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  1. Fire going out randomly

    I always put 3 charcoal on the fire pit, and sometimes it goes out, sometimes it doesn't. Help the piggies.
  2. Check your inbox ;)And I forgot to include what my steam username is. It`s ``peanutshoulders`` My profile pic is a tank firing missiles.
  3. Extra key for trade!

    The thread has been closed due to lack of offers.
  4. Extra key for trade!

    I was waiting for it to come out, and got it the day it came out. <3 love that game
  5. My pig army died in a swamp. *cries*I always burn the forest I make a camp in, because if you harvest the charcoal from the trees you can add it to the fire pit, and 8 trees could last 4-5 nights without any other source. That's one everyone knows, but if you're a bigger noob than me, your welcome.
  6. spiders won...

  7. spiders won...

    All my pigs always get killed by tentacles.Stupid immortal swampy buggers.
  8. I was brought here by you too! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!The art style really sold it, though.
  9. Upcoming changes - Oct 15 build

    I can't wait! 2 more days and the anticipation is KILLING me! I NEED to murder the large angry hunter beast thing (or die terribly to it several times)!
  10. To beard or not to beard

    Oppa Wilson Style!
  11. There would be sooo many carrots down there. Mmmmm.
  12. Extra key for trade!

    Do you want a Don't Starve game key? These are some games between 1 and 8 bucks that I'd accept as a steam gift in exchange for a don't starve key:Worms (the classic oldschool one), world of goo (currently on sale for 2 bucks!), or the basement collection. My steam name is peanutshoulders. Laugh it up, Wilson. Hope your pig army doesn't die terribly to spiders! Mine did...