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  1. I haven't got around to playing the new update yet, but it sounds really fun. I will use this guide to give me a fighting chance.
  2. Title says it all ( )
  3. Max has placed you on an island with a chance to connect worlds for a universal game show which is a one man survivor horror series where you(the player have to survive). Connect world to world you will eventually get to a world where Max is placed happily in his machine awaiting your arrival. You build up your strength and go there for the final boss fight which is Max. After doing so you will then have the chance to destroy the corrupt TV production establishment or take control of it and toy with the next survivor.
  4. I'm also looking forward to it. It looks like there is going to be a lot of fun new content added.
  5. It make sense though. No way would a tent just blow up at the end of a night of sleeping in it.
  6. I actually bought the game twice so ended up with four copies during it's first week of sales. I gave it to my brother and friends and they love it.
  7. I used to die, and die, and die. Now I stay alive though you get better and develop your own skills to survive.
  8. I really want to make one of those when I get home from class.
  9. I will probably download it once I get my survival skills back. It has been far to long since I've last played this game.
  10. What I mean is they walk right into them like they aren't even there.
  11. I'm not sure walls have been fully implemented yet. Npc AI doesn't really work with wall to well. I've noticed things like pigs etc. don't even pay attention to them being there and will run right into them.
  12. I used to do youtube all the time. I kind of lost motivation and started working on some other things. I might start doing lets play's of don't starve.
  13. I've noticed that pigs, and turkeys. (other characters yet to be noted.) Do not seem to pay attention to walls. It seems that npc AI is not too polished yet.
  14. I'm really excited to see what other mods they come out with. I hope this game reaches a point of which minecraft's community has come with mods, but still be a fun game without mods...unlike minecraft(mods made the game what it is.)
  15. I stopped playing it about a month or two after they released it for purchase as a google play app. I recently started playing and was in shock with how much it had progressed.