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  1. Run! Maybe a swamp could be helpful in deterring them, if you could get the tentacles to attack them. Otherwise, I hope you have an effigy somewhere.
  2. With that many spider queens, I'd just set up a temporary camp a ways off until they turn back into level one nests. One queen at a time is tough enough. If you'd really like to try to attack it though, you'll need a lot of stuff. You'll probably need to make the spider hat (make it out of egg sacks from a level three nest), a pan flute to calm down the warrior spiders if they get too close, Logsuit (for protection) , a spear / tentacle spike, honey, flame darts, and a lot of luck. The spider hat will cause the spiders to fight each other, giving you time to launch flame darts and several spear attacks against the queens. The honey, panflute, and logsuit are for cleaning up the mess of warrior spiders left over after the queens are dead, or once the hat breaks. Happy hunting!
  3. Queens turning into a level 1 nest is part of the spider life cycle, like the trees.
  4. Butter muffin's a good choice. 2 Butterfly wings and 2 carrots heals most of your health, although I could be mistaken.
  5. Well, I've been drawing some art -- if you could call it that -- and this is the place for it. It doesn't compare to a lot of the other threads, but I've had fun making it, and will continue to do so. If you have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it. Enjoy! My first one. Did anyone else notice his hair makes a "W"? LOOK BEHIND YOU WILSON It's one way to deal with those jumping fellows.
  6. And the hounds will also provide you with the needed meat. Good idea!
  7. I've been finding a lot of biomes and islands not large enough to hold anything. I found a swamp, complete with reeds and a pond, on a rocky bridge -- no tentacles. A small beefalo biome barren of grass, rabbits or beefalo. Weird islands that have a rock and a tree. Overall, I think the problem is that the islands are just too small. Biomes need their personal space.
  8. It takes something like 20 crops for speedy and 30 for turbo before you need to add poop. Maybe you haven't hit that number yet? Anyway, I agree. Perhaps like 5/10/15 crops per fertilizer instead of the current amount.
  9. Maybe a hot-air balloon, and not a plane? Just to keep it in the time period.
  10. Farm too much? Have a group of mobs eat your crops if you have more than say, three plots, bum around the camp, raid the fridge (chests) and never pick up hints that you want them to leave. Nothing's more deterrent than unwelcome guests.
  11. 1) Don't ever think "oh, I don't need to dodge." 2) Don't assume there's not a tentacle there. Even if you're not in a swamp. 3) Don't cook monster meat. 4) Don't try to feed the hairy pigs. They're not friendly. 5) Only you can prevent forest fires.
  12. Hallo, just a quick question on how experience is tabulated. Is XP cumulative, meaning each time I survive a day XP is added to the bar, or is it total, meaning I have to "beat" my longest number of days to get more XP than I currently have? Thanks!
  13. Perhaps in the winter updates, farming will be unavailable, forcing people to hunt, thus leading to a correlation between Winter and Krampus (much like the 'real' legend). On topic, I think it's a great addition for balance. If you try to stockpile tons of morsels and pig meats in chests, they get stolen. If you have a balanced diet, or just eat a few morsels daily, Krampus isn't a problem.
  14. You can always burn it. Not like you're going to use it for much else after the hat.