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  1. I forgot to post I fixed the issue, initially the service I was using didn't have a "worldgenoverride.lua" in their folder, and I had to change the encoding of the file that I created, then redo the space formatting in notepad++ and copy and paste it that way. Once I did that it worked flawlessly.
  2. I have this worldgenoverride.lua in the correct folder but get the message ERROR: Failed to load ../worldgenoverride.lua It is exactly the same as the above first spoiler. Am I missing something? What is the second spoiler for?
  3. @Ipsquiggle The second half that is a "script" did you make a "worlgenoverride.lua" for it an put it in the scripts folder, or did you name it something else. I think that is the only thing that is unclear to me.
  4. Foxel

    Version 1.03


    A character based on the artist who did the artwork. Foxel Personal Golden Shovel (with no decay) Two Vanity Bowler Hats (no function just style) Loses Less Sanity at Night Smaller Total Sanity Pool This character is mostly finished, but is subject to possible changes. Credits: Code / Technical : Tovath - More info on Twitch Page Art / Animation : Foxel - YouTube Page
  5. Ryon

    Version 1.00


    A Character Based on Ryon Day (Brother of Felicia Day) Attacks do Double Damage Starts with 300 HP (Still To Be Determined 3rd Trait) Reduced Sanity Pool Needs to Eat Slightly More Often
  6. Tovath

    Version 1.00


    Tovath a Character Based on myself with attributes I wanted for myself. Starts with Science Bonus (Knowing Most Patterns) Moderate Increase to Movement Speed Moderate Increase to Damage Done Has Reduced Sanity Pool Needs to Eat More Often This character is still a Work in Progress and abilities etc may change over time.
  7. It's more about being able to change it on the go than forgetting the PW I used.
  8. I am looking for the console command or whatever to change the password while you are in game hosting your own server. If my password was "toybunny" could i go to the console and type server_password = "mildtacos" ? I haven't found a lot of helpful information on this topic.
  9. Felicia Day

    Version 1.04


    A Don't Starve Character based on Felicia Day Special Trait / Starting Equipment Increased Movement Speed Starts With a Golden Pick Axe Custom Pig Seducing Hat Authors: Tovath (Code), Foxel (Art) Health - 140 Hunger - 150 Sanity - 150 ** Currently Only Don't Starve Together Compatible Credits: Code / Technical : Tovath - More info on Twitch Page Art / Animation : Foxel - YouTube Page