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The wild life series- Don't Stave zoology


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Pigs- Covered in thread Here Piggy Piggy


Bees- Covered in Thread BEE-have


Frogs -Covered in They Croaked


Today we will be covering

Crows and Red birds







Raving on

Our Raven friends (possibly crows) I like to call the one around my camp Poe.

Birds can be trapped/or Soon will be trappable and give morsel meat. They are not that flavoursome and harder to trap.

Birds drop seeds at random intervals. They are active all day and through the sunset phase of our day.

If you have a camp fire the birds will hop around at night sometimes as well.

Supplemented data- Red bird

The red bird (A sign spring is coming?)

This handsome fellow like the crow can be trapped in the bird trap. They sometimes drop feathers. Mostly they drop morsels.

These birds will steal berries and other goods. Traps can be baited with seeds. Berries and even morsels.



Beefed up

These shaggy friends tend to travel in herds on the grasslands. Sometimes you can find them in green pastures and rarely in the forest. They are typically peaceful and only CHARGE when provoked.

Don't hit one during the day the whole herd will stampede at you and the one you hit WONT give up until you are dead. This includes chasing you through out the night.

They produce a lot of manure and are very good company and don't like spiders much. Or bees. They kill bees but not spiders.

Beefalo when killed drop several meat and 3 or 4 pieces of beefalo wool which is used to make a hat.

They are active during sunset period but at night curl up and sleep. Sunset or night is the best time to hunt one. Unless you already have one you know is isolated from the herd, in which case you should be fine.

You can relocate herds by getting them to charge you and then when they leave off they tend to linger where they lost the chase.

Extra- You can SHAVE them when they sleep!-


Spy in the nest

Spiders live in colonies and sometimes communities. There is a light correlation between graves and spider nests as well as a stronger one between islands of rocks and colonies.

Spider nests come in various tiers each with a different amount of spiders living in it.

When you poke a nest spiders will emerge. For a small nest it tends to be 3 spiders at a time. For higher nests its 4 and I believe it can get to 5 spiders.

They come in waves as well. Lower levels have 2 waves of spiders and higher have 3.

To clear nest you kill all spiders then hack the nest to pieces giving silk and eggs.

Eggs can be planted to make another nest- so burn, store or feed your machine with these dangerous things.

Nests are wonderfully flammable- Doing this results in ALL spiders coming out and being homeless. They don't attack until you get close and when burnt no eggs and no silk.

Each night the spiders replenish their numbers in their nests.

New planted nests from eggs give 1 wave of 3 unless left for a time. Then it will 'level up'.

Spiders drop one of two things upon death - meat or silk.

Silk can be used for tents, nets and a nice hat.

Spiders roam at night and killing them at night means less in the nest at the day. Pigs love to help out killing spiders.

Pan pipes work a treat on spiders and very effective against them.

Spiders can also be trapped.


Rabbiting On

Rabbits. Or... sort of.

They are rather chirpy fellows. And TASTY.

Rabbits can be killed by hitting them- hard to do in daylight try sundown when they make a run for the nest.

Or by trapping. This is pretty easy and a good way to get some early meat to feed that belly.

Pan pipes- I have not tried these on the rabbits.

Rabbits go for bait really well.

They give you morsel meat.

Rabbits get attacked by bees and tentacles.

Fire Flies

Flying low

The wonderful fire flies.

These guys are life savers. Literally. They provide an abundance of light. Normally found in forests and swamps. They have a high abundance in some areas rather than others.

Capture is a matter of nets and best done in evening or night time. When they can be seen and easily caught using the nets.

If you go too close to fireflies they go dark and hide from you.

If you drop them in 'stacked' for they stay that way without giving extra light.

So spread them about and they will keep you safe from the dark.


LOUD. Appears from behind a random berry bush.

He will eat your mandrake

He will eat your berries

He will run around flailing.

If he gets to another berry bush he vanishes.

He is too big to go into a bird trap.

He is tasty

Hunt him down and kill him for drumsticks.

And remember folks- This is our world and the life in it.

Thank you for watching this series of wild life documentation.

(In honour of David Attenborough)

Edited by LadyD
Extra info- SigmaElement, Smissen and Toaster Fu thank you for helping!
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Hunting rabbits with this method is really easy and you can get about 10 morsel meat at day, depending on amount of rabbit holes on your world. You need to stand at rabbit's hole, and when you standing on it just click at a rabbit. Wilson (or another character) will go in rabbit direction. When you get close to him, rabbit should start run to his hole, but then you are on his way and you just kill him easily.Sorry for my weak English, I think that you'll understand that :)

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I can confirm that huge spider nests have waves of up to 5 spiders. I usually take down nests with traps, and I know for sure that I have to have 5 traps at huge nests to capture the whole wave after I hit the nest.

secondly, trapping rabbits without bait can be done by putting the trap right on top of the hole. as Soon as the rabbit leaves the hole it gets trapped, and same goes for rabbits that try to get inside a hole that is covered by a trap. so you can efficiently trap rabbits without the need of bait.

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I don't know if this happens always, but I do know that it's possible to walk up to fireflies without them disappearing. I've spent at least two nights huddling under a single firefly patch in the wild, with no other light source, and they didn't leave until morning. I do know they will always leave if I run up to them while carrying a torch.Also, as a side note, a pro tip for hunting fireflies: Carrying a torch around at night, you can get fairly close to a group of fireflies. If you quickly use your bug net on the fireflies, your your character will pocket the torch and catch the fireflies in the dark, and you'll have enough time left over to re-equip your torch before the nighttime boogadyboo gets you too.

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Gobbler-LOUD. Appears from behind a random berry bush.He will eat your mandrakeHe will eat your berriesHe will run around flailing.If he gets to another berry bush he vanishes.He is too big to go into a bird trap.He is tastyHunt him down and kill him for drumsticks.

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When you say you can trap a spider, what trap are you referring to, and do you bait it? Also twice I have been killed by spiders at night even though I had a huge fire pit burning, can you think of a reason why this happens? Thanks in advance for the help.

Edited by Crisamie
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When you say you can trap a spider, what trap are you referring to, and do you bait it? Also twice I have been killed by spiders at night even though I had a huge fire pit burning, can you think of a reason why this happens? Thanks in advance for the help.

to trap spiders, you use the normal traps, since they are no birds. traps are the first item in the survival tag.to trap a spider you do not need bait, if it attacks you, just lure it through a trap that you put on the ground and it will get trapped.the reason you get killed by spiders is that you are bad at dodging I guess :D they are slow attackers, and don't do much damage. to be honest, if I were you, I would either move my camp away from spider nests, or take down the nest with either a log suit and a weapon, or with traps. do it during the day, hit the nest only once and kill the wave of spiders. there usually are 3 waves, after that, go nuts on the nest.
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My Contribution to Tallbird lore:

Their legs are very thin. No matter how long a leg is if there is no muscle to support it you would just fall over.

They stay standing up by flapping their wings so fast that you can't see them.

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