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  1. Spent days collecting every berry bush on the map into one massive berry farm, with sapling and grass subfarms. Managed to set fire to the forest nearby (which I had also painstakingly constructed from scratch), and the whole island went up. Couldn't even replace the bushes- there were none left on the map. Argh. Edit: Forgot to mention that I then proceeded to die at 44 days- one day short of tying my record at the time. Double Argh.
  2. You still have to have the materials required to make the fire. I believe the only difference between her and the others is that she can place a campfire on the ground while no other light sources are present, and the others can't.
  3. I don't know if this happens always, but I do know that it's possible to walk up to fireflies without them disappearing. I've spent at least two nights huddling under a single firefly patch in the wild, with no other light source, and they didn't leave until morning. I do know they will always leave if I run up to them while carrying a torch.Also, as a side note, a pro tip for hunting fireflies: Carrying a torch around at night, you can get fairly close to a group of fireflies. If you quickly use your bug net on the fireflies, your your character will pocket the torch and catch the fireflies in the dark, and you'll have enough time left over to re-equip your torch before the nighttime boogadyboo gets you too.