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  1. I don't think you understood what i meant you still got hp from food, but i mean autoreg hp i'm unsure if you do that or not.
  2. They seem to have changed the health stuff gives so i'm going to have to update this, and i will do that today or tomorrow.Also i think but i'm not sure that you regain health.
  3. Yes there is and not at all hard to find^^.
  4. Monster Meat Mashed Potatoes, I think would be a great dish
  5. This is not a fun bug i wan't my flint but yeah pretty much everything can have this bug.
  6. Lol i have to say that it was pretty funny , also explosivelimes gratz on title
  7. I think 26 hours for last stage is alittle much since atleast now you would have to afk "farm" it.
  8. I would like this V.A.L.O.R idea much much more if the maps where bigger.
  9. I highly doubt you can put hats on beefalos...
  10. I make calculations and the first thing i did was find out how much every food healed
  11. I am happy you guys where glad
  12. Switch computers? that makes my game "restart" in a sense but i can always go back to the other computer.