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  1. And that's it, folks. The steam screenshot thread is now on Mid Season Break, or in other words, it is not updating for a bit. Feel free to catch up on it while you have the time
  2. Oh, OK. I'll do that as Soon as possible so you can give me my late birthday gift! XD So much nope, - Zero
  3. I got no idea what the heck either of you are talking about...
  4. And it looks like as I'm posting this your getting your Title! Congratulations! (Please disregard this if you aren't getting a Title)Covers all the bases,- Zero
  5. I Like this kid, he's got spunk...On as side note, I'm now a day over 17 years old (I'm not going to announce that I'm 2 days over, etc.) So those who didn't see it, I posted the eight POSTRAVAGANZA yesterday, and it's funny, and you should be reading it.DO IT. NOW.Passively Forceful,- Zero
  6. And I still have yet to be recognized as one worthy of having a first post link....*Sigh*Always Depressive,- ZeroEDIT: Oh yes, and I looked back through the post 100 party posts, and I found this little nugget! If only past Fu knew... XD
  7. Welcome, Science. Your in good hands here.Yes...Good hands indeed.LADY! START THE TESTING!!!*Lighting**Flinches*Easily Surpised,- Zero
  8. Quick question, how do I delete a post?THIS POST NEEDS TO BE DELETED.FOR REASONS OF I AM AN IDIOT.THANKS.All Caps Master,- Zero
  9. I see your music videos...And go all in with 13 Ways To Laugh... Master Poker Player,- Zero
  10. In 2012 a strangely tall pair of gentleman with dashing pin suit inclined tastes and a deadly sense of humor were sent to prison by a military court for a crime they probably committed. These gentlemen promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the British underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as teleporters of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, you probably shouldn't hire: the Dashing Pinstripe Suit-Team.He's in your forums, stealing your 80s TV references,- Zero
  11. Cpt, you need to record a short video of that door so I can create a .gif of it with the subtitles: CREEPY! SQUEAKY! MANDRAKE! DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR! XD Also, Lady, are you talking about the Report Issue button on the Don't Starve menu, or are you talking about some Report Issue button on the forum that I do not know of? Just curious. Speaking of the menu, did the devs forget to remove the cheats menu option for the Tuesday release? I couldn't find it last night... Strange... The Plot Thickens, - Zero P.S. Last thing, my eight POSTSTRAVAGANZA on the 17th will be EIGHT LOGS long. So that's eight posts of four images each, totaling 32 images of varying hilarity. Just wanted to clear that up, if it wasn't clear enough to begin with. I will also be posting on Tuesday and Thursday*. *Disclaimer: Tuesday and Thursday posts not guaranteed, see first post in my thread for details, not valid in the state of Madagascar, some restrictions apply, are you still reading this?!?!
  12. I agree, multiplayer has become something that every single game MUST HAVE. The game industry as a whole has lost track of what "Good" multiplayer is and what "Bad" Multiplayer is. Multiplayer should only occur in games where adding in human interaction BUILDS UPON the game, not detracts. Minecraft is fun alone, but as Soon as you go online, you find this massive community of players who are creating art and maps and things. Halo players have created a plethora of games using existing game mechanics and tools. This is GOOD multiplayer. Multiplayer should not occur in games where adding multiplayer is only done because it seems like everyone is doing it. Unless it makes your game unique and fun, it's just going to drag your game down. This is BAD multiplayer. Game Design Theorist, - Zero
  13. I apologize, it appears I didn't full make things clear. It is not my birthday TODAY. It is my birthday on the 17th, this coming Monday.In the event that the A Bad Feeling and 501105 were just giving me premptive birthday wishes, my mistake, it sounded as though you thought it was my birthday today.Regarding multiplayer and such, as 501105 said, there will always be those who wish to see more than one player in game at a time, regardless of it's overarching effect on gameplay. What matters most is that Klei doesn't put multiplayer or something of the like in just because EVERYONE is doing multiplayer.[insert Witty Thing Here],- Zero