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  1. Alternatively there are plenty of made up challenges and side goals to entertain yourself with. There are still plenty of things with a little creativity you could do besides keep your belly full.
  2. With all these stylistic capitals and abbreviations it would be kind of hard not to be intrigued. There is clearly something going on in a thread like that.
  3. Fixed that once again. There should now be no further confusion.
  4. Great work I guess this pretty much makes gamekids results solid.
  5. More like, blew up since then with beta to number 6 or higher
  6. Welcome! I believe something like this might be in your interest. For chrome: you can just make a new chrome profile by going into settings scrolling to users and adding a new user. Then you can toggle between 2 games by changing profiles. For steam i'm not sure but it's in that thread.
  7. Hmm... I personally think either we will run out of pigs. Or they will take pig skins out of football helmets and pig houses. Though thinking about it now, i doubt that because we would then have no use for pig skins. I speculate pig skins will possibly be a bit easier to get in the future.
  8. Np at all, You're welcome to join the discussion and help a fellow quote hunter
  9. I understand. What i mean is most people are a little bit spoiled with their tools. They don't have to buy the "Full package" Without first experiencing first hand what that package fully is. It's one thing to get a taste, another to get a bit of eye candy for it. But some consumers feel that doesn't properly demonstrate what the game really feels like to play. Now i'm not knocking your demo skills or anything. But i feel like having played the demo before me and my friend bought the game. You honestly don't really get any experience that relates to fully playing the game. But that's just my opinion. You get a tiny taste for the concept of collecting items. But no dangers/survival. The time should either be extended or the amount of content should be limited with unlimited play. Either way i'm not saying that would fully stop piracy. Yes, Not everybody pirates just because demos aren't always filling enough. I know some people are just going to pirate simply because they can. They just want a new game and that's all they really care about. I'm not part of that. I do understand wanting to fully scope something out before spending hard earned money on entertainment though. Edit: Also because that felt mostly negative, which i don't enjoy. I'd like to add on that this is an amazing game. I am definitely happy with the way you guys communicate with your community and polish this game for the better. I'm glad i didn't turn away from it. Cause i now know i would of completely missed out on some valuable entertainment.
  10. Well this may further help your research SHAMELESS PLUGS AND THINGS.
  11. I think they are means to keep tallbird from going extinct, But once fully grown will peck your eyes out. So something along the lines of: It's so cute! I made like 50 of these little things to keep me company. Look at em go awww-WGOD THEIR EVERYWHERE, IT HURTS SO BAD!
  12. Kevin said he may of gone overboard, he'll be looking to change some of the numbers this patch.
  13. I'm more of the type to pirate it and then buy it shortly after. If you want my honest opinion on the matter. I think it's the demo itself. Most people are going to play the demo and get an empty experience from it, So they just pirate it, Realize it isn't a terrible game and dish out the 11 dollars. I know that's not really convenient for indie developers such as yourself. But i like to think of it more as "smart consumers". Maybe we are a bit spoiled by what the internet allows us to do. You guys have been really kind about it instead of just telling us how disgusting we are. But would you buy a crate of chips you've never eaten a bag of before?
  14. He acts when you act naughty. You slaughter 50 rabbits... You get your stuff stolen. But just remember, We all thought dogs were going to be the end of the world based on what kevin was telling us. The days didn't really get harder to survive as time went on. Once you're past 100 they seemed essentially unchanging. Either way you're not meant to keep your stuff. You're meant to progress forward in the story keeping only what you can carry. You guys gotta used to the idea that you won't be keeping anything you have right now. It's beta.