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To beard or not to beard

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A beard is a beautiful thing in all worlds (both gaming and real life). It should be encouraged and cared for. In Don't Starve the hair from Wilson's beard is used for making a Meat Effigy wich on one occasion can save Wilson's life upon death. To get the beard hair you need to shave with a razor.



And this is how much hair you get when shaving.




In the beginning: No beard - Can't shave

After four nights: Short beard - One beard hair when shaving

After eight nights: Rough beard - Three beard hair when shaving

After sixteen nights: Epic beard - Nine beard hair when shaving




Currently the beard can not get any longer than epic, and can not give more than nine beard hairs. Also, the longer beard you have, the longer it takes to shave it off. In conclusion, you need four beard hair to make the effigy. So the fastest way to get it is to shave after eights nights and then again after four nights. For a total of twelve nights, instead of sixteen nights if you would wait for the epic beard. However, if you choose to wait, you will have enough beard hair to make two effigys.



(As a side note, don't shave. The longer you have had your epic beard, the higher rank you will have amongst you'r bearded friends.)

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Edited days to nights, due to the end of night beeing the trigger for beard growth.
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Hah, that can be the name of the sequal :POh, I also realised I miscalculated. Since the end of night is the trigger for beard growth, and day one really dont have a night preceding it. I was off by one day per growth period in my calculations. So I edited in the new numbers. (nights instead of days) And mathematicaly it was for the best, you get four beard hair in twelve nights, not fourteen days as I first stated :p

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Wilson's face produces science.

He wouldn't be a proper gentleman scientist if it didn't.Also, I agree that it would be nice if his beard could be kept at a certain length. While I like the clean-shaven look, I also like the look of the first beard stage.
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Talk to the beard bro. I also dislike shaving, the no beard face isnt half as cool and beard 1 and 2 are pretty awesome. The epic beard always seems too messy for my tastes. Its not cewl its more like look that hobo didnt shave for months :highly_amused:Also why is there no bearded smiley in here, the hairy ones are: :afro: and :abnormal:

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Shaving times already varies with the length of the beard. I'm thinking that instead of dropping all the beard at the end, each individual piece of beard should be dropped immediately after it gets cut.This way you can stop mid-shave, leaving you with, for eg. a stage 2 beard and a couple of beard hair for the effigy.

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I agree with Toaster Fu, they should better call it Don't Shave. Well, it is also true that whether it is a game world or real world, maintaining a beard requires a lot of patience, beard products and beard care to grow that fuller (I have a 5 week beard and it takes a lot to maintain it). I think to acquire beard hair, shaving Wilson's hair is not the only option. One can also obtain it by killing Beardlings and Beardlords.

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