worry about sanity kinda feels like it's being eschewed here. His puppets were only really good for mining resources formerly, so the new specialized puppets are a nice surprise. I never used them before, opting to save his nightmare fuel to get a Shadow Manipulator earlier (which is WAY more helpful than the single bump in gold / rocks you get). No Dark Armor / Night Sword makes sense; not terribly upset to see them go in the interest of balance. Honestly, I like all of the changes except for the sanity regen, which leaves him looking decidedly frail when he was at least strong in one regard before. +6.7 Sanity / min does not even counteract the effects of Dark Armor, which he seems designed to wear due to his extremely low health, which isn't even touching on its sanity reduction on damage. I think that perhaps +10 or +11 / min would be a much more palatable change (Dark Armor drains 10 / min, so it would basically just allow him to wear it, but still lose sanity overall whenever he's actually taking damage in the armor). At least, that's my initial reaction to the changes, which I know may still be subject to change.
  17. As long as you're here... I'm here. <3 Also, Maxwell, more skins, TtA, etc.. the bit about the basic biomes made my fiance squee (and she does NOT squee....), so it sounds like you're definitely on the right track!
  18. I'm pretty sure he's allowed to express his opinion, even if it's not a positive one. Or hers, I don't know.
  19. I hadn't even thought of that. : O Or the boy could just be so used to the dismal, hopelessness of being trapped inside a spider that he doesn't mind living the survivor life. The spider could want to go home to its den, as they are wont to do.
  20. I feel like this should be "We want to go home."
  21. Koalephant not running away anymore

    This koalefant has clearly had enough of your ****. /nod
  22. I think you're right that they don't want to tie skins to achievements or similar pinnacles.
  23. So I learned that there are no yellow shoes or boots in the game, and SO MANY yellow outfits. This should be rectified. I need boots to match my golden armor and gloves!
  24. Yeah, you can trade them the old way, or buy / sell them on the marketplace now. The marketplace prices are a li'l crazy as it just came out. Crazy good if you are into buying. Seems the supply is currently higher than the demand. Who'da thunk?