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Twitch Plays Together mod released!

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9Cul905.pngTwitch Plays Together mod is available NOW on the Steam Workshop!


What does it do?

It allows viewers to type commands into their Twitch chat to vote on actions or events that will affect the streamer in game. Once a vote counter reaches zero, the event will be triggered.







How do I set it up?

The server or host needs to install the mod. Clients are not required to install the mod, unless they want to customize their own vote settings.

Subscribe to the mod here:


Once in game, click the button that appears near the bottom-right of the screen and follow the instructions to authorize communication with your Twitch chat channel. When the icons appear at the top of your screen in game, the voting begins!

How do I configure the mod?

In order to configure your local vote settings, you will need to install the mod even if you plan to join as a client, otherwise default settings will be used. Each player, including the host, may configure their own vote settings in the mod configuration menu.

Action Bar Size
  • Number of actions available for voting at a time
  • If you have more actions than this setting, then actions are randomly selected from a queue to replace the last activated action
Vote Period (per Player)
  • How long a voter must wait before repeat votes on the same command will count
  • Each voter has their own independent timers per command
!frograin (example)
  • Number of votes required to trigger
  • Set to Off to disable this command locally
!frograin Cooldown (example)
  • How long after triggering before this action can be voted on again

To learn how to expand the mod with more actions:


For more information:


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Hold on, so from what I'm understanding here is that you could potentially debug spawn a deerclops through using Twitch chat while a game is run on that stream? How does that even work, first of all and second of all... Why?

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The game makes use of the twitch API.

The mod logs into twitch and links your channel (and the chat) with the game.


No Deerclops will be spawned unless the person with the mod has a command that spawns the clops on him.

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I've put up a pack of actions for it here, too. We had a lot of fun with them on Vito's server with Clownbaby streaming.


Sounds awesome, trying this out on the next stream :)


How would the changing season for a day commands work? For all players or just the one taking votes? What if two players has the mod and one gets summer and the other gets winter? :p

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@cptCalavera, it's server-wide, and the last one applied will override the previous one. I have it set up now so it stores the season state before the commands started going, and whenever the season-command-train runs out it will restore it to that state. I set the default cooldown pretty high for the season commands (10 days), and if you have multiple people taking commands then you might want to set them even higher :p

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@Tovath, It works the same as configuring other mods on a dedicated server. There's info on the wiki page for dedicated servers, but basically you'll have to use a modoverrides in the config directory to set the various configuration options, which you'll find inside the mod's folder, in the modinfo.

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  • Developer

@Tovath, here's the link that Rezecib is referring to.





You'll need to update your dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua file to include the following lines


and then in your server's config directory, you'll need to create a modoverrides.lua file with these contents

return {	["427002021"] = 	{		enabled = true	},}

To configure the mods, the streamer will need to subscribe to the mods and then go into the Mods screen from the main menu and click on the config button for each mod.

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